Russia to Build Own Space Station?

Interview with Russian cosmonaut Oleg Artemiev: ‘Why Russia needs own space station? The present ISS has a peculiar trajectory. When we fly over the US, our American brother-astronauts can observe their entire country. However, when we fly over Russia, the ISS trajectory is such that it doesn’t allow us to see anything north of Voronezh (city in south-western Russia). When my fans on Twitter and Instagram ask why I don’t post pictures of their city or area, what can I say? This happens because we never fly over most of our country. We can only see the southern stretch. Of course, Russia needs her own station so we could observe our own land in its entirety. Observing and monitoring our Earth is a big part of our work up there. As a Russian cosmonaut I am very sad I can’t see my country from Space.’

Космонавт-испытатель Олег Артемьев заявил, что из-за того, что траектория движения станции МКС не поднимается севернее определенных широт, российские космонавты имеют возможность наблюдать из космоса только южную часть своей родины. Поэтому, по словам Артемьева, для наблюдения за своей землей России необходима собственная космическая станция.

Don’t forget to check out this short, but pretty cool video about the Kamchatka Peninsula I posted on Lada Ray Blog! The video is accompanied by a Russian song and the pristine nature is beautiful: Russia Begins Here.


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  1. ISS is getting old and decrepit anyway. I agree, Russia should build a new station so Russians can see their country too! Russia would have the money to spearhead such an expensive new building project with the help of her new trading partners. Everybody who participates reaps the benefits, and everybody wins. I hope it happens.

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  2. I do not really understand the space issue. According to multiple whistleblowers there already is a secret spaceprogram where at least the Americans already have gone to Mars and possibly far beyond. Why not tell the truth about available technology and about our contacts with our relatives from other stars?
    It feels so stupid with all these fake or doctored NASA images from space where all signs of extraterrestrial activity has been edited away. NASA knows darn well there is someone out there!
    Probably because extraterrestrial craft run on free energy and not on gas. Would not bee good for “the economy” if I could run my car on free energy and heat my home without oil and carbon emissions!
    Lada, when do you think the truth will become mainstream?
    At least since The Citizen Hearing on Disclosure in 2013 there is proof beyond any reasonable doubt about extraterrestrials visiting us available in the public domain. Still there is absolute silence about the The Citizen Hearing in the MSM!

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    • There are lots of motives, some ulterior and some thinking that humans are not ready.
      The truth about ETs will be coming out a bit later. Humans really have to learn to live with each other first. ETs consider humans too violent.
      I’ll be doing some videos soon about these and related issues.

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    • Yup. Bang-on Emil! LOL… NASA stands for Never A Straight Answer. I agree with Lada. It will all come out soon. That’s why Pope et al are hinting around at it. According to what I’m hearing the positive ETs gave them a time frame to get it done some time ago. Time is almost up.

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  3. Now, who would not be a fan of the person in this video! What a very nice man!!

    I have been following all the “spacy” things going on since I was little, my father was also very interested and of course in that time, around 1969, there was a lot going on! Since my Dad was traveling (a purser for KLM) and in that time also flew to Moskou, I still have the stamps he brought me and the big buttons from the US with the astronauts on them! 🙂

    A couple of years ago we had the opportunity to speak to an American who has been to Mars! So yes, #1: I do believe we are not alone, #2: have been visited for ages and #3: at least the US has been, and is still going, to Mars and maybe beyond as well and not by “conventional” means! So I’m with you Emil!

    Would be great to hear your side of the story and what you think about what is happening, or not for that matter, in the Space and Extraterrestrial “business”, although I do believe we all “come from the Stars”!


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  4. A little reminder… !

    On the 3’d of October the following was reported in the news!

    “Sweden’s new centre-left government has indicated that it intends to formally recognise the state of Palestine – making it the first major European country to do so.”

    and voila on the 19th this debacle began……/Sweden-hunts-for-suspected… NOW I WOULD BET MY HORSE ON A MIDDLE EAST COUNTRY being behind this with a PM called BIBBI!!

    Remember Norway was threatened by a terrorist attack after halting investments in Israel.. hm how could that be.. ??

    Their playbook is so obvious it’s ridiculous… and then Obama’s blurb about Russia which John Karry later told Lavrov to dismiss?

    On another note Sweden is selling JAS 39 Gripen fighter jets to Brazil. They where about to do the same to Argentina but who did suddenly object.. the UK.. they are delivering important parts for the plane and refuses if Sweden decides to sell to Argentina.

    Hugs Ollie

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