Lada’s Predictions: Petrodollar Timeline, Russia’s Game and Ukraine’s Future

Some very good thoughts from Paul Plane, the host of The Plane Truth show on the Time Monk Radio, followed by my thoughts and predictions. I will be happy to expand on these brief predictions in the future Earth Shift Reports, should my readers be interested.

We all have our own perspective. Paul’s is different from mine, but it’s well-thought-out. Paul is generally very knowledgeable and he poses interesting questions.

Incidentally, next week Paul, his team, and I will have a very interesting new interview on The Plane Truth Radio. The topic we are planning is the BRICS, and any other topics that may come up – wherever our spontaneous discussion takes us. Please stay tuned!

This is the continuation of our discussion from: Ex Ukraine PM: West expected Yanukovich to die like Gadaffi and the comment section of Maidan 2 Storms Poroshenko’s Administration in Kiev.

Paul says:


I think the Ukraine in its current borders is what is unnatural. Galicia was and is very anti-Russian, and keeping it in the same country as the Crimea and Donbass was crazy. Might have been possible if a Swiss model had been used, but it wasn’t. Even then, it was necessary to stop the massive funding by the West of radicalism.

But the topic is actually in some senses above normal geopolitics because there are spiritual or karmic issues involved. The Ukraine has a lot of anti-Russian Russians. Not Galicians or an ethnic minority, but actually Russians who think and act in Russian, but hate Russia. Sure, Soros textbooks and media are a big part of this, but it is obviously more than that. There is the question of who betrayed whom in the past, and also an extreme form of opportunism as “Ukrainianism” became a big business, and then the lack of an ideology or purpose for a long time. The Ukraine’s tragic history of being between empires and not having a clear purpose since independence has led to the oligarchical clans using extreme nationalism to distract the masses away from the theft and criminality. So a grand Greek or Shakespearian tragedy – and a twisted search for purpose that we see in anti-Russian Russians. Some of them might even be angry at people like you who left and did well. They are angry at their own failure.

Let us hope that the Chechen example can be followed. However, Russia put a huge amount of money into a small place that was under their control. The Ukraine is huge, and not under Moscow’s control, at least not yet. Also, Russia needs a Kadyrov or two.

The word is some oligarchs want to stop the war, and thus back Putin on that. This makes perfect sense as business is collapsing. A similar thing happened in Somalia, Iraq, Libya, and Syria. A number of rich opportunists realized that having their country destroyed was a mistake. But it was a bit late as the US had already taken over. The Ukraine is quite fortunate that a big and powerful neighbor is working hard to try to straighten things out. To me, the oligarchs are really the reason for the current war, so it is hard to see much good coming from them, but, if anybody can get them to be less rotten, it is Putin.

In some senses, the real positive in the current situation is that lots of serious people in Russia are trying to figure out how to rebuild the Ukraine in a better way. We can be sure that this is really Putin’s goal.

Apologies if I have just had too many experiences with anti-Russian Ukrainians, but I suspect I know what will happen. They will blame Russia.

OK, that was a joke, but I would like you to expand upon the idea that losing the Donbass would doom whatever government is in Kiev, especially if they hold a referendum and a majority support this. Kharkov and Odessa would still be under oppressive rule, so there would be no chance of an independence referendum unless Russia provided covert support, and even that might not be enough. Unless you think the economic problems are going to be severe enough that Kiev won’t have any SBU or military that work for them. Or do you suppose that the local oligarchs would do this? They would have the power to create a referendum that said whatever they wanted and would get whatever result they wanted.

In this scenario, the mobilization and war would stop. Indeed, I wouldn’t be surprised if the US pushed for this, as it would be hard for Russia to go against it. Russia could likely get the Kharkov PTB to declare independence and join Novorossiya, but this is not so bad for the US as the US would be happy if the country broke into two and NATO unofficially moved into the Western half.

In other words, it is not necessarily bad from a US point of view if the Kiev junta is doomed. The question is what will replace it. The US/Germany/Poland would like to take half the country, and they might not even care if there were two new capitals, Lvov and Donetsk, with Kiev fading into an old museum town.

Lada’s thoughts and predictions

Kiev junta methods

I can see what Paul means by negative Ukrainians. Many had been brainwashed very thoroughly. But the majority is simply scared to speak up because of severe oppression and intimidation.

Here are two videos, first one from Kharkov. It’s the trial of the Kharkov activist Oleg Novikov: link. People gather in the court room when the judge announces that it will be a closed trial and no press or spectators are allowed. People start quietly leaving – no objections, no protests. The clincher is that Novikov, the leader of the civil organization ‘Ishod’ – ‘Exit,’ is a one-legged cripple, and father of two small children. They are afraid of a cripple, because he speaks up against junta. How weak and rotten can such regime be?

Second video is the interview with a woman who describes how a deputy of the Nikolaev regional council was arrested because he said that those who are now waving Bandera nazi flags will start waving Russian flags the moment the power changes. For that he was arrested by SBU (CIA/FBI equivalent) and thrown into jail: link.

Predictions and how they will play out

My view has not changed since the beginning of 2014. Remember what I said: ‘Russia will gradually and slowly change the status quo in her favor using all quiet and peaceful means.’ No military interventions or jerky reaction; only the well-thought-out chess moves. I also said it would take till 2016-18 to accomplish the real turnaround. (See PREDICTIONS, early articles on Ukraine, and our first interview with The Plane Truth.)

This is exactly how it is playing out, as you can see. The key words are: slow and tedious change. Ukraine people are slowly changing their minds (it’s not my fault people are so slow, but as one Russian statesman said, ‘sorry, I don’t have any other people for you.’)

The every-day details of how the change could materialize tend to fluctuate as humans try to influence events, thus tipping the balance temporarily this way or that. But in the grand scheme of things these ‘minor’ fluctuations will not influence the end result.

My predictions are based not on the superficial events, but on the prevailing energy I see manifest in the future, and here the energy is quite clear. There are instances when the future energy isn’t as clear, but it is very clear in this case. Therefore, the end result is just a matter of physical manifestation, which is always slow and delayed in 3D compared to the fast energy of thought, especially clairvoyant thought (something I usually call ‘prediction’).

Additionally, it’s worth keeping in mind that the 3D manifestation is also not as clear-cut as thought, often very confusing for the immediate witnesses because of many distracting events. Therefore, to most humans, what had happened often only becomes evident years later. For anyone who wants to be an intelligent witness and observer of the Earth Shift, it is important to learn to discern between mere distractions and truly important events.

As to how it will happen – it’ll be very hard and tedious (hence confusing and distracting events), as I also had said. That is because the cancer has been allowed to spread too far. There is no way of removing it painlessly, but pain is what will make many people in Ukraine wake up. But it doesn’t mean that they should shrivel up and wait to be freed by the third party, as many of them hope. They will need to fight in order to achieve a turnaround.

The resistance from Kiev/US is and will continue to be brutal of course. This has to be expected.

Ukraine economy will be completely destroyed. It actually is already destroyed (this I also predicted), but they so far manage to cover it up with the help of the US and EU. It’s interesting that Russia has managed to temporarily shift the burden of propping up the dead weight called Ukraine onto the EU. This was one of those subtle, yet brilliant Russian moves I talked about.

EU will never admit to it, but Russia is educating the EU about Ukraine. The fact that EU has to pay for Ukraine’s gas and other expenses will cause the EU to tire of Ukraine very soon (this is already happening). Eventually, US/EU will stop supporting Ukraine as it’s too cumbersome. At that point Ukraine will stop being interesting to the West. Rather, it will always be interesting, but it will be completely impossible for them to support it. Then, the Russian lesson for the EU will be complete. Basically, it sounds like this: ‘You have no idea what you are getting into with Ukraine. Why don’t you try it… Got it now?’ These things I also said early on in 2014.

The reason the West won’t be able to restructure the Ukraine economy, while Russia can, is because of the cultural, psychological, and profound metaphysical differences. West has completely miscalculated Ukraine on all levels, just like it always miscalculates Russia.

What do I mean? This is an involved conversation – perhaps I’ll cover that in one of the Earth Shift Reports. Paul is correct in thinking that much thought is being given by the Russian thinkers and decision-makers on how to rebuild Ukraine when the time comes.

These are the most important points to understand:

1. Ukraine will never be treated like Chechnya. The situations are very different. Massive investments have been infused into rebuilding Chechnya and it now looks pretty darn good.

However, Russia will NOT pay for Ukraine as dead weight. Ukraine will be helped, supported, directed to a better path. But Russia will not lavish Ukraine with investments and money infusions until Ukrainians show they care about their country and are ready to work properly. Till then, Russia will be very slow with investment.

2. Russia will be ready to share investments into the NEW Ukraine with China and Europe, as long as Europe acts with sovereignty and sense.

3. Russia will not rush with ultimate Ukraine conflict resolution until Russia is absolutely sure that Ukrainians and Europeans have learned their lessons I spoke about earlier. This has to sink in. This is one of the main reasons for slow changes.

4. Ukraine economy is destroyed. Practically new economy may have to be built from scratch. More about it in future ES Reports.

5. Finally, Russia doesn’t want to ‘annex’ Ukraine as part of RF. Russia wants a good, friendly, solvent neighbor and partner in Eurasian Union, who has solid economy and can feed itself.

6. That said, more Russians than anyone in the West can imagine have roots in Ukraine, yours truly included. Therefore, millions of Russians care deeply what is happening in Ukraine and they will work tirelessly to make it right, whether the Russian government will do anything or not. This is one of the main things the US has miscalculated. The same thing happened with Napoleon and Hitler. And aggressor will always miscalculate, because they will never understand that people can be completely selfless; that incredibly busy and very accomplished people may drop everything and do massive amounts of pro-bono work in order to see justice and balance restored in what the US believes is some godforsaken Ukraine. Some speak the truth, others shoot documentaries exposing the truth, yet others volunteer, send humanitarian aid, or engage their high-profile political contacts all over the world. These people will never rest until Ukraine if free from ukro-nazis. And this is why, my friends, US and West will NEVER be able to subdue Russians. They have no idea what kind of spirit the usually peaceful, non-confrontational people can possess.

Borders of Ukraine, Zakarpatie and Galichina issues

Remember what I said a year ago? Russia would prefer to keep Ukraine intact, and of course, peaceful – for both geopolitical and economic reasons. It is the West’s preference to break it up and create chaos, not Russia’s.

I agree about Galichina, which is a part of western Ukraine. My personal view is that the border of new Ukraine, or possibly Novorossia (as the name may be changed after all), should be redrawn to exclude Galichina. One problem is that a part of western Ukraine, called Zakarpatie (Transcarpathia) is actually populated with Russins, in other words, Russians who preserved Orthodox religion despite terrible 18th – beginning of 20th century genocide by Austria-Hungary, and who want to be with Russia. If the border is redrawn, they will be cut off. There is another area, called Chernovtsi, which may have a similar problem in regards to Romania. Even the Galichina proper isn’t all anti-Russian. All this can be resolved when the time comes. A lot has to be weighed.

How brainwashed is Ukraine?

That said, my highly connected sources in Ukraine report that presently Galichina is less anti-Russian than Kiev and central Ukraine. This is probably because all the crazy Galichina nazis had moved to Kiev in the past few years. Also, while the population gets terribly brainwashed every day by ukro-MSM (they say things you won’t believe), the real anti-Russian layer isn’t that deep. The majority are simply deceived by ukro-propaganda constantly yelling about Russian invasion, or are just opportunists.

In that sense, it is truly sad how little Ukrainian population is capable of thinking and how much it runs on lowly emotions. It should be clear to anyone with half a brain that if Russian army indeed invaded Ukraine, it would be in Kiev within 2 days and in Lvov within one week or less. Since this isn’t happening, it should be clear that there is no Russian army present. Even OSCE and Kiev finally had to admit it. Yet, the thought implanted in people’s brains through zombifying propaganda will stay there like a thorn, constantly reinforced by new infusions of hate, until the thorn is removed. By many accounts, the Kiev junta is worse than Nazi Germany, and their propaganda is even more shameless.

The old vs. the new: Global Geopolitical Game

To understand truly what is going on, don’t focus exclusively on Ukraine or Donbass. Some events in Ukraine constitute those distractions I was talking about (unfortunately, very bloody and tragic kinds of distractions).

Presently, we are observing a global multilevel game, or struggle, however you look at it. Russia is helping Donbass. But Russia’s main focus is to play the high stakes game with US, Germany/EU, China and other players, thus slowly shifting the global geopolitical balance. All these players, by virtue of various interests and nuances, will slowly shift the balance of power that will influence the situation in Ukraine and everywhere in the world.

There is a lot more going on than meets the eye, including in areas very far from Ukraine. The recent events in Turkey, Greece, India, China, Iran, Armenia, Cuba, Latin America all fold into the same game, the most violent part of which is being played out in Ukraine.

Ukraine’s future is decided in Moscow and Washington DC, with the help of Berlin, Paris, Beijing and a few of other capitals. It is not necessarily decided in Donbass, Odessa or Kharkov (although their actions are important) – even less so in Kiev.

Once US backs off, EU and Ukraine will change their attitude immediately. What most people are missing here, and what I had talked about so many times, is that EU and Ukraine dare act this way ONLY BECAUSE OF the US BACKING AND ENCOURAGEMENT; the US blackmailing of certain EU countries and politicians also has to be taken into account. THE MOMENT the US IS UNABLE TO DO SO ANYMORE – THIS WILL END.

Specific types of people float to the top in any society when the US turns on its confrontational provocations, directed at pitting countries and people against each other. Such is the nature of the US interference. When they are forced by events outside of their control to turn off this attitude and become a little nicer, confrontation usually stops or lessens. Examples abound. For instance, look at the recent Hong Kong events and China’s Muslim provinces. Look at Georgia, or Chechnya. Consider ISIS and AlQaeda.

Last year I was hoping Germany/Merkel would find courage to stand up to the US and change gears towards Ukraine and Russia, as that would have discouraged the Kiev junta, helping end the war. But Merkel fell under the US completely. If she acted differently, it would have been an easy way out for the EU. Since it didn’t happen, the EU has to be changed through Greece – the hard way. See: New LadaRayLive Episode! LRL6. Secret Connection: Russian Gas to Turkey – Greek Election – EU Breakup.

Are there puppet masters hiding in the shadows? Yes, but they are not so hidden any more. Lately, they all had to expose themselves, which denotes their growing weakness. I call them Anglo-American elites. From my long-term observation, I think this is a more accurate label than most. Some call them NWO, cabal, etc. It doesn’t matter – whatever name suits you.

The important thing is that they do pull Obama, Merkel, Poroshenko’s, and EU politicians’ strings. The puppet masters must weaken sufficiently for the change to occur.

This is directly connected to the nearing end of the petrodollar era.

Incidentally, There will be no US and/or dollar collapse this year (2015), as many are predicting.

The change will start being manifest in 3D physical reality between 2016-18. It will be gradual process, so don’t expect a huge explosion. This kind of seminal change cannot be completed in one day.

More in upcoming Earth Shift Reports.


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  1. The events of a take over by Bolshevik forces of Russia was built up, in the brains of every Western citizen, into the ultimate terrible and evil social possibility. But, the truth always was that there wasn’t “a dimes worth of difference” between the economic positions of Franklin, Hamilton, Washington, Lincoln, FDR or Kennedy and Marx! All subscribed to the “Labor Value Theory”, discovered by Marx in the work of Franklin who also made his discovery, partly in works of others but ultimately, within his own brain where he synthesized that principal into writings found in his Collected Works, Volume II.

    Politically, all of these men were Republicans (Republic is a word History best defined, distilled really, in our own Constitutional Preamble:”We do establish this Constitution”…for The GENERAL Welfare…”). After Marx gave America some growing time, he observed what anyone could have observed in the nation’s early years, the nation’s middle years and our beloved nation’s current time, ie, sadly, a DICTATORSHIP of financial elites!

    These observations of America, caused Marx to hope for the establishment in every nation on Earth, a Republican form of government that more certainly regulated its financial elites. His conclusions were never tested in Russia or China or in any other nations…that is…until the present time! The BRICS nations, led by Russia and China, are actually putting into effect, in a growing effort, the essential political economy ideas of the U.S. Constitution, its core founders, its greatest Presidents, but also, that one time greatest foreign born fan of America, Karl Marx.


  2. I’ve been lurking for a couple of weeks, but want to say how much I appreciate your blog, Lada. Wi-fi really reduces my immunity, and I was exposed to it for 8 hours at Bangkok’s airport, so I have been getting over a nasty bug, and I have to minimize my time on the computer.

    I always pay attention to my New Year’s dreams. Those on the morning of January 2 seem to have significance. This year, the first one was only a statement: “The flaw that brings down the entire structure is never revealed.” (Sounds like a fortune cookie!) The next dream was vivid: flooded waterways, causing sweeping changes, but with lively commerce continuing. The theme was water, dragons and snakes. The latter two represent the Orient.

    This being the year of the wood sheep, I would expect your prediction of no major changes to be right, but I think the shift to the east will begin in earnest, and the sheep will sense the change and follow meekly.

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  3. Wonderful analysis like always. Tell me if I’m wrong but your non-3D understanding of the universe appears to give you a more wholesome approach to Russia and the world. It also gives you an edge over any other world geopolitical analyst. I really like your describing events in the 3D world as delayed reactions from the non 3D world. That’s really interesting. So even though the US and western Europe financial system will collapse in 2015 in thought or in the non 3D, it may take a year or two to manifest this collapse in real time 3D. Does this sound right to you.

    I don’t think relatively speaking it will be that hard to rebuild Ukraine once it’s in the right direction. The very hardest part will be going from the present to a new Ukraine (or whatever it will be called). This will be the most painful part. Once a new Ukraine is established, a new Ukraine that is self assured, peaceful and friendly to Russia, then rebuilding it will be easy, relative to curing the country of the cancerous vermin called Nazis and pro-US people.

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    • Hi Gary,
      The petrodollar collapse in higher dimensions already happened. That energy manifests slowly in 3D because there is so much resistance by the US and world elites, manifesting as derivatives, QEs, shale gas, wars, false flags that all delay the inevitable. I call such clear energy: ‘set in stone.’ This means that the event will occur no matter what, but it needs time to manifest.
      EU economy is precarious but options still exist, depending on how EU acts. This is more complicated.

      I agree re. Ukraine economy. 🙂

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    • Hi Gary,
      The petrodollar collapse in higher dimensions already happened. That energy manifests slowly in 3D because there is so much resistance by the US and world elites, manifesting as derivatives, QEs, shale gas, wars, false flags that all delay the inevitable. I call such clear energy: ‘set in stone.’ This means that the event will occur no matter what, but it needs time to manifest.
      EU economy is precarious but options still exist, depending on how EU acts. This is more complicated.

      I agree re. Ukraine economy. 🙂


    • Any thoughts in relation to gold / silver?


  4. Nice explanation. There is a classic text called “Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds” that contains a quote:

    “Men, it has been well said, think in herds; it will be seen that they go mad in herds, while they only recover their senses slowly, and one by one.”

    In which case, Ukrainians will just have to regain their sanity over a period of time, one by one.

    As for the Central Ukraine being more radical than Galicia, there could be two obvious possibilities. One is the zealotry of a new believer, and the other is that so many of the folks around Kiev are office workers or civil servants or university students. And Kiev is the heart of the Great Ukrainian Empire that they are building in their minds.

    It might take a long time to convince the West to actually back off from the Ukraine. A big reason is that the US and German strategy of the last 25 years has been a striking success. Germany has taken industrial and financial control over Eastern Europe while America has taken military and foreign policy control. And most of the countries have not done well – they have been deindustrialized, demoralized, and depopulated. All according to plan.

    So this gets into another possibility. It is entirely possible that the US and Germany did not expect Russia to resist the coup in Kiev that much. Russia hasn’t resisted the last 25 years, with constant EU/NATO expansion, as well as anti-Russian provocations in the Baltic States, and there are some texts from Wikileaks involving US and Russian diplomacy regarding the Ukraine where the US perspective seemed to be that the Kremlin is resigned to losing control over the Ukraine, but wants to keep it out of NATO. So the West could take it over and pretend to be neutral, but not be. Many in the West have argued over the last 15 years that Russia is weak and it is foolish that the West didn’t more aggressively pursue policies like the coup in Kiev. Now, of course, it may be too late. Perhaps this proves that US diplomats told their bosses what they wanted to hear, and the same happened in Moscow.

    Perhaps Transcarpathia can be turned into a small Switzerland. Hungary and Slovakia would come to dominate it, but so what? There might a couple of areas that could vote on whether to join Romania or a different country. Really, this disaster in the Ukraine could lead to a number of good things. One is that Transdenistria could join Novorossiya. Maybe a couple of other minor border changes could occur. From a Russia point of view, it would be good to have Galicia become independent, as that would lead to the most radical types wanting to move there. And then they could become Poland’s problem. From a longer-term perspective, China might become a serious player.


    • I think a lot of people would like Galicia to become Poland’s problem, lol. Where you are going, there you are.

      I would change one thing in what you said: Germany is already learning its lesson the hard way. It’s called the Greek revolt, with more to come. Soon they won’t have money or time for Ukraine, and then they will have to agree to Russian proposals. Once Germany is out, USA will have to back off. But US has gone completely mad, so to get it through their heads, they will need to be assisted with a major internal crisis. This is the future sequence of events. 😉


  5. Change is the truth of life, sometimes it is painful but inevitable.


  6. Interesting analysis, thorough and full of insight ; there are really some puppet masters behind the scene, two of them are known to all, one of them is “George Soros ” the Money Changer and the other one is “ZBIGNIEW BRZEZINSKI” the Master-mind behind the current critical situations in today’s Ukraine (he is a polish Nobel with Galichian root).


  7. I will dive into you post a little later today, but I found this story that seems to me to be the latest smearcampaign from across the water: A study, done of Putin by looking at some videos, concluded that he must have Asperger’s syndrome……

    Here is a link to a story in Dutch for those who can read it:

    and the link in English:

    Je suis Putin, I am Putin, Ich bin Putin, Ik ben Poetin! Stop the smearcampaign!!

    Peace, Love and Understanding is the only way forward!



  8. Before I set out to read this article, which I expect to be as enlightening as the rest of your works, I have two comments to the recent events.

    It was interesting to observe how during yesterday’s visit of Kerry to Kiev, Poroshenko exclusively used English in his statements and communications (according to protocol he should have used Ukrainian and let interpreters deal with English), thus signalling Ukraine’s subservience to USA and total lack of sovereignty.

    And a worrying development from Serbia, where it seems the forces have been set in motion to create a Ukrainian-style maidan. My source of information is the following article:
    The pessimistically realistic tone of it echoes that of Paul’s comments – Russia has left Serbia to its own devices for too long (“Serbs are our brothers, they’ll not go anywhere”) and let the tentacles of the USA spread into all aspects of Serbian politics and, more importantly, take over their MSM. And the situation develops now so swiftly, that Russia has no way of reacting. This rhymes with your predictions of the coming colour revolutions in Hungary and Serbia…


  9. Brilliant, as always.
    I especially liked your description of what your “predictions” are based on.


  10. Nemo,

    Color revolutions in Hungary, Serbia, and perhaps Armenia will likely fail. And there may be some coup attempts, such as what just happened in Macedonia. Fortunately, the insanity (or perhaps corruption and treason) inside the Kremlin seems to be leaving, and they are starting to remember that you don’t get much in this world without a struggle. Kindness and a big stick usually do better than just kindness, at least when the US and Germany are nearby.

    Also, it should be pointed out that the coup in Kiev was a coup. Maidan was just a smokescreen for the media and unsophisticated to pay attention to. So it might require a coup to take over Serbia or Hungary, in which case it comes back to whether the US and EU have enough assets in charge of things like the police or military. And are the leaders so incompetent and lacking in decisiveness that they will let a cancer grow? Russia has probably been going to all of its friends and explaining what happened; at least that is the rumor.


  11. I got an extremely interesting email this morning which provides background about the current Ukraine peace negotiations in Moscow, which include Kiev, Novorossia, Germany and France but exclude Britain and the US.

    According to the email, the Germans have arrested Victoria Nuland’s assistant, who in addition, is an employee of Vanguard Corporation, with almost a billion of high quality fake dollars, printed by Vanguard Corporation. This employee, who also works for the State Department, claims that Vanguard was printing fake dollars, which they and Igor Kolomoyskiy were using to pay mercenaries in Syria, Iraq, Ukraine, Libya and the Islamic State.

    The Vanguard whistleblower is under German police protection while they investigate.

    Apparently a Russian blogger accessed the German government website somehow and posted this material to her blog нет в мире справедливость (No Justice in the World). It’s in the process of being translated and verified.


    • Thank you, Stuart. Very interesting. I just have a few questions. You may have noticed that I always meticulously establish the links and show proofs of anything I say. The chain of reasoning always has to be impecable. This creates credibility.

      So, these are the Qs that come to my mind right away, and if they come to me, believe me, lots of other people will ask them as well.
      1. By Vanguard you mean the world’s largest mutual fund company, or…? If it’s the Vanguard I know very well, how can they print money, fake or otherwise? If it’s something else, which I am unaware of, who are they and what is their connection to State Dept? 2. As far as I know, State Dept employee can’t simultaneously be a private company employee – it’s against the law. However, of course it’s possible that it was an assignment. In cases like this it is important to have details straight because anyone who knows how the system works will accuse this info, that may actually be plausible, of being a crazy conspiracy theory. Just a thought :). 3. How is Kolomoysky connected to all this? This is another detail that is important to establish.


  12. Talking about a color revolution in Serbia is so passe. Serbia has the honor to be the very first to experience the new trend of western overthrow of governments using fake color revolutions when Milosevic was overthrown in 2000. I don’t think the west can be lucky twice within 20 years. There’s probably a natural law that states no more than one color revolution per century (just kidding). I don’t think Hungary will have a successful color revolution either because they’ve already had 25 years of flirtation with the west and the population is sick to death of them. Hungary paid down their debt to the IMF and basically kicked these bloodsuckers out of the country. What kind of demagogic proposals put out by “color revolutionaries” will appeal to the Hungarians. Allow Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan to take over their finances. No way. The end of the western color revolution model is symptomatic with the collapsing US and western European power in the world. It’s no coincidence that color revolutions started happening when Russia was weak or just beginning to come back to life and now are failing at the same time as Russia and China are in ascendance.

    Lada I thought of your brilliant observation that the Ukraine mess is becoming a bottomless pit of economic agony for Germany. Here are three reasons keeping Frau Merkel up at night.

    1. The Kiev junta is about to suffer a tremendous military defeat
    2. The Kiev junta’s economy is on its death throes and needs western money quickly
    3. The Greek revolt and looming even bigger revolts in Spain and Italy

    Why do you think the psychopathic leaders of Germany and France are visiting Putin right at this moment. BECAUSE THEY LOST. GAME OVER. CHECKMATE!
    Oh how I would love to be a fly on the wall at the meeting between Merkel, Hollande and Poroshenko with the former two explaining to the latter that the jig is up. How about a fly on the wall at the Kremlin between Putin and his advisors both before and after the meeting with Merkel and Hollande.

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  13. Greetings and blessings to all!

    There is a Corporation called Allen-Vanguard that may be the correct “Vanguard” named in the email that Stuart received this morning. I agreed with Lada that it is very unlikely to be Vanguard the mutual fund company. So when I had time I did a little research. Here is a portion of Allen-Vanguard’s company overview from the Bloomberg Business site:

    “Company Overview

    Allen-Vanguard Corporation provides solutions to prevent and defeat terrorist and extremist threats. It offers improvised explosive devices (IEDs), radio controlled IEDs (RCIEDs), and electronic counter measures. The company also provides capacity building services to assist national governments, security agencies, and defense forces develop their counter-threat capabilities; threat intelligence products and services, including threat intelligence portal that delivers reporting online to predict and defeat terrorist and extremist threats, as well as subscription products; exploitation, forensics, and biometrics solutions; and discreet counter-network operations, counter-IED training, explosi…”

    Sound like the correct critter to any of you? It did to me. Based on their website information it looks like this company could be capable of printing any country’s currency and do many other things as well. Here is the link so you can look at the various companies within the corporation and some of their lead personnel:


  14. And Lada, this is just breaking from Ben Fulford: Here is the title of his second of two articles he has just posted:

    “The War in Ukraine was originated by Zionists of the State Department and Vanguard Group in order to create new Khazaria, and start WWIII by forcing Russia to bring military forces to Donbass:”

    !!!! My antenna have been waaayyyyy up lately; that monster swam by me in the ethers yesterday and I almost fell over when I perceived it. I posted a question to you about it in the comments section for your article “Ex Ukraine PM: West expected Yanukovich to die like Gadaffi”. Dear God, Lada! Sometimes I really dislike some of the stuff I see floating around out there!

    For those who aren’t using this perceptive ability yet (we all have it), the gift of Sight is difficult at times because it isn’t selective. You just see what you see and then you must find a way to deal with it. My question to you was, basically, if you thought that horror had any real possibility of reaching manifestation.

    Well, now. Ben’s article goes into considerable detail about the Vanguard affair as well because that is part of it. He says his source is Russian intelligence. Due to the density of the material I am not going to try quoting any of it here because I would be quoting the whole article. I have given the link below so you can read and vet the info for yourself if you desire. I am sure that with your contacts in the region, Lada, you can easily verify a great deal of the information he has there. They would know.


  15. I just saw this video with Marine Le Pen. Boy is she a smart woman and took on this hostile interviewer with precise no-holds barred answers. It’s really refreshing to see a politician with complete honesty and principle. Her statements on Ukraine, Crimea and Russia are really wonderful. She really resonates with me. In no uncertain terms she wants France out of the Euro and EU, she doesn’t believe anything the US says and she says that it’s great Russia has a leader with a cool head as Putin. She is a patriotic Frenchman as Putin is a patriotic Russian. She believes, like I have said for a long time, that the EU is a prison. Forget about Syriza and Podemos. Marine Le Pen is the real deal. If you agree in the EU as a prison analogy, then Merkel is the warden and the people in the EU are inmates. Syriza and Podemos only want to petition the warden to make life a little easier for the inmates, reduce the work load a little bit and allow more time for excercise, etc. Syriza and Podemos basically want to keep the prison but have the warden give a little more handouts. Le Pen on the other hand wants to close the prison down and free the inmates. That’s the difference. Here is the interview link.


  16. Lada, you, & your report on this page, are referred to in the Cosmic Vision News report, 06 February 2015, from 11 minutes into the report:
    Good stuff!
    Maybe you’re already aware of it. 😉


  17. Geoffrey West, of Cosmic Vision News, has now found your site, Lada, and has quoted you at least twice recently, maybe three times.


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