New LadaRayLive Episode! LRL6. Secret Connection: Russian Gas to Turkey – Greek Election – EU Breakup

Greece Election   ATH184

Putin and Erdogan

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Secret Connection: Russian Gas to Turkey-Greek Election-EU Breakup

Lada’s geopolitical and geoeconomic analysis and predictions.

In the short couple of days after #Syriza won the Greek elections, #Greece has already challenged the EU more than once. Will there be #Grexit? Who is next to rebel (Spain already is)? Will this lead to the EU breakup, and when?

We talk about the EU game changer: how Russia’s discontinuing the South Stream project and announcing the new alliance with Turkey, together with the new Turkish Stream pipeline, influences the future of Eurozone.

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  1. Thank you Lada Ray. The Greeks invented Democracy and now they are showing the way to other victim states of the EU. President Putin is the only statesman worldwide that is helping not only his own people but other countries. I admire him greatly.

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  2. This week an event will happen that will change the whole picture of the situation. I look forward to your information and predictions. In my option the Earth consciousness wake up. Numerology number is 777.

    I am informed that Russian special forces protect the new Greek government and too the single members when they are visiting other countries. This means that the MI6, CIA , MOSSAD network, operating under cover as European Security Network, then becomes inoperative. The Cabal Control are soon broken and that include Ukraine.

    I agree that more EU-members are one step from leaving, and this week could be the moment that ignite it. It affects the whole Earth community. Many, many things will change.

    The “Multipolare Silkroad”, will open for all of us. And remember, a road is not a solution in itself, but a way that lead to new solutions.

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  3. There’s a 600 pound gorilla in the room that the mainstream media doesn’t want to talk about and that’s Russia’s relations with Greece. The EU, which is the financial arm of NATO, is so alarmed at the threat of Greece leaving the EU and joining the Eurasian project of Russia that it will do anything to counter this trend even including easing the debt burden of countries like Greece and the other southern European nations. I believe that Tsipras and the finance minister of Greece will use this stick as hard as possible to force concessions out of the EU, maybe even including totally cancelling the entire debt. Don’t forget that Tsipras has never supported Greece leaving the Euro but only wanting a new deal. I personally think that’s a mistake and in the long run even if Greece does manage to wrestle some debt relief the problems for Greece will not go away. The Euro is a big mistake because it doesn’t allow any nation to independently calibrate its economy by changing the currency exchange value. In the long run, after short pain, Greece would be better off just leaving the EU and joining the Eurasian nations but I don’t think that will happen anytime soon.

    Anyhow here are the two potential options.

    1. Greece does get its way with debt relief and you can be sure that the other nations like Italy and Spain will demand the same. There could be an avalanche effect thereby causing havoc in the EU. Germany would have to foot the bill for this and you then might see a rebellion in Germany for itself to ditch the Euro.

    2. The EU is hardboiled and refuses to give an inch with Greece thereby forcing a Greek default which causes the EU to kick Greece out. The Greeks print and distribute the Drachma and it immediately collapses in value with Greece experiencing Weimar-like hyper inflation. Brussels will use this as a lesson for the other indebted nations hoping that the ensuing misery of the Greeks will de-incentivize other nations to follow that path thereby demoralizing the rest of Europe. “You better follow our dictates or else!”

    Continuing from item 2 China and Russia come to the aid of Greece’s new Drachma to help to stabilize it. After very short term pain the financial situation stabilizes. Greek agricultural products, which previously were banned in Russia when Greece was in the EU, now start flooding into Russia and China. Tens of thousands of Russian tourists take advantage of the favorable Drachma-Ruble exchange rate and flood into Greece to enjoy the beautiful country. In addition Greece now signs a long term agreement with Russia and Turkey to become the southern gas hub for deliverance to southern Europe. At this point Gazprom and southern European banks compete on who is going to build the pipelines thereby bringing in much needed capital to Greece. Like Iceland Greece begins to get out of its depression setting a horrible example according to the Brussels dictators to the other indebted nations of Europe.

    What do you think of this scenario.

    By the way I love Lada’s term “low evolved souls”. If you want to see one of these low evolved souls look at Eurogroup Chief Jeroen Dijsselbloem’s eye expression as he shakes the hand of the feisty new Greek finance minister. This guy, like the rest of the EU elite, are really cold fish.

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