Canada’s Present and Future: Lada Ray Predictions

A number of my Canadian readers have asked me to make a prediction for Canada. I realize that I mostly talk about large countries, or those countries that are in the news.

Today’s post will address Canada. What is really Canada’s role in the Ukraine crisis, what is the real nature of its relationship with the US and UK, as well as Russia, and the world in general? We will touch upon Canadian shale gas and oil interests. How does NWO fit into all this?

This piece is a logical continuation of the previous: What Are NATO Ships Doing in the Black Sea? Is the World Finally Starting to Awaken? In it, we talked about the anti-NATO and anti-war rallies in a number of countries, seeing which gives us all hope for positive change.

I am always happy to share positive news. Judging by response, my readers equally love hearing them. The people’s awakening worldwide is accelerating, while the clash between the old and the new is also gaining momentum. Polarisation of the society is increasing, which is a sign of the great shift. So far, the trickle of the awakening in the West is small and weak, but it’s there. The Earth Shift is underway.

However, we are not out of the danger zone by any measure. There are forces that continue stubbornly dragging the world towards WWIII, despite valiant efforts by Russia to keep it spinning. It’s great to concentrate on any positive news, but the TRUTH still needs to be told. Only seeing the full picture will we be able to truly understand what is going on and where humanity is heading. The fact that the vast majority of the West (much less so in other parts of the world) continues happily wearing rosy glasses while disregarding what is really happening around them, is what is keeping the world in the catastrophic situation we are observing at the present moment.

First step towards any cure is awareness. Such awareness can only begin through understanding of the actual truth. Sweeping inconvenient facts under the rug and pretending they don’t exist won’t help. My regular readers would recognize these symptoms as we talk about them frequently. This is what Russians have done for years regarding Ukraine; this is what many Ukraine citizens have done regarding ukro-nazis; this is what many European countries do regarding USA. The result is for the whole world to see.

Unfortunately, that’s what Canadians are doing in regards to what is happening in their own country.

I have a lot of Canadian readers on my blog. Clearly, at least some Canadians feel the truth vs. a lie, and they deeply and passionately want change. Meanwhile, let’s see what is taking place around them.

Consider this post my half-prediction and half-warning for Canada.

Reader Johanna says in response to my article: What Are NATO Ships Doing in the Black Sea? Is the World Finally Starting to Awaken?


Lada, finally some positive news from Canada. I am not surprised it is from Montréal, Québec. The francophones may not be perfect but they do have a mind of their own! I could tell right away from their body language that they were not Ontarians. When I see things like that, I get nostalgic for my culture. I grew up in Laval which is a suburb of Montreal, like Mississauga is to Toronto. WE NEED MORE OF THIS TYPE OF ACTION.

Here is Toronto I don’t know how many rallies and fund raisers took place in support of the Kiev Junta. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw that they had even invited a member of the Svoboda party as a guest speaker, all in the name of democracy. How can they be so blind? How can they swallow the lies of the MSM? Too many chemtrails? Indoctrination?

I read something absolutely shocking today. Would you believe that some stupid journalist has formulated a whole theory to prove that Putin is behind ISIS? We are talking about adults, no 3 year olds in a sandbox. I guess the ridicule must reach the sublime for the average person see through the lies and start recovery.

Thanks so much Lada for fresh off the press developments. Blessings! Johanna”

Lada says:

Yes, a bit of positive news from Canada and other countries are contained in my above referenced article. But what Johanna describes in her comment is very disturbing.

It saddens me to hear that Canada has turned into a pro-ukro-nazi state. When I was there last over 15 years ago, it was a nice, peaceful and reasonably neutral country; with some sense of self-irony, which is always a sign of an open mind.

Clearly, big changes have taken place in Canada since then, as NWO-like, US-centric mentality took over the country.

Dear Canadians, it’s time you found out who, why and how is really pulling your strings.

No, it’s not chemtrails (although chemtrails don’t help). In this case, it’s much more obvious than that. It is the interests of the Anglo-American elites in dominating the world. US and Canada have quietly, while everyone was looking the other way, merged politically into one entity (UK and Australia are right there with them). This cross-border merger of the Anglo-American elites has quietly consolidated, including the political, financial, military, media and oligarchic classes. Unlike in other English-speaking countries, a large part of Canada is actually French-speaking, which makes the whole thing even more bizarre.

Further, this is a mutually convenient symbiosis between the NWO/Anglo elites and the deep-seated western Ukraine lobby in Canada and USA, consisting of the bandera-children-immigrants (aka, WWII ukro-nazi heirs). A close friend of the powerful western Ukrainian lobby is Canadian PM Harper. For more, read my article and the comment section: Why Is Canada’s PM Harper in a Rush to Visit Ukraine?

Incidentally, Ukraine PM Yatsenyuk, per latest info, has just obtained Canadian passport, which will come very handy when the Kiev junta starts collapsing. Canada is also at the forefront of supplying weapons to the Kiev junta, used to shell Donbass. While there is a shaky truce right now, Donbass is warning that Kiev has received new weapons from US, UK and Canada and is consolidating forces for the new attack on DNR and LNR. Ukrainian-Canadian lobby plays a very big role in all the above.

Canadians have disregarded the Ukrainian lobby, deeply embedded in their society, for years. But now, it has crawled out of its hole.

Most western Ukraine immigrants came from agricultural background, and they immigrated to Canada for two reasons: 1. Anti-Russian Canadian government, together with US, gladly gave them asylum after they lost WWII together with Hitler; 2. they were seduced by ample and cheap Canadian lands. It has to be noted that many of those who ran to Canada and US after WWII were war criminals guilty of killing thousands in concentration camps and on the territory of Ukraine and Poland. They were convicted by international war crimes tribunal, but any requests for their extradition by USSR, Poland and other countries were always denied by Canada and US. Throughout the years, many war criminals were protected from the responsibility for their crimes by the US and Canada.

Ukrainian immigrants purchased lands and settled to farms, which in recent years became extremely valuable primarily because of their shale oil and gas potential. Because of that, the Canadian bandera-ukro-nazi lobby is tightly connected to the shale oil and gas lobby in both US and Canada.  

Together, these forces are dragging Canada towards a very bad outcome… Unless Canadians wake up.

There are lots of rabidly russophobic bandera-children-immigrants in Canada. This breed will never, under any circumstances, forgive Russia, or become at least neutral to Russia. The hatred has been fed to them with their mother’s milk. And they are absolutely incapable of forgiveness, or of looking deep inside. The hatred towards Russia has also been additionally stoked by the Canadian media and school system. The falsified version of history taught to these people is very far from real history. This falsified history blames Russia for all problems. These people, together with Soros, sponsored a massive falsification of history and re-writing of history books that took place in the past 23 years in Ukraine and Eastern Europe. Read: FREE Earth Shift Report 2: Ukraine, Russia and Falsified History.

Will this change eventually? Perhaps, but it will take years, and I am not sure Canada has that kind of time.

The reason for this twisted hatred is clear: Bandera ukro-nazis killed hundreds of thousands of Poles, Jews, Ukrainians, Russins (Ruthenians) and Russians. In the end, ukro-nazis were feared by Hitler himself and Bandera was thrown in jail, where he died.  It was only Russians who managed to defeat the Bandera army and squeeze ukro-nazis out of Ukraine. They escaped to the US and Canada (where else?). Of course the defeated cannot forgive their defeat. This is a very similar situation to that of the Cuban anti-Castro lobby in the US, which has been manipulating US policy towards Cuba for 50 years, to spite the country that rejected their US-subservient vision of Cuba’s future.

Certainly, no manipulation can be done without the consent of those being manipulated. The Miami anti-Cuba lobby is very convenient to Washington. It allows them to blame some of their policies on that lobby. The same way, Canada ukro-nazis are equally convenient for the present administration.

The true reason for the tight bonding between Canadian and US/UK/Australia governments is that they feel that the Anglo-American centric world is coming to an end. They have bonded to try to prevent that.

The truth is that the whole world was supposed to become Anglo-American centric, per the NWO agenda. The problem is: that plan has failed. Now, US and other countries that used to rely on the whole world to cater to them, will actually have to learn to work and produce in order to feed themselves. They may have to lower their appetites too. This is the fight to prolong the life of their empire that is slipping away from them. They will fight tooth and claw, attempting to keep petrodollar hegemony for as long as possible.

Can changes happen in Canada if a new government is elected?

I do not see the true change happening any time soon. Any new government will still be beholden to the old allegiances. Canadian economy, military, energy and media have become too dependent on the US. Canadian politicians and media long stopped being an independent voice (if they ever were).

Being this close to the US is extremely lucrative for Canadian companies. Canada’s ruling class will do everything to hang on to their wealth. Long-term, it will be at the expense of simple citizens. But while Canadian real estate continues being extremely lucrative and the population at large continues enjoying free health care, generous welfare, and other benefits, people will keep quiet. Problems and protests will begin only when the country hits serious economic hardship and the lack becomes palpable. This will only happen after US economy starts collapsing in earnest, which will cause a domino effect to the tightly knit with the US economies.

Interestingly enough, unlike EU, Canada has so many natural resources and so much land, that it has some chance of escaping riots. Canada, following US has also militarized its police force. This may also prevent riots from materializing. It is somewhat possible that Canada will transition to the new era more peacefully than most of the Western world. However, changing the status quo will take years, and will only be possible after US weakens sufficiently to relax its grip on Canada.

P.S. I would believe that Canada MSM would try pinning ISIS on Putin, however ridiculous and stupid it may sound. This is the case of “Canada striving to be more Catholic than the Pope” (or US) in the info war with Russia. Problem is, unlike last time, this time around they are losing the info war. Their haste and panic is clearly visible to anyone who’s paying attention.

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  1. I would like to correct you it is not the Anglo-Saxon-Jutes but the Normans aka Norseman (Vikings). Who took over northern France and later conquered the British Iles who are the spearhead against Russia and the rest of the World. They hide behind the façade of the Celtic Britons or Germanic Anglo-Saxon-Jutes their true faces hidden behind those of their victims.


  2. Come italiano (e romanziere per passione) ho a lungo sperato che il cambiamento fosse pacifico. Purtroppo, più leggo le tue previsioni e più osservo la realtà, per sradicare le profonde radici del vecchio ci vuole molta forza, cioè la violenza. Peccato, sarebbe stato bello cambiare pacificamente con una stretta di mano. Qui nel nord italia, si sono appena spenti i tristi ricordi della guerra civile e se ne stanno per riaccendere altri. Pur avendone i motivi, da tempo ho abbandonato la strada del risentimento e dell’odio perchè non porta da nessuna parte e fa molto male all’anima. Confidiamo in Padre Nostro…


  3. Hello Lada.Thank you so much for your insights on Canada .I agree with you on mostly everything you said.
    Having read history ,I now realize , that the more I learn ,the more I realize how little I do know.
    We do have a relatively large proportion of Canadian citizens which did come from
    the Ukraine,also Poland and Czechoslovakia and basically all parts of the world in our country ,as it is a multicultural community.And to tell the truth ,I love it that way.
    I believe that it puts us in a position of learning to live together with acceptance and tolerance.Not always easy especially when we have elected officials that strive to divide us . I personally believe that Harper is a closet Nazi .He was taught under the Straussian school of political thought .
    He is also an opportunist at every turn ,as evidenced by his strong support of the Kiev junta.
    He has an election coming up and he is counting on the Ukrainian Canadians for support.
    Not so long ago ,we did have elected officials with some backbone.We did refuse to join in the destruction of Iraq.Not so under the leadership of Harper.
    He told the population of Canada before he was elected that he would make big changes in our country.He certainly did and I despise almost everything he and his administration did and are doing.It is pathetic.
    If we can ever undo the direction he has positioned for us it will almost be a miracle.But I digress in my rant about the Harper regime.
    Yes we do have a wide array of resources ,the most important would be fresh water ,as you can’t eat money as a wise old aboriginal Indian once said,but you do need fresh water to survive.
    Canada is a Northern country just like Russia is .One of the largest geographically .
    I would like to think that we are for the most part a peaceful people also , but having only joined the wars because we were subservient to the British . Now we are subservient to the US.Like you said only a rise consciousness will bring changes to the people of our country and to the people of the world for that matter.As for myself ,it can’t happen soon enough .
    My warm regards to you from Canada.

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    • I was trying to reply to your comment, Summit, with some thoughts and details. Unfortunately, a glitch deleted my long reply.
      The main thought: I am talking about something very different from multi-culturalism. USSR and now Russia are actually by far the most multi-culti countries in the world. I am talking about deliberate program to give asylum to WWII criminals (US and CA), or presently, to Chechen terrorists and oligarchs (that’s UK), twisting history to present them as freedom fighters against bad Russia. All this is used by NWO elites to vilify Russia.
      Perhaps I’ll be able to touch upon my thoughts in another article. 🙂

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  4. talesfromtheconspiratum

    Thank you Lada. I like the way you see things. Re-blogged you.

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  5. Interesting that you wrote that Canada/US/UK and Australian governments are “bonding together.” Let’s hope that this is a “circling of the wagons” where the NWO gang will make their last stand! As you probably know all this was predicted 100 years ago by Rudolph Steiner and in 1945 by Edgar Cayce. Steiner said that the country that could best embody the spirit of the new cultural epoch was Russia, and Cayce predicted the revival of Russia at this time.
    I think this process has already begun.

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  6. Not a surprise that Canada is acting like that. Canada is just a muppet of the USA and will do exactly what the USA tell them to do. Canada has changed so much in the last 15 years that I do not recognize my own country. I am ashamed to be a canadian now. And with Harper and his government, we have not finished the descent to hell.

    And with the government’s new anti-terrorism bill, known by its parliamentary number as C-51, they will create another police state like the USA.

    It is really disheartening to see that.

    Canada is NO longer a neutral country. It is just a vassal of the USA.

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  7. Reblogged this on 1EarthUnited and commented:
    Thanks for a very thorough analysis: follow the money and we’ll uncover the motive, keep smokin’ them out Lada! 😉

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  8. P.S. A new, very persistent troll has appeared on my blog, and he was banned after second infraction. He had the audacity to call me “Citizen Stalin.” This really didn’t help him.

    Reminder for any trolls and shills out there: you will not only be banned, but also outed for the whole world to see, per my earlier, “How to train your troll” article. I have neither patience, nor energy, to spare for idiots, ignoramuses and deliberate provocateurs.

    As the stated mission of this blog is to spread the truth, those posting false information will also be banned. Remember, I was there and I KNOW EXACTLY WHAT IS AND WAS GOING ON – and what never did. So, if you are the product of western propaganda, or a shill, you have no place on my blog.

    This blog is for the enlightened, the open-minded, the forward-looking, the thinking people of the world – for those who see and want to see the truth. All of you are very welcome.

    Read BLOG RULES on top bar.

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  9. Just found this on the topic of Canada. Is that for real?!
    Canadian Town Bans Spitting, Swearing And Gathering In Groups Of Three Or More

    Quotes below:

    With a sweeping new bylaw, the southern Alberta town of Taber has outlawed swearing in public, instituted a nightly curfew on kids and teenagers, and granted local law enforcement the power to break up any assemblies of three or more people.

    No persons shall, during any period of the day allow, suffer or permit any electronic equipment, musical instruments, vehicles or any other devices to be sounded or used in any area of the Town of Taber, that may, or is likely, to disturb others.

    No person shall be a member of the assembly of three or more persons in any Public Place where a Peace Officer has reasonable grounds to believe the assembly will disturb the peace of the neighborhood, and any such person shall disperse as requested by a Peace Officer.

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    • Yes Nemo it is for real – Info. town of Tabar:

      —30miles South of Lethbridge, population 8,000
      —Taber, Alberta was settled in 1903-1910, largely by members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormons) from the United States, only 98 kilometres away. From 1926 to the 1950s, there was an influx of immigrants from central Europe, Japan, Poland and The Netherlands. Low German-speaking Mennonites began to move there in the 1980s.
      —Town council will review the bylaw after a 6 month trial

      We have a very small population with a strong Mormon presence, PLUS an very active Evangelical Mennonite Church (this one is new to me).

      So considering the make-up of the town, the by-law does not appear so outrageous. It fits with the tenants of their religious denominations.

      Nevertheless, I am surprised. I did not think Canada had extreme religious fundamentalists. Thanks for the posting.


  10. Lada, where is our dear Vladimir Vladimirovich these days? Unseen since 05 March last, apparently!
    And, anything on this big announcement the Kremlin is apparently about to make?


  11. ” USSR and now Russia are actually by far the most multi-culti countries in the world. I am talking about deliberate program to give asylum to WWII criminals (US and CA), or presently, to Chechen terrorists and oligarchs (that’s UK), twisting history to present them as freedom fighters against bad Russia. All this is used by NWO elites to vilify Russia.”

    Hello again Lada.No problem Lada.We are on the same page so to speak.I was not aware that Russia was multicultural ,I know so little about Russia,perhaps why I am so keen on finding out more from your site.
    I have read many times about the migration of Nazis to the US,Canada and South America after the war and I have no doubt about this.I is well documented.
    Warm regards and happy birthdays all around.


  12. Lada,

    You know that Canada wants to annex Galicia, right? Then Canada can be trilingual till Galicia switches to only English. It worked for all those Ukrainian immigrants to Alberta, so it should work this way, too. And this could help Canadian conservatives win every election for the next 30 years.

    More seriously, though, it just goes to show the power of an active minority. A few percentage of people can change the world, and maybe that is the way it has always been. The key is knowing what you want. Those in Alberta know what they want, and it is basically an anti-Russian message. Hopefully, Russian policy makers will now have some ideas of what they want to see the Ukraine become. For 23 years, they have had more of a list of things they didn’t want to see, such as the Ukraine in NATO. But it is very important to have positive goals, not just negative (in the sense of not happening) ones.


    • LOL – to Galicia annexation. If we are talking about assimilation, it’s not that far out though. I can tell you very firmly that they all dream of living how people live in CA and that some have relatices in CA, who send them gifts, come to them and push them towards anti-Russian stance. This is like Europeans giving beads to naive natives and getting their lands and slaves in exchange.
      Some are Govt and CIA assets, and some simply want to subvert Ukraine because of who they are. This is actually more serious than you think. I met one such Ukro-Canadian in Kiev visiting relatives back in late 1980s. I was very young back then and didn’t understand what was happening. But Ukrainians were looking at her like she was god and eating from her hand (recall Nuland giving out cookies on maidan). I get what was happening now. She was a fairytale for them, they thought SHE would wave a magic wand, they would sign EU association and presto! – they live like EU or CA.

      The point is: they (US,CA, West) were trying to subvert Ukraine when we were still in 1980s – and certainly before that as well! But in the late 1980s, they saw a real opening as USSR weakened, and they just pounced since then! The operation of breaking up USSR, creating enemy states on Russian borders, and destroying Russia is something masterminded 50 years ago plus. There are no accidents here at all.

      Think about it! back then, none of us realised that it was acutally called subversion. Of course USSR/Russia bears responsibility for being too naive, too slow, too indifferent. Mostly naive – they all, including Gorbachev, thought they were doing the right thing extending the hand of friendship to the West and opening up fully. They didn’t understand that exposing someone who lived a sheltered life in USSR to all the germs of the West at once will cause them to get severely ill, or die.


    • To add to above – the trend I described above is reversing finally – per my Predictions.


  13. Hi Lada:

    Thanks for the great overview. I like your statement “Canada is more Catholic than the Pope”
    It also applies to Zionist Israel. It no secret and it has even been mentioned in several media that Canada’s views on Israel are more extreme than some Zionist politicians.

    Regarding multiculturalism, I agree with you. Many times now when I see that our laws are actually making some people more equal than others…it makes me very mad as it creates more division. Then I look at Russia and I don’t see any of these problems. I have said several times that Canada should look at Russia as a model for multiculturalism. There are no protests and yet each culture goes about to thrive in their own way and are still vibrant Russians.

    And to add more sublime to the ridiculous – JASON KENNY – Defence Minister
    His Background-
    Private Catholic high school, Wilcox, Saskatchewan
    Studies Philosophy at the University of San Francisco, a Jesuit university

    When Jason Kenney was a student at the Catholic University of San Francisco, he compared a pro-choice group on campus to the KKK, pedophiles, fascists and the Church of Satan — and campaigned to have them banned, threatening to take his fight all the way to the Vatican.
    For more details, see the story in Le Devoir.
    From university went straight to work for the Saskatchewan Liberal Party.
    More Recently-
    The Globe and Mail later pointed out that while Kenney was quick to refuse Galloway entry into Canada, his department gave entry to controversial politician Geert Wilders, who has compared Islam to Nazism and campaigned to ban the Quran from the Netherlands.[38] Wilders spoke in Toronto and Ottawa, generating further controversy.
    Kenney supported the 2003 invasion of Iraq

    So it appears that Jason Kenny is also more Catholic than the Pope!!

    AND NOW – (could it be paranoia or the result of religious indoctrination???) At least many Canadians see the absolute ridiculous in this!
    ***NATO officials contradict Jason Kenney’s claim that Russian fighter jets flew over Canadian navy frigate

    ***Well as you know, I already consider Jason Kenney to be the worst Defence Minister this country has ever known.
    He has lied about the terrorist threat, he has endangered the security of our troops in Iraq.
    But this is the absolute limit.
    The federal government has ratcheted up its war of words over Ukraine, with the parliamentary defence secretary claiming Russian warships confronted a Canadian frigate in the Black Sea. NATO officials, however, say no such thing happened.
    Can you believe it?
    —Making it sound like the Russians are singling out Canada.

    You know Lada, I have been observing that more and more our world is more extreme than ever, where middle ground and common sense are absent. I see it with religions, politics (you are with us or against us), unlimited ethnic privileges of Cdn Zionists whereas Muslims and others including me are less equal, limitless sex education in kindergarten, police brutality, shoot first and MAY BE I have a hard time to understand this state of affairs when we all know so much more about the peoples of the world than we did 50-70 years ago. Is it the incremental advance of the Marxists infiltration?

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    • About: “The federal government has ratcheted up its war of words over Ukraine, with the parliamentary defence secretary claiming Russian warships confronted a Canadian frigate in the Black Sea. NATO officials, however, say no such thing happened. Can you believe it? —Making it sound like the Russians are singling out Canada.”

      Sweden, with a very similar US subservient, neo-con govt, is doing the exact same thing, so you know. They recently had a hysteria about Rus sub in their waters, then they saud it was a whole bunch of Rus subs – none found after a long search. All this is done to scare politicians and populace into upping the country’s military budget; and of course for the ONE – to escalate animosity towards Russia at all cost.

      In 1950s, a US general infamously threw himself out of his office window with cries: ‘Russians are coming!’ I think CA and Swedish govts are at the point they should start considering suicides too… because, you know, Russians are coming, or going, or just staying right where they are. Doesn’t matter. There are crazed maniacs in power, who have access to red buttons that can send the whole world into oblivion. Congrats to us in the West – we have arrived! The people allowed that to happen.


  14. Dear Lada, thanks a lot for your great and important work.
    One new question has arisen lately, regarding China’s new infrastructure investment bank AIIB. As we can read in the news, countries like the UK, several European countries, eventually Australia and a number of Asian countries, except Japan, will participate. Now I wonder whether the UK’s and Australia’s membership will be kind of a Trojan horse in this organization and which will sabotage it and what the geopolitical implications will be, also for the BRICS and the partnership between Russia and China. Thanks for considering. Rudolf


    • For UK, Australia, and EU countries joining AIIB is survival, like for rats abandoning the sinking ship. Shows the weakening of the US and the split in the West. Big black eye for US.
      I see all of this as a positive. Russia may not need or want to join. I may write about that in upcoming Earth Shift Report.


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