Beware of Wikipedia, a Tool in Global Info War!

Here is a great example of how little you can trust Wikipedia to obtain any truthful information concerning Russia, Ukraine, post-Soviet space, or any Eastern European country. The list goes on, and includes anything to do with China and many historic events and countries.

I was looking up the date of the DNR/LNR elections and found this: Wikipedia,_2015

Check it out and you’ll see what I mean!

Because of how search engines are designed, when you put in a search, Wikipedia is always the top entry. This makes it an extremely valuable propaganda tool.

Reading this entry it’s easy to see that someone, most likely in Canada or US, judging by how it’s written, is sitting and typing in these kinds of twisted entries in order to promote a specific political agenda.

This is an example of how propaganda works in our internet world. Taking advantage of the fact that most international internet is English-speaking, they usurp such free-for-all, unverifiable sources, made popular by the search engines. This puts the countries with non-English-speaking cultures at a huge disadvantage. The most disadvantaged in this info war are China and Russia, who always have been the main target of info war attacks in the first place.

But the biggest victims of the global info war are the people of Western, especially English-speaking countries, who are denied access to the truth, while being bombarded with informational falsehoods.

I generally try not to look at Wikipedia, unless I have no choice, since it is being hijacked daily by all kinds of unscrupulous forces.

Once I stumbled upon an entry about WWII Odessa’s occupation by Romania, in coalition with Hitler. The entry about Odessa’s occupation by a foreign country(!) glorified Romania, asserting that Odessans were happy under their rule, that they were ‘nice occupiers’ and that Odessans couldn’t wait to get rid of the cruel Russian rule! Now, who do you think wrote that Wikipedia entry, and for what purpose?

It is well know in those parts that Romania would really love to get their hands on all of Moldova, Pridnestrovie and Odessa oblast, and that their entire propaganda is targeted to that goal.

Needless to say, I went in and deleted the paragraphs that were overt lies (did you know that ANYONE can edit Wikipedia entries?) and added a few words from myself, this time containing truth about Odessa and WWII. Another time, I saw an absolutely horrible and slanderous Wikipedia post about one of Russia’s foremost poets of all time, Pushkin and his work. The tone of that entry was so disgusting that I felt nauseated.

But of course, who has the time to police all the millions of entries out there. I don’t – so I just ignore Wikipedia.

Clearly, one needs a dedicated, well paid staff that would go through Wikipedia with a fine tooth comb and edit; who would add hoaxes and targeted info dumps to existing articles, thus diluting the truth and creating new untruths to promote a specific agenda.

Wikipedia, whether those who started it intended it or not, has long become one of the dngerous weapons in the global info war.

So, beware! Try to avoid Wikipedia at any cost. As we have already discussed in past articles… in our time of brutal info wars trustworthy sources become rare and very precious. If you want to preserve such rare sources that do tell the truth, make sure you support them!


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  1. Thank you for your insightful knowledge.I am sorry to know that 90% of americans have no clue about descerning propaganda.The crows are comming to roost here,now. I pray that V. Putin has a great thing to do here on the UN meeting.I hope you will display the speech ,because our mass media will not replay it truthfully in any event. I will look to rusia today and veterans today and perhaps new eastern outlook for the information. Most sincere blessings to you for your blessed efforts to inform the earth.


  2. I only use Wikipedia to look up a book title or historical date but then historical spin is as old as history and who’s ax is being grind and to who’s end. “Lies are Truth” to paraphrase Eric Blair under the pen name George Orwell.


  3. Hi Lada. All the people I know here in Ireland all believe the Western corporate media version of events in Ukraine and Crimea etc. They take that account to be the truth. They become upset when I point out some obvious facts about who the real aggressors are in today’s world; e.g. that the USA has more than 600 military bases and facilities around the world etc.
    It is disheartening. The person who wrote that entry in Wikipedia very likely actually believes what they wrote is the truth.

    Liked by 1 person

    • That may be true in some cases to a degree. Propaganda runs very deep.
      That said, those who write these entries aren’t innocent little sheeple: they get paid handsomely to spew cynical propaganda. But it’s even worse than that: many of those who make this kind of stuff their life’s goal are descendants of ukro-nazis, or some second/third gen Latvian/Estonian nazis who are attempting this way to take revenge on Russia for losing WWII. And these had been given shelter by Canada and US, primarily.

      Sorry to hear it’s so bad in Ireland, which proves my point actually: primarily English-speakers are affected.
      Even so, there are more people in the US who at least try to understand. There are even more Germans who do. Bulgarians, Greeks, Italians, Hungarians, perhaps also Austrians and Swiss, are more advanced that way.

      There are some of those who do understand, like you and other FuturisTrendcast readers. A small number of those who see always are the ones who change the world. The crowd never does, it just follows the very few.

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      • Yes you are probably right about the writer. The same kind of thing goes on in other pages on other subjects. Fanatics and fundamentalists of all kinds dedicate themselves to enforcing their world view by editing Wikipedia. There are info-wars raging on the editing and discussion pages of many Wikipedia pages.
        Thanks Lada..


  4. I personally resort to Wikipedia only for articles that cannot be politicised. For everything else, I try to find multiple sources and do a cross-referenced look-up .


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