False Flag Technology: Paris False Flag – Nikolai Starikov (ENG subs)

LADA RAY Recommends series. Russian, with English subs.

Poignant analysis of the False Flag Technology: Paris False Flag – from Nikolai Starikov, Russian geopolitical analyst, author and rising politician. I’m posting this piece to coincide with the anniversary of the Paris Charlie Hebdo attack – at the time, I wrote about it in detail on FuturisTrendcast. Thought it was useful to recall what happened and how, since false flags will continue under different guises and we need to be prepared.

As my readers/listeners know, Nikolai Starikov is one of my top recommended Russian analysts. I happen to agree with Starikov on many of his points. We had discussed the Paris attacks, Marine Le Pen, Hollande, Sarkozy and the French elections in various articles here, on FuturisTrendcast.

Disclaimer: This piece provides ample food for thought for the awakened truth seekers and is posted for the purposes of information, education and mind expansion. The opinions expressed here may not always coincide with Lada Ray’s and FuturisTrendcast views.


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  1. Dear Lada I think I’m a bit ahead here. Very conveniently there were a lot of cameras in the right places for the Charlie Hebdo affair. Two different cars were later seen to be used. The difference lay in the wing mirrors. Other shots were fired but there seemed to be no richochets. The shot policeman was said to be a crisis actor and according to the video a blank round was used to give the impression that he was shot in the head, AK47 being used one-handed whilst jumping and running; no shattered head, no blood and very “good” marksmanship and a puff of dust from the pavement where the gasses from the blank impacted. The blood had to be applied to the pavement afterwards from the props department. Clean getaway by the gunmen, so why stop to rob a petrol station? Very unprofessional!!!!
    I did hear of a bomb and fireproof suit being sold. It is made entirely of passports because they seem to survive everything.
    Crisis acting seems to be good career move these days.
    Cordially Robert

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  2. Dear Lada,

    A short update from the Swedish media landscape, where anti Russian propaganda still goes strong in the MSM:
    – Recently we could read about the SS-26 Искандер missile that might be deployed in Kaliningrad. This would pose a dangerous threat to southern Sweden…
    – After the annexation of Crimea, Russia poses a dangerous threat to Sweden, thus the MSM tries hard to convince us to finally join NATO.
    – The EU must be kept together at any cost. A “Brexit” or “Grexit” would be a catastrophe, as a peaceful, democratic and free Europe is not possible without the EU.
    – The Swedish anti immigration party “Sverigedemokraterna” is evil, and must be defeated!

    Dissenting views are not published in the MSM!!!

    I had a discussion with some Swedish colleagues about the US’s role in the middle East, ant typically, by respondent conditioning, my colleagues started talking about the evil Putin and Russia’s ulterior motives in the region…

    When seeing how brainwashed many native Swedes are, I can’t see what possibly would make them wake up… Lada, what hope is there?

    With love from Sweden,
    Your’s Emil


    • Hi Emil,
      I wish I could give you the good news. But I can’t – sorry. It will be a slow and tedious turnaround for Sweden, very, very slow. People by nature don’t want change. Due to the specifics of Scandinavia today, Swedes – laymen that is, not those who are awake already – will not want to see any changes in the big world for as long as their own life is relatively okay. They will only start waking up when real problems come knocking on their door. OR when US weakens sufficiently so that some more active EU countries are able to wiggle their way out of the existing situation. Then Sweden would follow the general trend, but only AFTER it’s safe and after the majority does. That will take a while.

      The whole country: MSM, politics, military have been taken over by the spider web of US-centric neocon/neoliberal forces, who have ‘hypnotized’ the population. Only a disaster or a huge shakeup can make people wake up. It’s like living in a nightmarish fairytale. You know, fairytales are really cautionary tales and warnings to humans not to fall into traps. But humans still do no matter what.

      Love right back 🙂


    • P.S. The ME refugee crisis could technically provide such shakeup, but I don’t think it will go too far at this time. It’ll take a VERY LONG time to change the mentality and system.

      Europe has fallen into a trap of its own making: they are so afraid of wars they had started in the past that they would hang on to a dead project, preventing their own development, to avoid any change that in their view may lead to the risk of another war.

      Same goes for Russia – they’ve got to label Russia as the enemy, because if they don’t, they’ll be forced to start examining their own shortcomings and mistakes.

      But more rebellion against status quo among the young men will be happening going forward.


      • The situation Emil describes is very much applicable to Norway as well. Though I do hear some dissenting voices from the older generation regarding “stupid politicians, who let 40000 migrants in, and keep the borders open”, so there is hope that people will gradually start waking up to the reality.

        And the Norwegian authorities are now planning to organise courses for the immigrants to teach them that sexually assaulting women on the streets is not something you do in the Nordic culture… It sounded almost like a joke…

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  3. If you look back in history, the Paris attacks occurred on exactly the same date some big shot of the freemasons were executed. Here is a video where Jordan Maxwell explains
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jAKe1o_MJ90 Jordan Maxwell On Paris Attacks, Friday 13th, The Knights Templar and More.
    Nothing in politics is done without reason, as the reasoning in the video went, it was planned and staged.
    One must also keep in mind the elite in charge of the European countries are all the same family, the English’s queen is not even English. In the old days they had wars fought against each other to keep their positions secure. Same is done by the bankers, when countries begin to find out how they are ripped off, a war is the quickest way to erase the people’s memories of the exploitation, and of course a solution by themselves are offered, and they remain in power. WW1 and WW2 are both examples. On Youtube you can look for “All wars are bankers wars”
    So if you put 2 and two together, it has again something to do with religion, the English, French (and USA) in the one corner. Listen carefully at what Jordan Maxwell tells you. Isis and religion out of Egypt, the English claiming they are god’s chosen, same as the Israeli’s, same as the USA who serve them… and take note that religion is used as a weapon to stir conflict between religions, which were always the purpose of religion – to control and manipulate people with. This however goes a lot deeper, because religion on the surface is not what it is really about, that is only for the sheeple. Behind all this is the secret organizations and freemasonry, who has a very different agenda. Consider that the black toga’s they wear in court and churches, symbolism, it represent Saturn, or satan. Read up on it, it’s not even hidden.
    As I always say, the three main controlling and manipulations of people are done with religion, politics and money. If you cannot find the truth on these, you get manipulated, and each of these have an alternative to make you free from their abuse.
    The Western communist world expands it self by introducing religion to devide people, politics (democrats) to serve the one world agenda which also divide and hence vote, and money to manipulate and get the country in debt. Nothing to do with weapons of mass destruction, nothing to do with terrorism. It’s all to do with manipulation to changing every country to serve the elite, the one world psycho’s. And nobody escapes this, not even Russia.
    Watch history and watch byblical predictions, a huge effort is made to fulfill the story, it repeats over and over, and people remain slaves. Listen to Jordan Maxwell, he explains it well, it is a good listen.


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