My 5-Year Anniversary, Predictions, Breaking News and Lots of Goodies!

Champagne bottle

Hello, dear friends,

It’s time to pop some virtual champagne and say a toast!

Lada Ray is celebrating 5 Years with WordPress!

5 Year Anniversary Achievement
Happy 5th Anniversary with!
Thanks for flying with us. Keep up the good blogging.

It all began 5 years ago, in November 2011, with Lada Ray Blog – a humble author’s blog.

Two years later, in the end of 2013, anticipating what was about to happen in Ukraine, I started FuturisTrendcast, which became active as soon as the events in Kiev escalated. As of March 1, 2014, FuturisTrendcast had a mere 10 followers, 2,000 clicks and 500 blog visits.

Less than 3 years later, FuturisTrendcast has over 17,000 followers from more than 80 countries, and it is closing in on 800,000 visits.

What’s up: lots of breaking news and announcements!

I have taken a few days off after all the hard work associated with US Elections and Trump /Hillary predictions. I have to say, unusually for me, I felt exhausted.

First of, all my US Elections predictions have come true. Some additional ones are beginning to manifest.

Those who are new or those who haven’t had the chance yet, please listen to my FREE US Elections and US future predictions videos on YouTube (please make sure to like these videos, comment and subscribe to my channel!).

Listen FREE on YouTube!


If you haven’t yet, please donate & listen to whole ESR16 (main 2-part report + 2-part addendum):

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More links and info about both main report and addendum, plus links to free YT videos are in these two FT posts:

Many of you have donated and listened to EARTH SHIFT REPORT 16: US ELECTIONS & WHAT WILL HAPPEN AFTER. For the first time ever, it has overtaken the Earth Shift Report follower favorite and our perennial bestseller EARTH SHIFT VIDEO REPORT 4: ALIEN TECHNOLOGY & NEW RUSSIAN WEAPONS for the No.1 Bestseller spot!

 A sincere THANK YOU and THUMBS UP to all those who have generously donated, and those who supported EARTH SHIFT REPORT 16 and Earth Shift Reports in general this year!


Your donations help us tremendously to continue our work and to offset some of our security and equipment expenses. They also provide a much-needed encouragement and support, helping us to keep going, despite all the obstacles, trolls and hacks!

There is more!

Dear loyal supporters, please read about the upcoming VIP gifts at the bottom!


There are many major Earth Shifting events that have happened and continue happening all around the world. While we all were fixated on US elections, presidential elections took place in Bulgaria and Moldova; in both pro-Russian candidates led the electoral race.

Breaking news: the new Moldova President-elect is pro-Russian Igor Dodon!

Meanwhile, the presidential elections in the breakaway Pridnestrovie (Transnistria) are also nearing.

For much more about what’s happening in Moldova, Pridnestrovie and the pivotal, yet convoluted, Black Sea region read: Earth Shift Report 8: BLACK SEA GAMBIT.

While we all followed US Elections, the Idiocracy+ dumb and dumber in power in Kiev managed to almost get Ukraine into a war with Belarus, and they succeeded in getting themselves into very hot waters with Trump, even before he took office. Ukraine is facing a devastatingly cold and disastrous winter, Kiev junta is on its last legs and for the first time since 2014 coup, a genuine revolt is brewing.

All the above is happening just as I predicted in 2014 and 2015!

Meantime, in Moscow, St. Pete, Crimea and Donetsk major terrorist plots have been uncovered by FSB and MGB (MSS of DPR).

At the same time, the Carlsen – Karjakin 2016 World Chess Championship is taking place in NYC. Already dubbed ‘the Chess Cold War,’ it has more geopolitical stories to tell than appears on the surface. By the way, I have a prediction regarding the outcome of this record-setting match.

All these events deserve separate articles and videos. I’ll be coming out with posts and YT videos this week and next, where I’ll tell you all about these events, with additional predictions! Sometimes I may have to post 2 articles and/or videos per day to catch up on everything important!

Please stay tuned and don’t miss anything!




As I mentioned previously, I much value loyalty, generosity and high, positive energy. Therefore, as previously promised, we will have some gifts delivered via email to our VIP contributors and supporters over the Holidays.

These gifts are our heartfelt thank you for those who have been long-term and most loyal supporters of Lada’s work through liking, commenting, helping and promoting, those wonderfully loyal followers who have been donating monthly, and those generous people who have been donating substantial amounts multiple times.

If you are in one or more of the above categories, please make sure Lada Ray email (which you should know) is on your accepted list and make sure your email accepts bcc list emails (we go either by Paypal or FT email you provided). Depending on your email provider, there is a chance that our bcc email may end up in your spam folder, so please check you spam folder periodically during this Holiday Season!

The emails will be entitled VIP GIFT from LADA RAY.

But that’s not all! We’ll have FREE gifts for everyone!

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Much more coming your way…

We are approaching the Year 2017, which is ranked as Year No.1 in numerology. It is also the Year of the Rooster, according to the Chinese Horoscope. Per my predictions in EARTH SHIFT REPORT 16, we are approaching the most important and Earth Shifting time of this decade and beyond, when new events and breakthrough changes will continue accelerating. 2017-18 will be pivotal years for humanity and for each of us.

There are few more practical earthly wisdom systems than Feng Shui. It works with you to co-create a more secure and fulfilled life. I feel that this is a great time to share more of my feng shui knowledge with you all. This knowledge will serve you well and it will become exceedingly valuable during the upcoming Earth Shift turmoils. (As some of you may know, I am internationally certified Feng Shui Master: MORE).

I am working on expanding, and adding more crucial info to my signature Your Personal Feng Shui Empowerment & Success Report by Lada Ray. The report will be enriched with additional valuable and unique advice on how to best benefit, and how to protect yourself energetically, in the upcoming Year of the Rooster.

We will also be coming up with separate Feng Shui and Energy reports, which will contain Lada Ray’s advice on how to protect yourself while traveling, especially to foreign countries (which more people will be doing); how to clear and balance energy; how to protect your home and loved ones, especially, in view of the upcoming Energy Earth Shift and the associated increase in violence.

Stay tuned for the enhanced and new Feng Shui services, which will be announced by the end of November – beginning of December 2016, in time for the Holidays!


Lada Ray’s Trendcasting, Predictions and Revelations have only begun! There is so much more where that came from!

In the Year 2017 we plan to begin

Live Lada Ray Webinars!

The first 2 webinars will come out in January and February. They will be about the Trump Revolution and what the future holds for America and the West. Official announcements about these live webinars are coming. Please stay tuned!

Another 2017 preview! Stay tuned for Lada Ray’s new book, THE PUTIN ENIGMA. To answer reader questions: yes, it will be available in both ebook and paperbook (print) formats and it will be sold internationally. Preliminary release date: November 2017. More info coming next spring!

All about Lada’s BOOKS.

We’ll have more breaking news and captivating announcements throughout December-January.

The Age of Great Discovery and Revelation has only begun! 

Please stay tuned by subscribing to FuturisTrendcast, following Lada Ray on YT, @LadaTweets on Twitter and by exploring the many new free pages on!

About Lada Ray

Lada Ray is a linguist & former financial consultant with Smith Barney. Born in Russia, Lada lived and traveled to nearly 30 countries on most continents. She is the internationally certified Feng Shui Master and author of 3 novels + multiple novelettes; most notably, top-rated metaphysical thriller THE EARTH SHIFTER & bestselling thriller GOLD TRAIN (Accidental Spy Russia Adventure). Lada has extensively written re. Russia, world cultures, geopolitics, empire collapse, feng shui and consciousness. She is known for her accurate predictions. Lada's Blogs: FuturisTrendcast - geopolitics and predictions. Lada Ray Blog - books, writing, world cultures. We are presently working on expanding Lada Ray Youtube channel to include Lada's original geopolitical analysis and far-reaching global predictions, as well as her mystical futurism. The world is going through a massive tectonic shift of consciousness on all levels and in all aspects of life. Make sure you are prepared! Subscribe!

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  1. Happy 5th Anniversary Lada, from The Netherlands! Keep on going! I for one love your blogs!
    Much Love, Christa 😉

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  2. Happy Anniversary Lada

    I was exhausted after the US elections. Also after the Brexit referendum.
    I’m not certain, but I suspect it may have to do with my increasing empathic sensitivity picking up on the agitation in the general population and psychic fields. Maybe?

    Your predictions were spot on!
    Since the election I have listened closely to everything Trump has said and I am eager to see what he will actually do.
    My sense thus far is he will be very different in office than he was on the campaign trail. He knew what he was up against and he knew what he had to say and do to win.
    He whooped the Republican party to get the nomination; then he whooped the Democratic party and the corporate media cartel to get to the White House. Pretty impressive!
    What will he do for an encore?
    Whoop the Washington regime – or drain the swamp as he puts it?
    We shall see.
    I am sure you will have a lot to say about all that and I look forward to hearing and reading your work.
    All the very best

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  3. Whiskey Oscar Whiskey !! 🙂

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  4. Congratulation Lada ,love your blog and keep giving us those nuggets of insider info .
    Much love .

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  5. Congratulations on the Jubilee, Lada!

    A bit of worrying news from Russia to maybe spoil it. Then again, maybe I am seeing too much in the event.

    I am talking of placement of a memorial plaque to Kolchak – and Admiral of the Russian Imperial Navy, a scientist performing expeditions to the Arcrics. He is disputed figure due to his leading White movement role after the revolution (while pledging his loyalty to the British crown), and his actions after the February 1917 colour revolution (supporting the temporary government).

    Whatever his role and motivations were, many in Russia think that he was no better than Bandera (in a different way) and that the plaque (financed by the White movement, with traces leading to GB) is an attempt to put a wedge into the Russian society by stirring the ghosts of 1917 and the Civil War.

    Kolchak’s case was reviewed in 2001 with the intent of rehabilitating him, but the war court did not view his positive pre-1917 actions as good enough grounds for pardon, so his initial conviction was left standing. In other words, they de juro put a memorial plaque to a war criminal from a repeat 2001 court ruling.

    The reactions are already manifesting, with the plaque having been sprayed in paint. What next, a new Civil War being ignited from this spark? I hope the Russian society has grown out of it.

    Liked by 2 people

    • The Kolchak story is very controversial and his role is, too. During the time of the Great Shift all controversies and buried differences come to the surface – everywhere. Just look around the world. Kolchak is liked by some in the patriotic circles too, but I disagree with that. I have my opinion, which maybe I’ll explain in The Putin Enigma, because it’s relevant.

      To answer your question: NO, there won’t be a new civil war in Russia. Russia is one of the best positioned for the new millennium.

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  6. Happy aniversary from Slovenia.


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  7. Congratulations, Lada! All the best to you and your continued success. You have a fabulous blog. I look forward to seeing it become an award-winning one. It certainly deserves to be! Love and blessings from California, USA.

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  8. Happy 5th birthday and congratulations for your hard work and spot on predictions. This is the only blog I read since I discovered it in early 2014.

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  9. This is the only blog I go through since the time I discovered it in early 2014. Happy birthday for the hard work of uncovering truths and spot on predictions.

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  10. Congrats & thx, Lada. You’re the woman! Cheers!

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  11. Happy 5th Anniversary!

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  12. Happy anniversary Lada Ray and thank you for sharing with us your blog.

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  13. Happy birthday and very well done in predicting the outcome of the US election! Who would have thought it, what with the MSM telling us that Clinton would walk home. Thank God it didn’t happen and perhaps finally we are seeing the world shifting in the right direction, out of the darkness and into the light!

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  14. Hi,

    Sorry to bother you with that but can someone tell me how I can like a comment since I don’t see anything near the comments allowing me to like it.

    I just see something like “Liked by 2 persons.”

    Thanks for your help


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