CHINESE NUMEROLOGY & FENG SHUI of the New Year of the Rat


In this FREE post Lada Ray explains the secrets of the

Numerology and Feng Shui of the Year of the Rat,

based on the Flying Stars, 5 Elements, 8 Aspirations (8 Mansions)

and Compass Schools of Feng Shui!

Numerology of the Year of the Rat

2020, the Year of the Rat, corresponds in Chinese Numerology with No. 1.

You think it’s No. 1 because it’s the first year of the new 12-year Chinese zodiac cycle? Not at all! If it were so, then the second year of the cycle, the year of the Ox (2021), would carry the numerology correspondence of 2, right?

But the year of the Ox corresponds with No. 8. That’s because of the convoluted way in which the Feng Shui Flying Stars work, and because the direction of the Ox and its neighbor Tiger is North-East, which carries the No. 8!

Yep, I know it may be complicated, but no worries, I’ll always be your guide and explain what’s really going on!

The important thing to remember is that the Year of the Rat corresponds with No. 1!

Feng Shui of the Year of the Rat

These are the direction, element and color correspondences:

The Rat always corresponds with:

The element of water and colors blue, black, dark grey (5 Elements)

The direction of North (Compass school)

It is the direction of career success and money (8 Aspirations)

Specifically this year: it’s a Metal, or Golden, or White Rat; therefore, it also corresponds with colors white, light grey, silver and gold (5 Elements)

Moreover, for each of us individually, there is a unique correspondence to our personal fortunate and unfortunate (lucky/unlucky) directions, elements and colors, per my PERSONAL FENG SHUI EMPOWERMENT & SUCCESS REPORT and depending on whether you are East or West group!

As an example, for me North corresponds with Health and Protection. For someone else it may signify Personal Development, or Wealth, or Love. For some it may be one of their unlucky directions. It depends on your personal number, as determined by your REPORT.

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