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No Comment: US Expresses Full Support for Criminals Ruling Ukraine

I don’t think I have to add much to the exchange between the delusional #Psaki from the US State Department and a member of the press at the latest briefing. Earlier, in the best #nazi traditions, the Ukraine Prime Minister #Yatsenyuk saw it fit to refer to the citizens of the South-East Ukraine, and to Russians, as sub-human. The Ukraine Foreign Minister #Deshchitsa (most of the above names sound like a bad joke, don’t they?) publicly called Russian President Vladimir Putin a swear word I can’t repeat in front of decent people.

The Ukraine foreign minster’s outburst about Putin happened, not surprisingly, during the Kiev mob’s attack on the Russian embassy. He said he came to calm down the attackers (because that’s how you normally calm down the raging mob – by angrily swearing at the leader of the neigboring country), but his words indicate he may have actually been one of the instigators behind the attack. Let me remind everyone, we are talking about the FOREIGN MINISTER and chief diplomat of Ukraine! More: Breaking! Ukraine Mob Vandalises Russian Embassy in Kiev.

All this was posted proudly on the official Ukraine govt site, and the Ukraine foreign ministry/US embassy sites.

Psaki and the US government defend all the above remarks, expressing full support of the Ukraine government.

I normally wouldn’t post something like this on my blog, but this just illustrates so incredibly well who is in charge of the US policy, who is in charge of Ukraine – and how little they can be trusted.

Let me remind everyone that the Kiev government US is eager to support, continues bombing #Donbass peaceful citizens, including with the UN banned chemical weapon – white phosphorus (known technology by US and Israel). More: Lada Ray’s Warning: Phosphorus Bombing of Slavyansk and Ukraine APCs Breach Russian Border AND Shocking Eyewitness Video: June 10, 2014, Slavyansk. City Destroyed by Bombs

The Kiev government also flatly refuses to pay for Russian gas (which it has not paid for since the beginning of 2014), and it officially announced that it would be taking without payment all the gas it needs from the Russian transit gas going through Ukraine territory and intended for Europe. Exactly as I predicted! More at: Urgent! Gas Wars: Why Is Ukraine Refusing to Pay for Russian Gas?

These actions are also routinely supported and defended by the US government. Indeed, no comment…

Also watch (if you have time to waste) another Psaki pearl: Yeah, Whatever: State Dept’s Jen Psaki mixes Iraq with Iran, gas with oil during briefing.

You may wonder where such incompetent psychopaths, who shape US foreign policy, come from? Why, they get educated at the elite US schools: Harvard (Obama and Kerry alma mater), Yale (Bush), Wesleyan University (part of Seven Sisters for women – Hilary Clinton), Stanford (Condi Rice).

Incidentally, former puppet prez of Georgia #Saakashvili, former puppet prez of Ukraine #Yushchenko (who is also married to a former US State Dept employee), current and former presidents of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia all went to school in the US (most) or the EU. That’s when they were “acquired” by the US.

You may say that these are fronts, while others give orders, remaining in the shadows. That doesn’t really matter. Both those who are fronts and those who are in the shadows come from the same “school.” What matters is that unfortunately for all of us, they have control of the biggest war machine in the world, the world financial and propaganda system, and the control of the RED BUTTON.

I personally wouldn’t trust these to boil a cup of water – forget the red button.



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