Predictions: The beginning of the EU End? When Will Greece Exit EU? Who Is Next?

Bravo and congratulations to the left-wing SYRIZA party for spectacularly winning the Greek elections!

My brief predictions (I may expand on them later): 

This is the beginning of an end of the EU!

What is fascinating is that in this resistance to the EU and US dictate, the most unlikely forces get united: from far left to the very radical right; from spiritual people to simple farmers and big industrialists. This is because the present day US/dollar-centric ‘world order’ makes no sense to anyone, and just about anyone who has two brain cells to rub against each other wants change.

However, it will take perhaps a few years for Greece to exit the EU due to how entangled the economic and financial situation is and how much pressure Greece receives from Brussels, Germany (which stands to lose most), and France. And don’t forget the NATO pressure; plus, the biggest monster of them all – the United States!

I see Greece exiting the EU around 2016 or 2017. This event is set in stone and is just the matter of time: GREECE WILL EXIT THE EU!

More defections are on the horizon, including Italy, France, UK, Hungary, among others.

Many smaller Eastern European countries are desperate to exit the EU, but they are practically enslaved by Germany, as they say, and can’t get out. Even Italians complain that they had been enslaved by Germany, remembering with nostalgia the good old non-EU days, and confessing how much they hate Merkel.

That said, many Germans also understand very well what is happening, as we discussed in a number of previous articles.

The whole thing will implode and exodus out of EU will become a stampede by the 2020s. This will be an interesting deja vu of the implosion of the USSR.

At the same time, more and more countries will want to join a union with Russia and become part of Eurasian Union and SCO. Once 2020s roll in, you won’t recognize the world around us!

As I said in my last piece, West Invaded Ukraine: English-Speakers, NATO Troops Fight for Kiev Junta in Mariupol!, the deeper US/NATO/EU dig their claws into the poor Ukraine, trying so hard to destroy it in order to harm Russia, the harder they will fall in the end.

Incidentally, did I mention that both Greeks and Italians love Russians, and en masse support Putin and Russia. I just spoke with various people from both countries. They are also very much anti-Kiev junta, and anti-fascism in Ukraine and EU. An average person on the street understands correctly what is happening in Ukraine. Moreover, today, TV in both Greece and Italy is showing a pretty truthful account of the events in Ukraine.

The Italians are incredulous and angry that US/EU/Kiev would bomb people, blockade cities, deny pensions, and destroy infrastructure in E. Ukraine. My sister residing in Italy (who is originally from the Russian city of the ship-builders Nikolaev, located not far from Odessa – both for now a part of Ukraine), as well as my other sources, confirm that. Similar opinions are coming from the people of other countries, including Cyprus, Albania, Romania.

The people all over eastern and southern Europe know what is going on. They also hate the anti-Russian sanctions and confrontation with Russia. For now they think they can’t do anything about it. But the discontent is brewing and status quo will change!

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  1. There are a lot of people in Germany who see through this whole charade. Unfortunately, the media are pretty much in full control of transatlantic pro-US interest groups. Many online newspapers have been censoring user comments heavily or simply deactivated them. However, on the few mainstream news sites that still allow uncensored commenting (such as you can see that people are very much against the massive media bias against Russia.

    The picture is not so pretty in US – here people seem to buy the propaganda much more, in my opinion.

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    • Not all of us, Alexander! ;o) The tide is quickly turning with regard to that. Everyone, will you please keep a good thought for us? I’m SO excited for Greece!!!! Blessings to you all, brothers and sisters!

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  2. You are unfortunately correct Alexander .Many here in Canada are blinded by the corporate media.Good to see some changes coming in Greece,what is considered the cradle of democracy .Maybe they can be the light at the end of the tunnel for the rest of us.

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  3. I’m initially excited by the Greek elections. However, the future of Greece really depends on developing close relations with Russia, Turkey and the BRICS. The most radical course and one that would make Greece a powerful country would be to nationalize the central bank or establish a new non-Euro one, nationalize their gold and gold production, leave the Euro and re-establish the drachma with a strong gold backing. Also they should become part of the new Russia-Turkey gas pipeline. If Syriza doesn’t do this but just changes a little on the edges and basically becomes just another social democratic party like France’s socialists then the Greek population will become disappointed with them and the left in general will suffer thereby opening the way for the so-called right parties like Golden Dawn. Actually Golden Dawn, like Le Pen’s National Front in France, have a better programme than Syriza so far. These “right” parties want to nationalize the banks, break away from the EU/Euro, stop the anti-Russian sanctions and make gold important in their national currencies. Maybe Syriza has some tricks up their sleeves but if you go by their programme then nothing good will come. If they stick to this and not collaborate with Russia then they will fail. Anyhow the situation is very complicated.

    I just read this analysis of the Syriza elections by the eurasian scholar Joaquin Flores. It’s really terrific and he details what I said above.

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  4. Hello again, Lada, I will post this comment here, although we discussed Belarus and Lukashenko before. I wanted to bring to your attention this article:
    What do you say? Is this legit?

    Anyway, I guess it will be appropriate if I share the nightmare vision that I had last year.
    After meeting one old friend whom I haven’t seen for a very long time, I was shocked with how thoroughly her personality had changed during that prolonged period of time. When falling asleep afterwards I came to the realization that inner zombification of a greater number of populace is actually the biggest threat to the humanity, because, no matter what you say or what you do, at one point the bigger part of the hive mind is already infected with selfdistructive programing and nothing can stop that till it implodes naturally. And this will manifest little by little through seemingly petty, everyday, common communication.
    I guess the main tool by which this is achieved is to create a cognitive dissonance through constantly pushing contradictory information through any available means.
    Although my vision was provoked by private encounter, I realized very soon that I’m affected by much wider feel. At that time I was in one Central European country with many Russians and Ukrainians living or transiting there. Some of them I also met and spoke to, and locals were telling me the stories, at that time Maidan was brewing already. I picked the vibe, and it was scary.

    My apologies if this is irrelevant or off topic.

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    • It’s a valid observation – the one about cognitive dissonance. But you are missing the fact that this is a normal, common occurence during a tectonic Earth Shift of reality. Those who are alive today have never seen anything like this (maybe WWII – but in a way, this is bigger), and very few understand history properly, and moreover, can make proper conclusions from studying it. Last time something like this happened was perhaps 1000 or even 2000 years ago.
      There are directed attempts by some forces to confuse/zombify people – yes. But also, people themselves help generate more confusion by believing outlandish theories, not being able to analyze properly, discern, by getting emotionally involved, playing out their phobias, prejudices, etc. It all harkens back to my Calibrations scale. The higher your calibration, the better you can judge what is happening correctly.
      I don’t know the details of what you’ve experienced – it’s unclear from your comment… but what you describe – this feeling/observation comes from the fact that certain types of humans cannot process all the info coming at them during times of extreme change, as a result, they close their minds; otherwise, they think they won’t survive. Instead, they should be expanding their minds, but that would mean work, and such minds are lazy and fearful. They prefer to hang on to their fear, rather than get out of the box. They think it’s safer that way. The end result is that people like that are later, during the shift, are utterly unprepared and caught under the wheels. To an outside observer such people come across as zombies.

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  5. Gary,

    The question is whether Syriza will be more the politics of theatre or the politics of action. Lots of Western politicians these days are simply based on visual photo-ops. The leaders of Syriza can get tens or hundreds of millions in Swiss bank accounts or they can do what is good for the country.

    Notice how the Greek establishment smashed the Golden Dawn through what could be called a terror campaign. Undoubtedly, immigration is a big reason, but one wonders whether there isn’t more to it.

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  6. I was just watching the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe live on RT-Deutsch (Tue 27/2). They were discussing the humanitarian situation in the Ukraine. The debate was very sad to watch (but also very educational). With some few exceptions all the speakers agreed upon the fact that Russia is to blame for the situation in the Ukraine. They say Russia is the aggressor who now pursues an imperial expansionist policy. Russia sends weapons and soldiers to the east of Ukraine. Russia started the conflict. Russia threatens peace in Europe, and the poor people in Crimea are now being oppressed by the bad Russians!!! The pensioners in the east of Ukraine are suffering, as due to the rebels, Kiev is not able to pay their pensions, as there are no banks in the east (Kiev wants to pay but… the evil Russians again).
    One Russian speaker tried to explain the true reasons behind the conflict, namely US and EU intervention, but was then put down by the next speaker who accused her of cold war rhetoric!
    In the whole debate there was not a single word about the Ukraine regime being fascists!

    Sadly, I do believe that these EU Parliamentarians actually believe what they are saying!

    Sometimes I force myself to read Swedish MSM just to see what thy write. To give one example, the other day I read that: “The US state department confirms that Russian tanks have been spotted in the east of Ukraine”. The article ends: “Russia has on several occasions denied military involvement in the Ukraine”. Now the Swedish mind has been programmed to think “US=good/truth, Russia=bad/lies”, meaning that without lying the article makes Swedes believe there actually are Russian tanks in the Ukraine!

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  7. Lada, I thought the details of my experience would be irrelevant to the topic, this is why I skipped them. To put it briefly, it seems that through my inner vision I had become aware of tides in a collective consciousness, which are becoming apparent right now on political arena.

    Global and national events are affecting human psyche even if person is not informed about what’s going on. Dominant pattern is just reflecting itself in all aspects of life, in miniscule or larger scales equally.

    Speaking of cognitive dissonance, what is going on right now, is dispersion of ideological and political concepts, turning them upside down and opposing to each other in a terribly twisted way.
    From dismissing Russia from Auschwitz celebration, which is outrageous, to Charlie Hebdo underlying discrepancies, Saudi king given so much appreciation, (nobody seems to mind that he actually was a dictator), and even Syriza, which appears as a positive force, but still, it was financed by George Soros, therefore is not to be entirely trusted. Soros is now Layers upon layers of contradictions are piling up, which will make people simply crazy in a very short period of time. ( Btw, do you believe psychotronic weapons might be in use as well?)
    That is dangerous, because masses tend to stick to whatever concept is dominating the arena, and that can be a very bad idea, indeed.
    If this psychological, inner aspect is not so tremendously important, msm wouldn’t be so busy feeding us with falsified news.
    How is Europe going to pull out from the mess I really don’t know.

    As for the question who is leaving EU next, my bet is on France. Le Penn was trying to congrat Syriza on election victory, but was dismissed. Speaking of dissonances- it’s not about ideologies any more, it’s about sovereignty, so I think, political parties from all spectrum should try to find the common gorund.

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    • Rose-Marie Mukarutabana

      I think mind control of ordinary people does not require any weapon other than the human mind: the incantation-like propaganda we’ve been seeing the MSM seems to me sufficient to the task. When enough people have been sufficiently bombarded with the requires mental images, their own thought and emotional processes feed the mental image or thoughtform, and as this form begins to condense, and more and more people connect with it unconsciously, the process becomes self-perpetuating and self-promoting.
      Some will then feel overwhelmed by it, and shut their mind in a self-protection reflex against painful dissonances. The stronger will try what Lada proposes: use their discernment, try to be better informed…
      I think people are more easily influenced than we tend to think.
      Isn’t interesting, though, that this Andrey Biletsky, Azov Battalion Commander and Rada Deputy, should be the one to try to open his fellows’ minds to the real situation – to break out of the thoughtform created by the propagandists he denounces?
      (“Azov Battalion Commander: “The West did not help, the war is lost, the situation at the front is critical.”)
      However, while this man no longer buys into the propaganda which still has so many in thrall, he’s still under the shadow of violence himself: he wants a war of mutual extermination – actually a call to both genocide and suicide as the only way to survival. The same methods of mind control, only shifted to another plane!

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  8. *ups just noticed typos, and part of deleted sentence leftovers in the middle of the text


  9. Reblogged this on 1EarthUnited and commented:
    Excellent, i’m very excited for Greece’s sovereignty and return to true democracy.


  10. Considering the new Greek government is only two days old, Syriza is on the move. Guess who was the first ambassador that Tsipras met as new premier. That’s right the one from Russia. A thought kept me up many hours last night and in my theory Greece will be pivotal in the plans. Here goes and if I sound screwy then just let me know. This Turkey-Russia gas deal is REALLY REALLY BIG!! I mean big like civilizationally transformationally big. The gas deal is only a small part of what is transpiring and actually could be a sort of diversion, not intentionally. Could it be that Erdogan and Putin really see eye to eye on the very big picture of what the Eurasian continent should look like. Putin and Russia see themselves as the great unifier and leader of Eurasia but first and foremost of the orthodox civilization which sprang from the Byzantine empire. Before Eurasia can be unified Russia sees the orthodox nations unified as a pre-condition. The orthodoxy includes Russia, Bylorussia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Serbia, part of Bosnia, part of Cyprus, Macedonia and last but not least, GREECE!! Now let’s look at Turkey and Erdogan. Erdogan sees Turkey (former seat of the caliphate under the Ottomans) as the great unifier and leader of the middle east-muslim civilization. Setting aside the fact that Erdogan has supported the muslim terrorists against the Assad regime which disgusts me, I think there is something bigger afoot in the area. Unfortunately I’m coming to the conclusion that little by little the muslim groups may be chipping away at Assad’s rule and the die is cast for Syria. If that’s the case Russia sees the handwriting on the wall and is willing to make a grand deal with Erdogan which will be a win win for both Russia and Turkey. The deal is this. Turkey gets its way with Syria and can do what it wants with the entire middle east meaning that Russia withdraws military aid and leaves the Syrian port of Tartous which is probably a drag on the Russian economy anyways. This will also be directed at Israel because in Turkey’s mind Palestine is Arab and moslem and eventually the zionists will have to pack up and leave. As a quid pro quo Turkey won’t get in the way of Russia establishing naval ports both in Cyprus and even Greece itself. So in one fell swoop Russia disengages from an open wound thereby freeing itself and ending a major sore point for many moslems but gains a new naval port or ports in very friendly territory and thus increases its influence in the orthodox lands. So Turkey gets its dream come closer of unifying the middle east under its leadership and Russia its dream of unifying the orthodox nations under its leadership. Hey I’ve come to the conclusion that this would make for a terrific new Eurasia which would be in peace and where trade would be the norm. I think this is a huge huge development that is equal to or maybe even greater than the pivot of Putin to China. The meeting of the minds of Putin and Erdogan may be the big story of 2015. I don’t think we should be afraid of this. Let’s not forget that since the beginning of the last century Germany, France, Britain and the US have been the instigator of the violence including World Wars 1 and 2 and the violent aftermath of the breakup of the Ottoman empire into unnatural states. It’s been the disunity of countries and the fighting amongst them that has favored the western nations. If the Orthodox countries first then all of Eurasia and all of the middle east could be unified then this would strike a blow at western Europe and the US’s power.

    I know it’s a very provocative theory but let’s see what people think of it.

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    • Actually, this is a cute, or as they say ‘sexy’ theory. Has style 😉
      I see it a little differently, but yours has some good seeds. I have to say it’s a bit misleading though. It won’t work out the way you are saying. For one, Russia won’t let Turkey have Syria. For two, Israel is in a different position than you are describing. For three, Turkey is important, but not THAT important, for four, it’s economy that leads here. I may be able to discuss all that in one of the future Earth Shift Reports, on my YT channel, and upcoming interviews with The Plane Truth.

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  11. Gary,

    I think you are missing the fact that Syria has just about won, excluding the Eastern desert areas. Moscow has been pushing them to not crush the insurgents around Aleppo, as part of a peace deal. Yes, NATO, et al. can keep a flow of crazies going for some time, but the ISIS gang is losing ground in Iraq and Syria is getting more and more organized. Also, the West has tried to double-cross Turkey with the Kurds, so there is some bad blood. There wouldn’t be a peace conference in Moscow if Syria were losing.

    To make a long story short, Russia doesn’t need to sell Syria down the river. Also, policies are not really made based on one individual. The West has been trying hard to get rid of Erdoghan for some time now. He really needs Russian help. Similarly, the Kremlin isn’t really in love with Assad.

    One other thing is that the anti-Syrian forces are very unclear on how to proceed. Many argue that the US establishment is currently in a crisis, and you can see that with ISIS. You have the situation that the US military wants to destroy those whom the CIA has funded. See one of Thierry Meyssan’s articles on the important guy in the CFR saying the Obama administration needs to be put under supervision with 20 or so CFR old hands, such as Kissinger or Baker, brought in to prevent a huge crisis in American foreign affairs.

    On the issue of Greece, it could cause tremendous problems for Germany’s plans of domination. If Russia can bring Bulgaria and a couple of other Balkan countries into some kind of friendship, this would be quite an achievement. And Cyprus is part of the Greek world and that bank scam in Cyprus was actually an attack on Russia, as that is where a lot of Russian banking was done.

    Russia might even prefer for Greece to stay in the EU. An enemy inside the gate is dangerous.

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  12. Thanks Paul and Lada for your constructive responses. It wasn’t meant to be fully researched and definitive theory on my part. It’s just a grand idea I get in my head from time to time that I like to throw out. I would be better informed on Syria if I could get the website which I haven’t read for over two months now because it’s offline. I still think, and this is where I disagree with Paul, that Greece leaving the Euro and joining the Russian trade zone would send shockwaves throughout Europe and would affect at least the morale in the EU more than if Greece stays and becomes a loose cannon. Anyhow if Greece stands any chance of repairing its economy and regaining its independence it has to leave the EU. Inside the EU Greece will not be able to send its agricultural produce to Russia as long as the sanctions are in place because this policy is mandatory for all members. But having Greece inside the EU a constant thorn in the side of the Brussels hierarchy would give me great satisfaction.

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  13. Gary,

    I forgot to mention that you could try using an IP address in case it is a DNS censorship case by the government. You can find the IP address by using the (ping) command. (And it is “perspective” not “perspectives” in the web address.) Ziad is of the view that ISIS isn’t that long for this world in its current form. The destruction of Syria will likely continue in a lower form for some time, but not such a threat to the state. And this is why Israel is getting hysterical.

    I agree that Greece needs to leave the EU to really get the benefits of working with Russia. But here is the thing: if Greece pushes the EU’s button for a few months, Germany will pay Greece a huge sum just to leave. Forget any debt. The Greek government can ask for proof on the Malaysian jet or Mariupol or Odessa. They can veto Russian sanctions. The EU is an empire a mile wide and an inch think, to borrow an American saying. They say that Russia just offered to buy an unlimited amount of Greek produce for 30 years if Greece ignores the EU sanctions. What if the Greek government (with Russian help) argues that the attack on Cyprus was a German and Anglo-American plot against competitors and wants an investigation and restitution if criminal behavior is discovered? If Greece just left, none of that would be possible, and all the downside of leaving would reflect upon the Greek government.

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  14. When will America go broke oh I forgot it already did and still is spiritually,morally and financially


  15. Lada, I’ve been away for such a long time and you have written such outstanding articles! Thank you so much for this pleasure – I am trying to catch up now.

    You mention that both Greeks and Italians love Russians. I’ve never heard that about Greeks (I just know from facebook posts in some pro-Russia groups that Greeks tried to warn Russian tourists in Greece that the US is trying to destroy Russia) – how close are Greeks and Russians? Interestingly enough this is what I’ve heard about Italians though – that they respect Russians because due to free education both formal and nonformal (theatres, galleries, etc), people are extremely well-educated.


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