Happy Victory Day, Fr. Merkel! My Open Postcard to the German Chancellor

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Recently, leaders of US, UK, Poland, Lithuania, and most other EU countries announced that they would not be coming to the May 9th 70th Anniversary Victory Day Parade, grand preparations for which are underway in Moscow. Moreover, Polish president proposed that World War II victory celebrations should be moved from their traditional place on Red Square to Poland. All this is yet another attempt to re-write history and diminish the role and sacrifice of the Soviet Army and Soviet people in winning that terrible war. It is also an attempt to paint black as white and vice versa in order to justify fascism again raising its ugly head in Ukraine, Baltics and other European countries. It is also a part of the smear campaign against Russia as I had discussed in many of my prior writings.

There is nothing new as far as the US and UK leaders ignoring the Moscow celebrations. They always find excuses not to attend. Let’s recall that US, UK, Poland and France were Russia’s (USSR’s) allies in WWII. That’s officially. In reality…

Regardless of the US and UK, German Chancellor traditionally attends Victory Parade in Moscow to demonstrate contemporary Germany’s continued commitment to the fascism-free world.

This year, Angela Merkel infamously announced that she would not be coming to Moscow on May 9th, because… she didn’t want to offend the Kiev junta.

In response, Vadim Raskin, Russian neurologist from the city of Novokuznetsk in the Kemerovo oblast, started a flash mob, which turned into a global movement (See report by Russia24: С Днем Победы, фрау Меркель канцлера завалили поздравлениями).

On his Facebook page Dr. Raskin wrote in Russian – below is my summary English translation:

“Become a part of the flash mob. Since Angela Merkel has refused to come to Moscow for the Victory Day, let’s bring it to her doorstep. Send her a postcard, congratulating her with the Great Victory. Buy a postcard, or create your own, if you have a color printer. Congratulate her with our mutual Holiday, using only good words and warm wishes, and mail it to: Deutschland, Willy-Brandt-Straße 1, 10557 Berlin, Bundeskanzleramt, Fr. Angela Merkel.”

Next, a snowball effect occurred, proving that one small person indeed can change the world, or at least shift it ever so slightly in the right direction.

Vadim Raskin’s Facebook page quickly got 1500 replies from people who said they were on it. Some got creative and started mailing Merkel old Soviet Victory Day postcards; others created postcards of their own with pictures of relatives who perished in WWII; yet others sent photocopies of heart-wrenching war-time letters from Soviet army soldiers and concentration camp survivors, styled as postcards.

People wrote that Europeans, especially politicians, seem to have already forgotten what happened during the deadly war that devastated the world. It is time to remind them.

Before long, the movement spilled beyond the boundaries of the city of Novokuznetsk into all of Russia, and then, beyond Russia’s borders. Bulgarian anti-fascist movement wrote to Vadim Raskin, promising to send Merkel a postcard every day until May 9th. Within several days, flash mob was joined by over ten countries, including Italy, Serbia, Montenegro (Chernogoria), Israel, Canada and US. Germans had become some of the most active in this chorus.

Vadim Raskin says: “I don’t know how Angela Merkel will react to my postcard and if there will be a reaction. But the response worldwide is enormous. I didn’t expect that. Regardless of what else changes in the world, there are things that should never change. Good is good and evil is evil, under any circumstances.”

Meanwhile, the Kemerovo governor announced that he would be recommending the modest Dr. Raskin for the Russian state award, for using his voice for good. The governor also may send his own postcard to Frau Merkel.

Latest news: having been flooded by postcards from all over the world, Angela Merkel changed her mind and announced she would be attending the May 9th Red Square Victory Parade after all.

I thought I should join the chorus too, in case Frau Merkel forgets again.

My open postcard to German Chancellor Angela Merkel:

red square 1945 parade

red square 1945 parade 2

First Great Victory Parade, Red Square, Moscow, 1945 

Dear Fr. Merkel,

Happy 70th Anniversary of the Great Victory of the Soviet Army over the German Nazis in the deadliest war humans have ever known. Here is my own family’s contribution to the Great Victory:

Maternal great-grandfather, Ukrainian: fought in WWII 1941-1943 as a colonel of the Soviet Army, killed in 1943.

Maternal grandfather, Ukrainian: enlisted as volunteer. Killed in 1945 in Berlin, shortly before the end of war by a German sniper, leaving my grandmother to raise her two small children by herself in the destroyed by war country.

My maternal grandmother and my mother, both Ukrainians, survived German Nazi occupation of Ukraine (Dnepropetrovsk region).

Paternal grandfather, Russian: wounded twice at Stalingrad, into his left arm and right leg. Because of that, after hospital, sent back home and survived the war. He had a large, highly visible dip on his disfigured forearm, where the bullet pierced his bone. His wounds would always flare up when the weather was stormy. Sometimes, he would moan at night, when his pain was especially unbearable.

I hope you like the famous Russian song Zhuravli (Cranes). It is about the Soviet soldiers who perished in World War II, defending the world against fascism. In case you didn’t know, 27 million Soviet citizens, many of them Russians, but also millions of Ukrainians, Belorussians, Jews, and members of all other 100+ nationalities that populated the USSR, died in that war. The song tells the story of how soldiers turn into white cranes, flying in the sky and calling to us, those who have survived them. (Zhuravli has its own Wikipedia page, and here is the English lyrics. I wanted to include German lyrics too. After a search, I found some other languages, but oddly enough, it seems to this day no one has managed to translate it to German.) Here is the YouTube link to this beautiful song for your enjoyment; I chose the original performance by Mark Bernes.

Wishing you all the best, Fr. Merkel. The weather should be getting better soon, I expect.


Lada Ray


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  1. I’ll send a postcard as well. In Japan, it will be easy to get one with cranes! (I didn’t realize there was this cultural connection between Japan and Russia regarding the cranes. I learned a different Russian song featuring cranes, heard it was about dying, but did not learn more about it.)

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    • Patricia, cranes are revered in Russia (and also in Poland), people build special poles for them to establish nests on. Take a look at this opening sequence for the popular in USSR and Russia natural history program, “In the Animal World”:

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  2. talesfromtheconspiratum

    You tell them Lada! Re-blogging.


  3. How touching that from a war so terrible comes a song so hauntingly beautiful! Thank you for sharing it with us. Your postcard certainly sends a very poignant and personal message, Lada. I’m glad to learn that Frau Merkel at least had enough political awareness, if not compassion, to change her mind about attending the Victory Day ceremonies in Red Square after the flood of postcards she received. (Well done, Dr. Raskin et al!) Even though her motivation for doing so is suspect her change of mind is big considering how Russophobic she is. The leaders of the other countries who always find excuses to never attend should suck it up in similar fashion. It would be the least they could do to honor the memory of the many millions who were lost. Their attendance at the ceremonies might also give them the opportunity to reflect upon the utter insanity and dire consequences of the current holocaust they are working so diligently upon inflaming.

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  4. Blessings Be Upon YOU for YOUR Work And upon YOUR Heart and SOUL–Your Voice helps add pieces to the puzzle–Mother/Father/Creator knows Your Name-May peace Be With You–

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  5. Russia has been the only force to suppress E.European facism, which pops up every time it isn’t watched – and it may be the only nation able to restrain US agression.
    And Germany hasn’t earned the right to instruct Russia like an elder statesman in such a high-handed manner – not yet! And not for a while!

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  6. That was a lovely song Lada!
    Look what I found for a laugh…a big laugh…what can you do: when you are exceptional, you are Exceptional!!!
    Blessings! Johanna
    Vladimir Putin destroy George Bush

    Published on Jul 24, 2012
    This isn’t the first time or the last time Vladimir Putin has exposed and humiliated the colonizers! Check out his replies to john mccain or other politicians

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    • ROFLMAO… Poor Bush. Talk about coming unarmed to a fight! The look Mr. Putin gives “W” at about the 33 sec mark is absolutely priceless. Did he just hear one of those classic “Bushisms” we all had to endure ad nauseam? Thanks so much for amusing us hannacora, and for keeping the Light quotient high! Bright Blessings to you! :o)

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  7. Lada, this is a documentary is by the Holographic Universe. Anything done by this group is of the highest quality. Watching it will not be a waste of time!
    Blessings! Johanna
    Vladimir Putin Illuminati Truth about ISIS, Malaysia Air, WW3 – Illuminati Documentary


  8. I tedeschi erano e rimangono un brutto popolo, a prescindere dalla partecipazione della Merkell alla parata del 9 maggio. La razza non cambia nè muta nel tempo. Forse era meglio se i vincitori della 2 guerra mondiale la trasformavano in una nazione puramente agreste come era previsto dagli accordi di Yalta, ma poi la paura del comunismo…


  9. Very moving card Lada.
    Thanks for sharing.
    I am disgusted with our European misleaders.

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  10. I can’t find any news in our msm that Angela Merkel will attend the Victory Day Celebrations in Moskow but I found this on the RT website which is, I must say, a bit vague:

    [quote] But a number of European leaders have chosen to participate – among them Greece, Cyprus, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Iceland, Macedonia, Montenegro and Norway.

    “The decision by German Chancellor Angela Merkel to come to Moscow will particularly help to undermine the anti-Russian campaign,” Lavrov said. “In which particular way she will participate [in celebrations] is still to be determined,” he said.[unquote]

    Not really clear….but…..
    What a great initiative to send her postcards to make her change her mind! Let’s see how this works out!


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    • Yeah, it’s vague. Isn’t it true Merkel style, to be vague though ;).
      She is beetwen the rock and the hard place to be sure and pressure on her will continue being enormous. I kinda feel for her… But no way around it – have to go through the difficult times since US aggression has gone way too far and she (as we all) let it happen. Now it’s time to fix things in the world.

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  11. Well written, passionate article, and a very personal card, Lada! Most families have such stories to share. My great-uncle from Siberia, with a prophetic name Georgij, went all the way to Berlin as part of a tank division, had a heavy concussion and survived. He visited us in Moscow for every Victory day, meeting with the ever-thinning number of his comrades-in-arms. He died in 2000.

    The song you mention is from a haunting war-time film “Cranes are Flying”, here it is with the English subtitles. It is brilliantly filmed, conveying all the tragedy of war, not just at the front, but also for those, left at home:

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    • Dear Nemo, as always, thank you so much for adding to my material! Your additions are always timely, tasteful and valuable. They add to the message, enhancing it further and clarifying some issues too. I feel very much in tune with your energy. It is a privilege to have another voice on my blog that is so true and blends so well with mine.
      HUGS 🙂

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    • Thank you Nemo! I downloaded it and put it as well as hannacora’s suggestion on my watch list for this weekend.

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  12. …”Recently, leaders of US, UK, ~Poland~,”…..hmm…Polska ….cudenko Ziemia….polacy pamietaja, a moze zapomnieli, that Rosyjska Armia liberated Poland in 1945…little reminder https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eD7nuXwTGEg ,and now sprzedali Polske to the same aggressor from the past ….za grosz ….Wstyd!…Hanba! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ngEY_HJuVk Dziekuje…Spasiba… sciskam tak mocno Lada….i love You …with most Respect….~chinka~ P.S. happy Birthday to You and Your hubby ~ every day Happy Birthday!…

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    • Huge hugs, my friend. Many thanks for the good wishes 🙂

      P.S. I got several messages/ tweets from Poles saying they condemn the actions and policies of their current government.

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    • Witam serdecznie!

      The question is – what now? We have elections in the next couple of months and I have absolutely no idea what should my countryman do. The choice is between rusophobic idiots (current gov) and more rusophobic idiots who yell “Smoleńsk” all the time. It seems nothing will change and we will play ball as always. Those idiots are driven by US and what I read today – more US army is coming to Poland (for what – parade?). We should be neutral like Switzerland but instead of that – we will once again need to rebuild that ugly Warsaw.

      Best regards from Kraków!

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      • Neutral, like Switzerland, would be good. Better yet, Poland should be a COOPERATIVE FRIENDSHIP bridge between the East and West, between Germany and Russia, leading to China. That would have been great for everyone. Poland was actually offered this role, but US took over by then because, let’s face it – IF Poland did become that bridge, it would have meant the weakening of the US influence in Europe, with subsequent booting out of NATO and US bases – that’s what US is afraid of more than anything. So, Polish people need to change their country from within in order to change the whole outlook.

        P.S. Krakow is gorgeous. I know what you mean about Warsaw 😉

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    • One more thing.. I try to be up to date reading also polish news. Users comments under articles shows me that a lot of poles started to realize that the government is against the people. When Komorowski was in Cracow the crowd haven’t allowed him to speak, and they shout “traitor”.
      Is it awakening? I hope so..

      Happy birthday Lada!

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      • Thank you very much for the good wishes. 🙂

        I hope Polish people ARE awakening from the bad dream. They are bound to, sooner or later. Better if they do sooner, since US wants to escalate confrontation with Russia and that will result in big problems for the EU. We are balancing precariously on the verge of a global conflict. A timely awakening will prevent that.
        Did you read my article on FT ‘How US invaded Europe with its army of Manchurian Candidates’? There is more about that in there.

        You know though, what is important for people to understand is that revolutions are executed in the capital. It is Warsaw that needs to awaken, otherwise nothing will happen. Right now Warsaw is taken over by US 5th column and US Manchurian Candidates. Polish MSM, economists and political class are wined, dined and taugh at US colleges. They get US grants, bribes, payoffs, etc. This is the sorry situation all around EU. I just listened to an interview with German MSM whistleblower and he says that US has completely taken over German media. Very scary. I am sure it’s worse in Poland.

        Former Eastern Block wanted freedom from USSR, but became US slaves instead. The same US 5th column is in control of Czechia, Romania, Baltics, Bulgaria, Slovakia, etc.
        I might talk more about that in my upcoming interview with The Plane Truth.

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    • No I haven’t read it yet – but I will. By now I think Warsaw and Cracow are different in everything – there is a song “nie przenoście nam stolicy do Krakowa” which means “do not move the capitol to Cracow” 🙂

      I would love to live in free, neutral, cooperative and friendly poland. Switzerland is a great example – actually I travel to CH very often while I work for one of their banks (I am a software developer) and I think Poland should follow their approach. It would be very lucrative to whole nation if succeed.

      The most weird thing I see is the support for the ukro-natzi assassins in Kiev. A lot of people I know remember or remember from family knowledge transfer things they’ve done. They believe in the same ideas. How that happened in the country full of descendants and there is no symptoms of full-scale dissaproval from the nation?
      Is that a real power of brainwashing?

      I don’t know much about 5th column. Do you have any good articles about it?
      Also – have you heard that polish TVN was bought by americans a few days ago?


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  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ngEY_HJuVk&list=RD4ngEY_HJuVk#t=0 One and Only! my Beloved Bulat….. All for You Lada…from me….

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    • Thank you so much! Nice song about Poland. 🙂
      I love Bulat Okudjava too. One of the greats of Russia. My uncle’s home wasn’t far from where Bulat lived on Arbat in Moscow. A great reminder to listen to his songs.
      One of my faves is his “While the Earth Still Spins – Prayer” from the same play list: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xoRjh-pf5C0&list=RD4ngEY_HJuVk&index=2. Just listened. Very timely and profound, considering what we are going through in the world today.

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    • My Russian teacher in Tokyo introduced me to Bulat Okudjava. She gave me a good cultural grounding and insight into things that just don’t occur to the average American. For example, the cheering for the parades of menacing nukes in Moscow–if we’d had any idea of what the average person in, say, Belarus had to go through in WWII. Those big old nukes meant “Never again!”

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      • Well said. Exactly: “Never again.”

        A couple of hours ago, I had to ban a crazy and ignorant German troll, who told me: who are you (?!) to judge Merkel (where did I judge her?), and that she was right not to come to Moscow. Red Square is a scary communist place, he said, adding that Russians are imperialists and aggressors (and Germans are pussy cats, obviously).
        It was Merkel who fought fascism, he said, she has done so much to prevent fascism that I should be grateful.

        Can you imagine how thoroughly the black and white have been switched! And they continue being switched daily for the benefit of all the sheeple of the West!

        Why did Russians name their main square “Red Square,” he asked me indignantly. How would I like it if… Germans had a parade on the Adolf Hitler square.
        Can you imagine the depth of idiocy? Excuse my langauge, but I can’t call it anything else. The little brainwashed idiot has no idea that Red Square existed, oh, I don’t know, 7-8 centuries before Germany even existed as a country.
        Not to mention, that ‘Red’ is an incorrect translation. The initial meaning of “Krasnaya” is ‘beautiful’ in addition to color. Krasnaya Ploshad’ should translate as Beautiful Square.
        I am afraid that most in the West think the same way as this little idiot because that’s what they were taught.

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    • To think that for decades I did not have a cluelet! (At least I was not belligerent about it.)

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  14. TY for sharing,

    I think Angela just announced a new political position namely “Canceller”, politicians does not change the world.. ordinary people do.. 😉



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  15. An exceptional post, Lada. I am touched by the creative response to Fr. Merkel’s snub. Instead of smearing her with judgmental remarks, people are sending her “reminders” of the true spirit of the upcoming event and the sacrifice that Russia and Russians made that is being remembered. The world is indeed changing. These are the acts of peace. Much love and gratitude to you for all you ARE and all you DO, Alia

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  16. re: pro-US media

    One of the mysteries about Russia over the last 15 years or so is why Russia hasn’t done a lot more on the ideological/PR side of things. It is even said that all media in Serbia are pro-US and basically somewhat anti-Russia. A pro-Russian TV channel would do quite well, but the Russian elite don’t do anything. Or at least that is what some say.

    re: the capital

    I remember reading a Russian blogger who talked about the rumors in the more siloviki side of the world that the Kremlin is looking at building a back-up or new capital. This blogger is quite detailed about military matters and geopolitics. The two obvious reasons are that so many pro-Western people are in Moscow and that Moscow is too close to Western missiles. Supposedly, one of the lessons from the failure of destabilization in Turkey and the success in the Ukraine is that Istanbul was not the capital and Kiev was. If the capital of the Ukraine had been in a less pro-Western city, it would have been hard to do what the US has done over the last 15 years there.

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    • Paul, you are right on both accounts. Russia should have been more involved in the Eastern-European countries, especially in the last 5 years, when the masks of the West fell completely off. We wouldn’t then have such a disconnection between the masses and the leadership with their MSM.
      It is ironic to see countries suffering from a variation of Stockholm syndrome, becoming pro-US after having suffered from their bombs: Serbia/Yugoslavia bombed by NATO, Japan firebombed and nuked, Vietnam napalmed. At least, according to the latest news, Serbia will not be applying to join NATO.

      You are also spot-on about capitals. I think one of the reasons Peter the Great moved the Russian capital from Moscow to the newly-built city so as to avoid the ever-present scheming of boyars, who had their support base in Moscow.

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  17. May I ask about your use of the term “Futurest”? I know it only as the emerging fascism expressed by artists and writers in pre-WWII Italy.Thank-you.


    • I seriously hope this question isn’t a provocation. I’ll reply, assuming you are sencere. Frankly, I am this close to giving up answering certain types of provocative questions in the comment section, due to the fact that some take it the wrong way when they are told the truth. They lash out in response, which makes me ban them and spam their comments.
      But I’ll try this one last time and let’s assume this is a test, which will help me decide if I should continue answering in the future or not.

      It’s “futurist” and “futurism,” not ‘futurest.’ You may want to google the term “futurism.” It is the science about the future trends and evolution of mankind, planet, universe and more. Has obviousy nothing to do with fascism (I am surprised to hear this kind of question at all – that’s mildly put). But you know, if fascism could steal swastika – the ancient symbol of the sun and galaxy: ancient “Kolovrat” in Russian; or the name of “Arians” – it’s not that surprising after all.
      You may want to read my PREDICTIONS page on top bar to understang how the world works, and some of my prior articles.

      To use the crude human language, which cannot explain all the intricacies of this cosmic science properly: I created my own ‘brand’ of futurism, called ‘Mystical Futurism.’ It is much more than a science, it is also more than an art. I talk about that in some of my interviews, predictions and articles. May talk more in the upcoming in April interview with The Plane Truth.

      Hope all this helps.

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    • Lada, I also always try to assume that people posing questions are either uninformed or misinformed, and have no malicious intent behind their question. In some cases, the intent may be malicious, but the question itself can illustrate a wider type of misconception, that anyway warrants an honest reply to inform others.

      And an alert about misconceptions: I came across a new type of a postulation that both defames Russia and rewrites history of WWII in one shot. According to it, Russia is to blame for WWII because it… scared Germany into aggression by allowing… the 1917 revolution to happen. Talk about backward logic!

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    • ….@claire~…are you from san fransisco?….cheers!


  18. Never read bigger nonsense 🙂 First of all, why Russians always imagine that they were winners of WW2? They weren’t! Russia suck dicks of nazis in Stalingrad and cried for help from US. After Stalin sucked enough for US president, he got weapons, bullets, trucks, medic supply and other supply and was able to withstand aggression from Nazi Germany. So, Russia was only among the winners, not the winner of WW2.

    Another thing – stop spreading stupid things like fascism in Baltic states (which fucked Russians so much, that Soviet Union broke down) or Ukraine. There’s no such thing there. Fascism exist only in Russia, and please count how much people skinheads with svastiks killed people only in Moscow or ect. 🙂

    But I think you will be afraid to post this comments, because you lie in the fantasy world, where Russia is big and great, when in reality – soon half of Moscow will be eating rats, cats and dogs, ’cause the truth – Russia is country of the stupid people like you, who don’t du much, but live in illusions. You even can’t construct simple things like cars, that’s why you always ready to go against somebody in war, and “win” like you did “win” against Finland in WW2 – with million people lost their life.

    P. S. I did like that imagine story about russians jet exercise against US navy ship 😀 Every child would know, that this act would be act of war, and that russian jet will be shoot down in seconds. But hey – keep believing that you have best weapons in the world! 🙂 And please just don’t remember how all of this “best weapons” were in Iraq, and even Zyrynovsky told how cool Iraq army is and how russian rockets will shoot down every US plane… and how many planes and helicopters russian weapons killed? ZERO 🙂 So, wake up and see, that in reality Russian army ain’t in the top 10 armies, and bellow Estonia (who have like 10 tanks).


    • Troll/Shill alert for all readers’ benefit. As promised, all malicious trolls/shills will be rooted out and exposed on this blog. Comment from troll posted above. Proof is in the pudding for all to see. This particular one is from Lithuania, as expected – no surprises.

      My readers will recall what I wrote in my prior posts about Lithuania president Gribauskaite. She was a part of the Soviet elite, sitting pretty as a member and leader of the USSR communist party in Lithuania and whose father was KGB (NKVD) officer. Gribauskaite jumped ship when it became expedient and profitable, turning into russophobic US Manchurian Candidate and US Trojan Horse in the EU – AFTER she attended US college via SOROS AND US STATE DEPARTMENT GRANT, much like Saakashvili of Georgia and Yushenko of Ukraine. Throughout the years, Lithuania/Gribauskaite, at the order of her US puppeteers, sabotaged any and all policies by the EU and Russia directed at cooperation and mutual benefit. Lithuania is one of the principal instigators of the Kiev maidan, and one of the biggest supporters of the Kiev ukro-nazi junta. Lithuania hosts ukro-nazi training camps, training violent thugs who burned and mutilated police on Kiev maidan, and who are now killing women and children in Donbass. These camps have functioned for years in western Ukraine, Poland and LITHUANIA.

      We are posting this troll’s information here, per BLOG RULES. Our security experts will make sure he won’t be able to do this again.

      Troll’s name, email, IP address
      Mr. Sexexpert

      Troll’s Geolocation Information
      Country: Lithuania
      State/Region: Vilniaus Apskritis
      City: Vilnius
      Latitude: 54.6833 (54° 40′ 59.88″ N)
      Longitude: 25.3167 (25° 19′ 0.12″ E)
      Postal Code: 01001

      Excellent post to read for more: How to Train Your Troll https://futuristrendcast.wordpress.com/2015/01/25/educational-demo-how-to-train-your-troll/

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    • Mr. Sexexpert – you exhibits your naivety. Thanks to the internet and Lada Ray open dialog you are now recognized. Your disinformation are displaced, since millions of internet users all ready know the facts, and some of us read/use this blog.


  19. Thank-you for the information. I knew only what I learned when the Museum of Modern Art in New York displayed the artists I mention last year. I didn’t think you were a fascist, as I had read enough of your blog to know better. I thought “trendcast” might refer to a watchdog group, tracking neo-fascist trends and alerting the public.
    I assumed my previous comment had established my support of Russia as the only force able to halt U.S. aggression.
    I must say that I’m shocked by the profound insults expressed in comments (here and elsewhere) toward the incredible achievement of the Red Army, which held down the entire Eastern Front for the war’s duration. As for Ukraine, any nation that rushes to pardon all its Nazi war criminals as soon as it’s granted independence should quit whining.

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    • Sorry, I didn’t see your other comment until just a few hours back. My FT moderator helps me approve comments to save me time, and I don’t see all comments.
      I had some problems with nazi trolls, who were awful for a few days. I was basically addressing the situation in general. This post especially generated some malicious troll activity. You can see one such troll’s comment posted with my reply as a demo on this thread.

      We are good. Things happen. Many thanks for your support and the correct understanding of geopolitical/historic processes.

      Hugs and peace

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  20. PS. I don’t see a way to reply to specific comments.I scrolled to bottom of page to post this, but there’s another comment to me, pretty far up the page and I dont see a way to connect my reply. THANKS!


  21. Paul Craig Roberts has written one of his by far the most strong-worded articles, in a desperate plea for the Americans to use intelligence, to see the light:

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