Putin’s New Ally: Pope Francis

2014 Pastoral Visit of Pope Francis to Korea Closing Mass for Asian Youth Day  August 17, 2014  Haemi Castle, Seosan-si, Chungcheongnam-do  Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism Korean Culture and Information Service Korea.net (www.korea.net)  Official Photographer : Jeon Han This official Republic of Korea photograph is being made available only for publication by news organizations and/or for personal printing by the subject(s) of the photograph. The photograph may not be manipulated in any way. Also, it may not be used in any type of commercial, advertisement, product or promotion that in any way suggests approval or endorsement from the government of the Republic of Korea. If you require a photograph without a watermark, please contact us via Flickr e-mail. --------------------------------------------------------------- 교황 프란치스코 방한 제6회 아시아 청년대회 폐막미사 2014-08-17 충청남도 서산시 해미읍성 문화체육관광부 해외문화홍보원 코리아넷  전한

Pope Francis: Catholic Church’s Pope, an ancient title he holds ex officio as Bishop of Rome, in which capacity he is Sovereign ad vitam of the Vatican City State. Born: December 17, 1936 (age 78), Flores, Buenos Aires, ArgentinaFull name: Pope Francis. Nationality: Argentine. Parents: Mario Jose Bergoglio, Regina Maria Sivori.

pope and putin

During his visit to Italy two days ago, Russian President Vladimir Putin visited Pope Francis at the Vatican. It has to be noted that, while the Pope is obviously not fooled about what’s happening in the world – undoubtedly, his Argentine roots play a role in his clear vision – Italy as a state also is trying to find a way to quietly mend relations with Russia outside of the EU. It’s interesting that Putin’s visit took place directly after the G7 bash in Germany, during which Merkel and Obama sang a lot of anti-Russian songs in-between of sips of banana-flavored beer (not kidding) and vowed more anti-Russian sanctions.

It is also happening against the backdrop of the US trying to sneak its mid-range nuclear missiles into the EU, targeting Russia, and many other ugly things that signal the fresh push for World War IV (WWIV because, in all truth, we should really consider the Cold War as WWIII). But more about that in another piece.

Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi’s third meeting with Putin in the past year is a signal that Italy is attempting to distance itself from Germany and the US. Italy is obviously trying to wiggle its way out the crippling anti-Russian, and return Russian, sanctions. Italians have told me that Italian agriculture is hard hit by the quid pro quo sanctions.

At the same time, Italy is trying to revive its lucrative energy cooperation with Russia, which the US and its vassals in the EU are actively sabotaging. Italian energy companies have been working on deals with Russia since Berlusconi. The most important component of these deals was the direct supply of the Russian gas to Italy via the southern route, which was supposed to be accomplished via South Stream. The northern route – Nord Stream – was successfully and very quickly pushed through by Germany, utilizing the German clout in international affairs.

Italian clout isn’t nearly as substantial. Moreover (I wrote about that in the past), Berlusconi’s reputation with women notwithstanding, he was undoubtedly pushed out of his post because of his close relationship with Putin and ‘excessive’ friendliness towards Russia.

The Italian energy companies, first of all Eni, took a blow after US managed to sabotage South Stream and the project was closed. The new Turkish Stream project is needed like fresh air by many countries, but it is already running into significant difficulties due to sabotage from the same source. See my video: Macedonia Coup Attempt – War Against Russia & China (LRL12). The new twist in this saga is coming up in one of my future vids. Stay tuned!

Pope Francis is another thing all together. Catholic church and the Vatican continue to hold a very substantial sway over worldly affairs, even if this soft power is invisible to most.

Francis’ interest in meeting with President Putin isn’t so much economics, although this issue concerns anyone who lives in Italy; while the Vatican is a separate state, it is, after all, geographically a part of Rome. Additionally, much of the Pope’s flock resides in Italy and surely, his people are well-aware of those farmers and shippers who are going bankrupt because of sanctions; they know of losses Italian energy and industrial companies are suffering.

Still the Pope’s main interest at this point is geopolitics and the diplomacy of peace. And that’s where it gets interesting.

During Putin and Pope’s behind-the-closed-doors visit, which lasted 50 minutes – longer than prescribed – Pope Francis gave Putin the “Angel of Peace” medal. This medal is said to have the ability to create peace and protection, as well as the solidarity among peoples. The choice of words is very interesting: a symbol – ‘talisman,’ ‘wish’ – of protection and peace is being given to Putin by the head of the Catholic church. ‘Solidarity’ is the word feared terribly in the US, but used broadly in socialist and left-leaning societies, including South America and Pope’s native Argentina. Pope Francis has also mentioned that the Bible addresses not just spiritual matters, but also geopolitics as one of the important aspects of human co-habitation. The above language of symbols and hints, typical for the Vatican, thus reflects an important message.

The US pressured (and by pressure I mean blackmailed, coerced and attacked in the media) Francis to take a tough line on Putin and condemn Russia. Meanwhile, the head of the so-called Greek-Catholic church of Ukraine archbishop Shevchuk criticised  the Pope for meeting with Putin and urged him to shorten or cancel the meeting.

The Greek-Catholic church of Ukraine is something that was created in the 18-19th centuries, during a forceful Catholic conversion of the western Ukraine population – at the time under Catholic Poland and Austria-Hungary. It is in fact Catholicism disguised with a thin layer of Greek flavor (the words ‘Russian Orthodox’ were banished).

Since the 2014 Kiev maidan coup, Ukraine’s Greek-Catholics took a very violent posture against Russian Orthodox churches and priests, traditional for most of Ukraine. Many Orthodox churches in Donbass were destroyed by bombings or burned down and looted. Many priests and church-goers continue being threatened and humiliated. A large number of Orthodox churches all over Ukraine were forcibly taken away from the rightful owners and converted into Greek-Catholic ones.

Someone asked me last year, when all this was going on, whether Pope Francis was becoming a hidden ally of Russia. My reply was that the only thing Francis could do as far as Ukraine was to offer an olive branch and try to distance himself from what was happening in Ukraine. This is what he did.

The extreme violence and rage of the primarily Greek-Catholic element from western Ukraine isn’t something he can control. But after the violence finally calms down and the right people come to power in what is now Ukraine (recall my timeline: 2016 -2018), all the churches wrongly taken away from the Russian Orthodox church will be returned to the rightful owners. Let’s consider this one of my little predictions. Putin and Francis spoke behind the closed doors and the topics of their conversation were not disclosed. But knowing Putin, I am sure that he got a promise from the Pope that he would use his power to return the churches.

The Vatican continues being a powerful and deep-reaching conglomeration of various interests, from spiritual to financial and geopolitical. This is one of those entities that can subtly influence world opinion and serve as part of the diplomatic solution, when used for good. There are one billion Catholics in the world today. The power of the Catholic church stretches through Europe and Latin America, as well as many countries of Asia and Africa. Catholic influence in the US is not as significant and it is doubtful that Pope Francis would be able to talk any sense into the US ‘leadership.’ On the contrary, US has the audacity to admonish the Pope and read him lectures on how he should conduct his affairs. What else is new?

But it is out there for all to see that this Pope is different. Pope Francis clearly disagrees with the West and the US and he clearly prefers Putin. In fact, there is a talk of an unlikely alliance. Call it a soft-power diplomatic-spiritual alliance. Francis likes the fact that Putin has positioned himself as defender of Christians, who are under attack in Syria, Libya and elsewhere in the Middle East. Francis also took a pro-Assad and pro-Syrian government position against the US.

Pope Francis and all heads of the Catholic Church – as leaders of most other main religions – prefer Putin to Obama, or other Western leaders. The reason lies in Putin’s straightforward conservative values combined with his active stance in promoting religious tolerance, equality, friendship and cooperation between various religions. I hear the same from prominent leaders of Jewish and Muslim religions. Since most people on the planet are religious, this is something that endears Putin to many.

Pope Francis is undoubtedly anti-US hegemony, anti-Western imperialism and militarism. He has to be as diplomatic and possible, but the fact remains: this is certainly his Argentine roots talking. Based on the above, Putin and Francis hit it off pretty well.

But it goes deeper than that. I believe that it’s well beyond Pope Francis and his personal preferences, although it helps to have the right man at the helm.

The Vatican elites aren’t blind. They see where the wind is blowing – and it’s away from the US and West, towards the East. Call it abandoning the sinking ship of the West OR steering the Vatican ship into more promising waters…

The Vatican is re-orienting towards the East, Russia and China.

And the Vatican isn’t the only one. Israel is doing the same, and not just Israel.

But what about Putin? Oh, he plays his master chess as usual. I wrote in 2014 that Putin, with his out-of-this-world tireless productivity, circled the world and managed to glue together a network of various allies all over the globe. Sure, the US has the biggest and scariest army in the world; it also controls the world media and financial system. It can intimidate, bribe, blackmail or attack anyone. That’s why countries are afraid to speak up. But the future is behind the alliance that is forming quietly, and often secretly, behind the scenes.

Putin continues looking for new allies, quietly weaving together the new world, where the US won’t be hegemon. And now the Vatican is slowly but surely shifting towards this alliance.

Italy is the friendliest towards Russia out of all significant Western economies. The Vatican, located in the middle of Italy, is positioning itself for the future. The Pope’s friendly position towards Putin and Russia also reflects the opinion of the majority of Catholics in Italy, Spain, Greece, Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela and all of Latin America, as well as Asia and Africa. And it’s not what Washington has hoped for.


An interesting confirmation of what I said from an unlikely source, CNN!

I really don’t read or watch CNN. But as I was looking for the Pope and Putin’s image online, this popped up: ‘Why only Putin could turn up late for meeting with the Pope’ – Link to article. Moscow (CNN):  

There aren’t many world leaders prepared to keep the Pope hanging around for a meeting. Russia’s President is perhaps the only one.

Pope Francis discovered this on Wednesday as he waited, patiently, for more than an hour at the Vatican for his guest to finally arrive. There aren’t many world leaders either who could annex one part of a neighboring country while backing a bloody rebellion in another part, and still avoid strong criticism from, arguably, the world’s most influential religious figure. Vladimir Putin appears to fall into that narrow category too.

The issue of Ukraine was raised, we’re told, during their brief, closed-door meeting. According to a Vatican statement, “The Holy Father affirmed that it is necessary to make a sincere and great effort to forge peace,” in the war-ravaged country. Pope Francis and Putin also agreed to “restore a climate of dialogue.”

But the exchange was not the condemnation called for by many, including members of the Greek Catholic congregation, who number millions in Ukraine, and who have expressed frustration at the Pope’s failure to criticize Russia’s role in the Ukraine conflict. Nor are the words likely to satisfy the U.S. Ambassador to the Holy See, Kenneth Hackett, who urged the Vatican, ahead of the Putin meeting, to “say more about concerns on territorial integrity” in Ukraine.

To be fair, the Vatican is not following the same diplomatic agenda as Western governments regarding Russia.

Hale goes on to suggest that Francis may play a diplomatic role in resolving the conflict in Ukraine too. But if Wednesday’s meeting was anything to go on, in which the Pontiff and the President exchanged gifts, I wouldn’t get your hopes up.

No, that meeting was more about Putin than the Pope. Just a day after being publicly scolded by the world’s industrial powers, the G7 — including a particularly strong rebuke from U.S. President Barack Obama — Putin was shoulder to shoulder with the spiritual leader of 1 billion Roman Catholics worldwide.

Russia may not be quite so isolated after all.”

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  1. Patrick Brenner

    I was born and raised a Catholic but have not paid attention or liked many popes in a long time…..this one is different….I like Francis for a lot of reasons….

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  2. Given that ground zero at Nagasaki was the city’s Catholic Cathedral filled with the city’s Japanese Catholics. The day of the second atomic attack on Japan I doubt the Holy See have ever forgot what nation was behind that and the 70th anniversary of that event is this year.

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  3. Lada, I love you, but caution you about the pope. I do not know about Putin but someone I trust had a dream in which she saw Putin’s demeanor changed. So I wonder if Putin was killed and replaced with a double. You would be able to tell I believe.

    End Times Dream: Vladmir Putin Reveals His Plan to Invade the U.S., Whore of Babylon

    “E:\Dropbox\D\End Times Dream Vladmir Putin Reveals His Plan to Invade the U.S., Whore of Babylon.flv”


    I believe pope francis is the anti-Christ based on a very clear dream (actually a vision) I had long ago relating to the pope’s visit to D.C. People were lined up in the streets cheering and following the Catholic pope. I knew he was the anti-Christ and was trying to tell people that he was only a man and that they should worship the Christ and not this man. I can still see the motorcade to this day.

    This experience (like many I’ve had) was very bewildering and unbelievable to me until recently because I’m Catholic and I always thought the pope even though not in my mind Christ’s true representative on earth had to be at least a force for good. To consider the pope as the anti-Christ was beyond ridiculous. I couldn’t understand why I would be having a vision about the pope visiting America since it didn’t seem like an important event to me anyway (It’s not like I would go out of my way to see the pope). Since I have no respect for personages it still seems irrelevant to me except for the timing of this visit.

    The next man who comes to America as the representative of the vatican and is cheered by many IS the anti-Christ. If pope francis is that man then know that it is him. Petrus Romanus will mislead many Catholics and Christians in the tribulation which begins Sept 24th, the day he supposed to (illegally) addresses the U.S. Congress. Beware of both the false pope and the false leader and 2nd beast, obama. They cannot help or save you but only lead you to spiritual death! Place your trust in The Man Who Can, Jeshua Hamashia and His True Representatives, Watchmen and Prophets of the End Times.

    Next Catholic Pope Set To Be Evil John Paul II Demon Impersonator
    Posted on February 16, 2013 by Admin

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    • Thanks for the warning, but Putin is still Putin – so no worries. I think we actually discussed it in my latest interview with the Plane Truth. You can go to my YT channel and scroll down to Interviews playlist.

      The Pope is just the Pope, so no worries there either. Your dream, as any dream out there, should not be interpreted literally.

      I realize that a lot of people, especially Catholics who saw the corruption in the church and got disenchanted, may be in your position. Because of that, here is just a very brief interpretation so you can understand better what yon saw: people should not worship the external, such as a person, a celebrity, someone rich or powerful. They should instead live with God in their hearts and minds.

      Basically, your dream is your subconscious mind’s response to the injustice, human hypocrisy and mind games you observe in real life and you are sad and worried about people and the consequences of their actions. But our minds in 3D always play weird games with us. It is our job to learn to distinguish reality from metaphors. There is no anti-Crist or devil residing in hell; the only anti-Christ is sitting in human hearts and minds. It’s not in the depths of the Earth – it’s in the depths of our minds. The anti-Christ is called greed, aggression, fear, corruption, stupidity, ignorance, prejudice, close-mindedness, self-victimization and blaming others… You got the point. See more in the Calibrations of Consciousness vids on my YT channel.

      When Jesus spoke of all these things, he always meant that humans need to look inside their hearts and minds and change their inner energy in order to become like him = Christ-like. Christ consciousness is inside each of us – it’s just that most people refuse to see it; they don’t want to take responsibility for their own lives, preferring to blame others for their problems, aka sins. Sin is just that: lack of. ‘Sin’ in Spanish means ‘without.’ It’s the same word, by the way. Without consciousness, without god in your heart.

      Keep in mind that the Bible interpretations you learned in Sunday school are once more based on a very crude human understanding of what was really said. Most of what was said referred to the truths that are much more esoteric; much of the events described weren’t based on real events (some were, but not always as directly as some imagine), but rather metaphors in order to warn humans against continuing their destructive course of action.

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    • Hi Lada. Yes I had caught your interview re Putin. Thank you for your excellent and eloquent response. I think we are on the same wavelength and maybe I do not even need to write this. I have to agree with you on every point and all is well taken. The external universe is only a reflection of what is in our spirits, hearts and minds. As He said (John 14:20) “When I am raised to life again, you will know that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you.” So He is in me, Yes! But there is also an anti-Christ of deception and disbelief inside of me there somewhere. I know that’s true because I have had my periods of disbelief in spite of so many spiritual experiences that have no physical explanations. So I have had to choose to give that deception no power but I still recognize that the anti-Christ is there representing something in my being and consciousness. So I did a little looking around and found that pope francis has a rather dubious history in Argentina. So now I am even more sure that this personality is not quite the good guy he’s made out to be. {See for example YT: POPE FRANCIS (Jorge Bergoglio) – What the media has hidden from you (Part1) – ChristmasIsALie.com – Mar 23, 2013 – 46:09} There was also something that I can’t really explain about this vision in that I was clearly present in a future event to which I seemed unattached. I trust the source of my vision and also Meaghan Hamilton’s dreams so I still think there is some warning of caution being communicated to our outer consciousness about what we should accept as positive forces and leadership. I have always seen Putin as very positive force in the world, and still do, so that is difficult for me. Time will tell.

      So to all (including myself) I say this: Pray for the wisdom of the holy spirit that you may discern what is TRUTH and what is the imitation. There are those in high places who appeal to our sense of fair play, justice and even righteousness by promoting financial transparency, economic justice for the poor, acceptance of all faiths, sexual orientations, race, and even species, etc. yet will fail the ultimate test in how they will lead in a time of crisis. “By their fruits you will know them.”


  4. It is profoundly significant that Pope Francis chose to meet Putin so publicly and warmly directly after the G7 charade.
    Thanks Lada


  5. You hit the nail on the head: “people should not worship the external, such as a person, a celebrity, someone rich or powerful. They should instead live with God in their hearts and minds.” & “When Jesus spoke of all these things, he always meant that humans need to look inside their hearts and minds and change their inner energy in order to become like him = Christ-like. Christ consciousness is inside each of us – it’s just that most people refuse to see it; they don’t want to take responsibility for their own lives, preferring to blame others for their problems, aka sins.”
    Have you seen this:

    Three Quran Verses Every Christian Should Know


  6. This is such good news, Lada. A long time since I’ve heard good news, too.

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  7. Yesterday I witnessed an amazing act of synchronicity relating to your post on Pope Francis. We went to our nephew’s first communion in a local Catholic church in Los Angeles and the cardinal of the parish gave a sermon. And what a sermon it was! It was really a powerful talk centered around the assassination of two famous leaders of their respective churches, Thomas Beckett of England who was the archbishop of Canterbury (assassinated by the King in 1170) and Oscar Romero who was archbishop of San Salvador (assassinated by the El Salvadoran oligarchy in 1980). These two leaders, killed in their respective countries while offering mass, were gotten rid of because of their independent stance defending the church against the wealthy and powerful elite of their countries. These two leaders spoke of length about the plight of the poor.

    The cardinal admonished the young people to follow in the footsteps of these two martyrs and become ambassadors of god in working for the ideas of reconciliation and peace in the world. His talk was completely in line with Pope Francis and in line with what Vladimir Putin is working tirelessly for in both Russia and the world. The fact that over 80% of the Russian people support President Putin shows that a deep reconciliation has taken place in that country.

    I was startled to find out in his sermon that the Vatican has beautified Oscar Romero which means that he is on the way to becoming a saint. It’s a remarkable turnaround for the Church since the reactionary days of Pope John Paul II.

    So it seems like there is a coming together of the Catholic Church and the Russian Orthodox Church in the big issues of the day. With the Vatican, the Orthodox Church and Vladimir Putin all working in tandem, the geopolitical situation in the world will steadily improve and more and more defeats of the crazies in the US and Western Europe will take place.

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  8. There are a number of ways of looking at Putin’s meetings (and possibly letters) with figures who are not currently in charge of a country. The obvious thing is that current leaders, such as Merkel or Hollande, are in the hostile camp and are likely to stay that way for some time. Russia had hoped to break European countries away from the Anglo countries, but it hasn’t happened. So Russia needs to get an idea of whether it is “hopeless” in the EU to see a return to some kind of neutrality. However, we should be realistic and admit that the last 25 years of better relations still had the EU and NATO take over Eastern Europe and bomb Serbia. So even a return to how it was 15 years ago would still be a somewhat hostile situation. The EU wants a new Yeltsin at a minimum, as they just can’t live with Putin.

    So meeting Berlusconi and the Pope is probably a way to get a feel for things, and to get positive press, something that Russia doesn’t get much of. A good move on Putin’s part. Also, we shouldn’t underestimate the importance of private messages. The NSA is going to have access to just about all phone calls and such, so meetings in the Vatican might be one way to get a message to various groups. And, for what it is worth, many argue that the Vatican and the banksters of Venice/Amsterdam/London have been long enemies. If that is the case, the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

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  9. The above comments just show how confused people are about the catholic religion in general. The celebration of mass is a satanic ritual that celebrates the eating of the body of Christ and drinking of his blood!! The current pope is a Jesuit and they cannot be trusted fullstop. The Roman Catholic Church is full of criminals that raped and abused children without any legal charge for centuries…clergy are literally protected by the state in many countries. Any child who went to a catholic school can attest to the cruelty of the nuns and brothers that taught them a pack of lies and rubbish. The incredible catholic institutions that abused vulnerable children everywhere and the truth of which is only now emerging and again has been kept secret by governments. The whole institution is evil and disempowering of the individual. Now is the time to take back our power and undo the mind control imposed on little children that has stayed with most people for life unless they wake up and start using their brains. I escaped.. I woke up! Religion is the cause of wars literally and it is about time all just understood that we are each parts of the whole and that every little action affects the whole of humanity. Our illusion is a holographic matrix…one of many matrices. President Putin has shown great intelligence in the way he has handled many serious matters recently and I doubt that he will be fooled by a Jesuit pope as he will realise that much of what has persecuted Russia in the past was caused by the Catholic Chuch perpetrated by its Jesuits.


  10. The dear Holy Father may have the Globalist/Industrialist Cabal worried for many reasons, as expressed and implied in the latest newsletter from Humanity’s Team indicates.

    Pope Francis published an Encyclical on Thursday, June 18th called “Praise Be To You: On Care for Our Common Home.” It is enormously important. You can read it here: http://w2.vatican.va/content/francesco/en/encyclicals/documents/papa-francesco_20150524_enciclica-laudato-si.html

    Among other things, Pope Francis shares that everyone and everything is interconnected to God, to creation and to fellow human beings. It repeatedly invokes phrases such as “brother sun, sister moon, brother river and mother earth.” In short, it recognizes our essential Oneness and the Sacred in all of life.

    As you might expect, the document is severely critical of the way we steward the earth. It shares we can and we must become involved in spiritually motivated social activism. During the encyclical news conference, Eastern Orthodox theologian, Metropolitan John Zizioulas said “The ecological crisis is essentially a spiritual problem.” We in Humanity’s Team could not agree more!

    Certainly in Humanity’s Team we do not share all the same vision as the Vatican but in this case we are 100% together. We Are All One with God, humanity and all of life. We can and we must focus on nurturing humanity and all of life on the earth as our highest priority. If you agree, please pay close attention to our programs this year including Global Oneness Day. We’re inviting everyone to get involved.


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