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IS PUTIN PART OF NWO? Astana KZ – New NWO Capital?

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Putin and Euro remnants



I’ll be honest; it has been difficult for me to write this piece. I started many times, added some notes here hand there, but had some reluctance to publish it. Despite my going pretty deep, it seemed to me that the issue was still deeper than that. Something still seemed unsaid that should have been said. There still seemed to be some forces, and some hidden, not very flattering features of the human psyche, that were so dark and unsavory that I was unwilling to delve in.

Being an empath and Intellect Shifter, I usually find that there are no mysteries in this world. Everything is usually laid out in front of me like an ever-changing tapestry, including events, their profound motivations, and the deepest human emotions, as well. It is a rather rare instance when I find myself in disbelief that even those I consider smart people can get so easily caught in the web of lies. What is it in human psyche that allows it to build walls so easily, and to believe lies so readily?

In short, I can tell you what it is: it is called fear, the built-in human emotion that is supposed to safeguard us from danger. It’s a very useful warning mechanism; yet, due to the misused human ego and mind games, fear most of the time becomes the reason for the humans’ self-fulfilling prophecy.

It’s just that it’s so unbelievably obvious! How can people not see the traps laid out for them by forces with the darkest of the dark ulterior motives?

But this is another topic, which is very important, and I plan to discuss it in my future articles.

For now, I’ll repeat the advice I have given before. To get out of the matrix of fear, raise your vibration to the level of reason, and subsequently, to love. Important clue: love without reason will still lead you astray; you need both to effectively function in the middle realm, also described as the earthly human realm.

In this piece I am offering you a unique opportunity to firmly raise your vibration to the level of reason. I will touch upon certain facets of what I call the Putin Phenomenon. The phenomenon of Putin is much larger, of course. This, very detailed and meticulous article is just the beginning. The PUTIN ENIGMA is to follow. As promised, in 2-3 weeks I will present to you a special report, which will give you a complete understanding. When the special report is ready, the announcements and links will be posted on this blog.

The title of this article is controversial at best. We will discuss a lot of juicy stuff, including: different facets of the NWO issue in connection with the Russian President Vladimir Putin; what is the West really after; the real story of the Belgian US Treasury purchase scandal; the related issue of Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan, as the alleged future capital of NWO.

 World’s most powerful man or NWO agent?

Putin 1

According to the mainstream media and politicians in the US, EU, and other Western countries, Putin is the biggest problem the world has today. Strangely enough, it appears it is Putin who is behind pretty much every problem the West itself has created.

Putin goes around personally shooting people, and he personally heads up the rebels in Donbass. Don’t you see him behind that mask?

In 2004, Putin personally went to Kiev under the cover of the night and poisoned the US stooge and ex-Ukraine president Victor Yushchenko (as if that one didn’t generate enough enemies in his own country for that to happen). Putin also personally poisoned the infamous Litvinenko in London (of course, by sneaking into London illegally). It seems only the lazy don’t know by now that 9/11 was the inside job, so sadly, they can’t blame that one on Putin. Similarly, the useful puppet Litvinenko’s so-called plutonium poisoning was in fact a false flag by UK’s MI6 gone bad.

Another example of a botched false flag was the 2013 hit on ex-Russian oligarch Boris Berezovsky. When Berezovsky mysteriously, and totally out of character, hanged himself in his London mansion (for which, strangely, the investigation was never completed), Russia, and of course, personally Putin, were supposed to be blamed. Russians realized right away what was going to happen, and a brilliant move followed. Russians made public the secret letter Boris Berezovsky had sent to Putin, begging him for pardon and a return home. The UK couldn’t manufacture another anti-Russian hoax in view of the clear evidence to the contrary. This is how the hastily put together self-hanging version emerged, never mind the uncharacteristic bruises on Berezovsky’s neck. Berezovsky, the long-standing agent of MI6 and Rothschilds, who inflicted untold damage on Russia throughout the ’90s, knew too much. He could never be allowed to return to Russia and spill the beans. Isn’t it clear who benefitted from Berezovsky’s death, and who didn’t?

But never mind that little hiccup… It’s still undoubtedly Putin who starts wars all over the world, unseats governments, creates areas of instability and arms/trains terrorists. To follow the Western logic of absurd to the end, it must have been Putin who invaded Iraq and Afghanistan, trained/armed Al Qaeda, bombed Libya and Serbia. Putin was certainly the one who masterminded and created Wall Street and the world of virtually worthless Western money; he supported the banksters and their predatory practices around the world. Putin is behind the greedy global US and UK corporations, and he masterfully manipulates public opinion through the Western MSM he controls. Why not? If Putin can personally poison a US stooge in Kiev, why can’t he do all the above as well?

At night he personally sneaks into Ukraine, bombs innocent civilians in Donbass, and yes, he was the sniper who personally shot people on Kiev maidan. He is also to blame for the civil war in Ukraine. At least that’s what Ukro MSM would have you believe. Grotesque?

But wait, that’s not all! Of course, he personally shot down that unfortunate Malaysian MH17 Boeing 777 over Eastern Ukraine (at least this is what hysterical trolls on YT would have you believe), specifically so Russia could be blamed for it, all because he is the stupidest man in the world… Or he is devil incarnate.

The Western MSM, and it appears even parts of the so-called alternative media, have been very busy vilifying Putin and Russia since forever. I know all about it having lived in the West for most of my adult life. But even I am surprised at how vicious and senselessly crazy the defamation of Putin’s character has become lately.

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, having predicted the super-volatile energy of this year in my Year of the Wood Horse Predictions in January 2014, and the senseless, gloves-off mass psychosis of this entire decade. But can I personally ever get used to how unreasonable and vicious humans can be sometimes? I don’t know…

Let me illustrate my point:

After the shooting of the MH17, the biggest and most respected publication of Germany, Der Spiegel, put Putin on the cover with these words: “We must stop Putin before it’s too late.” This info comes from a German journalist – see his video in German and Russian about that. Let me get this straight: The plane flew over Ukraine territory; the Ukraine air traffic control in Dnepropetrovsk made the plane deviate from its course and fly over the war zone, thus deliberately putting it in danger; it was shot down and crashed on Ukraine territory – but Russia, and personally Putin, are to blame nevertheless.

This is important to understand! Are they after vilifying Russia? Yes, they are. But we must be clear that the above headline, just like many others, are much more targeted. Did you notice they don’t say ‘Russia?’ THEY BLAME PERSONALLY PUTIN. If you look around the MSM output, you will see that Putin, not necessarily Russia, is in the headlines. Why? Because this is done specifically to unseat Putin. This is the strategy of convincing the world, and even certain Russians, that their leader is super-bad. Vilifying a leader who doesn’t bow to them is the long-standing strategy used by the West to soften up – to tenderize, like meat before frying – their own sheeple, as well as the population of the country to be destroyed, before the actual process of destruction of said country has begun.

Many examples of this are available when the defamation, character assassination, and massive multi-prong slander of the leader preceded the wholesale demolition of a country. Russian Emperor Nikolay II in 1917, Saddam Hussein of Iraq, Kaddafi of Libya, Assad of Syria, Milosevic of Yugoslavia, and the most recent, Yanukovich of Ukraine. One example here stands out: neither Syrian people, nor the leader, ever betrayed their country, and they never bowed to the West. As a result, Assad is still there, and the US proxy Al Qaeda rebels can’t take over the country. Of course, it is also largely due to the Russian support and Putin’s derailment of their plans in Syria… In both of these regards Assad is similar to Fidel Castro of Cuba, possibly the most vilified leader of all time, who survived 600 assassination attempts, but who is still there.

This brings us to Vladimir Putin, who, in my opinion has already replaced Castro as the most vilified leader. The West can’t forgive Putin that he saved Russia from the abyss; that he rebuilt Russia; that he is conducting wise, peaceful and effective policies that are about to ruin the cushy predatory lifestyle they had created for themselves at the expense of the rest of the world.

Another bit from Germany: a German politician announced recently that Russia should be denied the right to host the 2018 football (soccer) World Cup as a result of flight MH17 Boeing 777 catastrophe in Ukraine, because… Russia cannot guarantee the safety of Russian airspace. I always thought Germans were smart and well-educated. But I must have been thinking of some other Germans. For the slow ones, one more time: Boeing 777 flew over Ukraine, was shot over Ukraine, etc., etc. Germans, please buy a map and read Wikipedia or something to figure out where Ukraine is, and where Russia is.

Conclusion 1: Germans either have become very stupid ever since I knew them (as a student I had a couple of very smart German friends, Anke and Michel, and I’d been to Germany a couple of times), or they are so thoroughly under the US thumb that all they can do is parrot what lies US dumps on them. Sad, sad, sad!

Conclusion 2: No matter what Russia or Putin says, or does, no matter what the evidence shows, Putin will still be culpable of all mortal sins, and Russia will still be blamed by the West, no matter how absurd.

Warning: Let me remind my readers that I warned from the very beginning of the Ukraine crisis that USA’s goal is to put a wedge, and if possible, to create a war, between Russia and EU – most importantly, Germany, as the most powerful country of the EU. Let me remind Europeans and Germans that in the course of the 20th century, Russia and Germany were successfully pitted twice against each other, which created two devastating world wars. The same forces that succeeded back than, are trying to play the old card. And judging by how Germans act, they ARE succeeding yet again. It won’t matter how low-key, reasonably and peacefully Russia acts, if Germany takes the bait again, and again, as it did in 1914 and 1941… Russian Emperor Nikolay II tried to convince parties to resolve the conflict peacefully in 1914; in 1930s Stalin tried for years to create anti-Hitler coalition with the West. None of this worked. UK (Great Britain), USA and of course, Germany, still led the world into two world wars!

The Euroclear Hoax, or how Belgium acquired over $200bln in US Treasuries overnight

I have received this question from a number of people at once. Unfortunately, I don’t have the link to the original article to which these readers are referring, nor do I have the name of the author. However, I will explain its essence so that if you see this conspiracy theory floating around, you’ll know.

One reader says: “Lada, have you taken a look at “Euroclear”? These folks serve as a clearinghouse for countries including Russia, to broker financial instruments like treasuries for others to buy. It is closely linked to the east and west, especially Russia and the IMF and BIS. It is possible that this east west paradigm is nothing more than a facade to allow all the elite to issue in a new worldwide currency like SDR’s that are tied to the IMF and the BIS thugs that were linked to Hitler, Bush, etc. A crisis like Ukraine etc. is all that would be needed to allow them to “slip in” a new currency after the dollar falls. What do you think?”

Another one writes: “Lada, help… is this stuff @ Putin and Euroclear true?”

First of all, here is how it works in the financial markets: From Russia using a certain company as a clearing agent (the one the author alleges is called #Euroclear) does not automatically follow that Russia is in bed with those who secretly own such company (allegedly, the past owner is JP Morgan). When any country or company issues government bonds, it has to go through a specialist to broker these bonds, and IF Euroclear is that specialist, it simply can’t be avoided dealing with them whether you want to, or not. Those who understand how financial world works will know that there are very few specialists in a certain narrow field. As we know, financial world has been monopolized by the US and UK, therefore, everyone has to go through the same agents.

In this comment, I heard the word ‘Hitler,’ as well as the dreaded NWO agent JP Morgan, who supposedly used to own Euroclear (but doesn’t any more). Based on that, the stretch is made that IF JP Morgan USED to own Euroclear, and JP is NWO, and if Russia used Euroclear for its bonds, then Russia is also part of NWO. Do you see how ridiculous this sounds?

In other words, if I used to have a bank account with JP Morgan (I had one over 10 years ago, when I worked on Wall Street and the most convenient bank was JP Morgan), then per this logic, I am a part of NWO conspiracy, Illuminati, and definitely secretly linked to Bush and Hitler. Wow…I am starting to get afraid of myself! But if the author of some obscure conspiracy theory that is floating around the web says so, it MUST be true?

Another example, if you ever wore a Hugo Boss suit and/or owned the Ford stock (being a woman, I never wore HB suits, but I owned the Ford stock at one point in the 1990s) both of whom were in bed with Hitler, then it obviously follows that you are a Hitler supporter!

I later received this additional message from a reader: “I completely forgot about the negative implications of the Euroclear allegation and I am certain that Russia has honourable motives…. Perhaps Lagarde maybe referring to the ‘Inclusive capitalism’ an initiative started by Lynn Forester de Rothschild!” (this is a reference to IMF SDRs – special drawing rights used presently by banks and countries internationally).

Note, all the above references by readers are based on article(s) in alternative press.

I’ll be direct. Unfortunately, not all “alternative” media is created equal. There are many alternative media sources that thrive on fear and unproven, poorly understood conspiracy theories. Discernment is advised in all cases. I don’t know this author, and perhaps he makes more sense in his other writings – perhaps not. I am not interested to find out after the above hoax. I can tell you with full confidence he doesn’t understand Russia and Putin at all, projecting Western values and mentality onto it, and substituting this false projection for real knowledge. I have read and met quite a few real deal alternative journalists and alternative analysts. Please choose to listen to the ones who know what they are talking about! Discard the rest.

In this case it doesn’t matter whether Russia’s intentions are “honorable” or selfish, or anything in between. Russia will do, like any other country, what’s in her best interests. Right now the country is governed by a very good team, the best any country has – and mind you, this wasn’t always the case. Of course, no one’s 100% infallible. But these people know what Russia needs, what she doesn’t need, and they work to steer the country in the right direction.

Consequently, who, in their right mind, would ever think Russia (or Kazakhstan for that matter with another smart leader, Nursultan Nazarbayev) for a moment would want to be a part of the CRUMBLING, DYING Western system? Russia and China are working on replacing this system – and US is NOT invited. EU may be invited, if they play nice – but NOT as the leading player.

Russia wants to free herself from the Western trap, not get deeper into it. IMF Head Christine Lagarde lives in the dream world, if she thinks they can trap Russia again via SDRs, IMF or any other way. The SDR idea is outdated and SDRs have been recognized as imperfect and unsuitable as reserve currency for years. This appears to be someone’s sensationalist attempt to push an old, irrelevant agenda.

But – this is important to understand: while Russia pursues her own core interests, these interests align fully with interests of the whole world, as the whole world desperately needs to restore balance and fairness, and get rid of the present, grossly distorted Anglo-Saxon economic model. Russia is the ultimate global balancer. If Russia is balanced, the rest of the world will be in balance as well. Read more about that in Predictions.

Russia – new secret buyer of US bonds?

This is especially hilarious! It appears some went as far as suggesting that Russia is the NEW SECRET BUYER OF US BONDS. The basis for the assumption that Russia is the secret new buyer of the US bonds, thus propping up the dollar, is apparently based on the sudden appearance of the large amount of US bonds worth $200bln in Belgium’s possession.

This suggestion appeared at the time that Putin stated that Russia will DECREASE its foreign bond holdings after the US/EU sanctions. As I have predicted from the start of the Ukraine crisis, Russia will be pivoting more and more to the East (Eurasian Union and Altyn as the new Eurasian currency; signing the Holy Grail gas deal, and other deals with China; ditching US dollar) and to the Global South (consider the mega-successful recent trip by Putin and Russian leading politicians/business people to Latin America).

Such redirection of Russia’s priorities will be happening regardless of whether the West continues insisting on slapping more sanctions, or not. This is the new reality, and they might as well get used to it.

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts (Reagan’s Asst Treasury Secretary and Father of Reaganomics), who knows a thing or two about US economic policy, believes that these $200bln in US bonds are the hidden purchase by the US FED, camouflaged as another country’s independent acquisition. Of course it’s not fooling anyone as this amount constitutes 1/2 of the entire GDP of Belgium and therefore couldn’t have happened with the Belgian funds. Dr. Roberts further believes that ‘a COUNTRY with large US bond holdings’ has dumped a significant portion of its holdings in the market, and that the FED had no choice but to buy them up to avoid the run on the US bonds.

Meanwhile, Belgians believe that the $200bln in US bonds came to them via Russia. When I first heard this news, I initially thought that Russia had to park the US bonds in her possession in Belgium, where US wouldn’t get its hands on them if it decided to sanction Russia further. But the more I thought about it, the more I saw a completely different picture emerging:

The FED had to urgently purchase a large amount of the US bonds dumped by another country – and this country is Russia. After threats of financial sanctions, Russia dumped on the market about $104bln in US bonds and the FED had to pick them up, passing this amount, plus additional Treasury quantities, to Belgium to avoid crashing the US bond market if it became known Russia was dumping. Russia is SELLING US bonds – not buying!

Why did Russia agree to keep quiet about it? This would be in the realm of politics, is much as economics. In exchange for keeping quiet, Russia would obviously get something, like the US and EU paying for part of the Ukraine multi-billion gas debt to Gazprom, or a better deal on these bonds than expected, as a couple of examples.

The West in general, and USA in particular, have lost the high moral ground on just about everything. Putin and Russia meanwhile are acquiring more and more high moral ground, and respect, worldwide. This includes many in the West. Putin’s approval rating has recently hit a high of 83%.

Meanwhile, since US is now tainted with continuing allegations of spying, underhanded behavior and aggression, it has effectively lost what Americans love referring to as “the war for the hearts and minds.” US is seen all over the world as a force of evil and aggression. Americans are perceived as arrogant and untrustworthy.

There was a time throughout the 20th century, when America was a dream of freedom for simple people in some parts of the world. The reason I say ‘some parts of the world’ is because even after the slavery was abolished in the US, African-Americans didn’t have equal rights until after 1960s. At the same time, Native Americans were kept in reservations where they died a slow death. At the very same time, US dominated Latin America, sucking out resources and exploiting population. These parts of the world hardly considered USA a ‘land of the free.’

However, such was the opinion of many immigrants from Europe who ran from various world wars and conflicts, which were the trademark of the European continent. The reputation of the USA as the ultimate safe haven had only increased after WWII, when USA remained effectively the last man standing. Europe was in ruins both physically and in spirit. Russia was destroyed and lost 27 million people. While Russia and Europe were trying to recover, USA was free to claim the global reserve currency status, as well as the status of the undisputed leader of the Western world: ideological, political, cultural, financial, military and industrial. One of the perks of all this was the ability to produce less and less, while consuming more and more. Why not – it was all paid for by the hard-working nations that bought US Treasuries and sent their cheap goods. Another perk: all Western nations and many Third World nations started storing their gold reserves in the US as the “safest place on earth.”

The status of the world reserve currency, gold reserve center, and the political/military center of the Western world brought untold riches to the US. Let’s also recall that only WWII ended the American Great Depression. If not for the war, US may have never recovered, and the land of the free may have looked completely differently.

From this alone we can make a very important conclusion: US needs wars on European continent; it needs to pit against each other the most powerful competitors. These are, and have been previously, Russia and Germany. USA has a new power house rising: China. US has been trying to pit China and Russia against each other for years, with no result. US has to settle for trying to pit Japan and China against each other, with partial success.

From the above we can clearly see how much Chinese and Russians are smarter than Europeans, who take the bait every time. This is for the rational Europeans out there: you now know what they want – DON’T take the bait.

Let’s get back to our history lessons: The US riches and influence simply skyrocketed after the collapse of the USSR. There was no one left to challenge the US, and no one to keep its ambitions in check. From this, we can also make a conclusion how desirable the collapse of the Soviet Union was for the US. It is well documented that through a series of manipulations, lies, economic sabotage, and treason, US manufactured the collapse of the USSR and Russia in 1980s-1990s.

As a result, the world started tilting into a bigger and bigger imbalance as the US claimed the status of the only super-power in the world, “exceptional” in every way. This claim went unchallenged as everyone in the 1990s simply swallowed it, thinking the times of prosperity for all had come, courtesy of the infallible American Empire’s economic model. You can read more about this in Predictions.

The US seemed to not be able to go wrong. Russia was bashed and maligned, or simply put down. Russia was seen by many, even inside the country, as finished. At the same time, US was put on the pedestal. By whom? By all of us. WE ARE ALL COMPLICIT. WE WERE ALL SHORTSIGHTED!

The difference is, some of us came back to our senses and saw the truth, while others are still asleep and happily deluded. For the first time, I saw the truth during the 1990s bombings of Yugoslavia by US and NATO. I think, that was a cold shower for many Russians, no matter where they resided. I woke up completely in 2002 – after 9/11 and before the invasion of Iraq. I traveled to Asia, and was shocked to find how little Chinese, Malaysians and Indonesians trusted US in those days. Americans were openly called ‘imperialists.’

This brings us to the following conclusion: We still live in the ‘habitually West- centric world.’ I can assure you that the tide is changing, but due to the pervasiveness of Western penetration into every sphere of the planetary human existence, it will take a while to unravel all the dependencies. This is why we are in for a number of very tedious and unpleasant years. My point is, we are constantly talking about what the West thinks, says or does in relation to Russia and other countries. In many Asian cultures people always thought differently, same with Latin America and Africa. We need to stop validating the spoiled West by paying this much attention to their tantrums. It’s a good idea to finally start starving them for attention, giving much more prime time to other countries’ opinions. Yes, I know, they had taken over the entire world’s communication system, including MSM, the web, social media, and it seems partially even the alternative media. This is why we need more articles like this one – we need more of those who tell and spread the truth.

Let’s return to the US ‘success story:’ in the second half of the 20th century, USA succeeded in accumulating tremendous financial, political and psychological capital as a result of a certain sequence of events, its own clandestine efforts to topple the USSR, and the naiveté of the earth’s population. And what do they do with this unsurpassed capital? They squander it within 20 years, making USA the most hated and distrusted country in the world, even by the standards of the thoroughly brainwashed world’s population.

This brings us to the present moment. USA has lost its clout. It has lost trust. It has lost good will – completely. Perhaps a government/country that still had some honesty left would have admitted mistakes and would have done some soul searching? Perhaps it would strive to change its ways? What does US do? It plows on, insisting on its “exclusivity” and “special-ness.” It steamrolls across countries, leaving ruins and dead bodies in its wake, it spies on the whole world, it kidnaps, stages bloody coups and threatens everyone who is not entirely subservient. It spreads senseless chaos and destruction all over the world.

For those US cannot threaten or eliminate directly, it kills via its propaganda. Character assassination is one of the favorite weapons of the United States of America.

Since US cannot be seen as a positive force any more, the only thing that is left for its propaganda is to discredit the opponent. To do that, the US needs to twist the reality in such a way that the opponent is painted with the tainted brush.

In other words, US is not interested any more in proving that it’s a force for good in the world. Alas, it’s too late for that as everyone’s aware of the truth. USA isn’t trying to show it’s not the driving force behind NWO. It is abundantly clear that America has lost the fight for the hearts and minds.

Therefore, USA’s new strategy is to paint everyone else with a tainted brush, so everyone seems tainted as much as the USA, and this especially concerns Russia and Putin.

This is actually a brilliant tactic, which easily confuses people – even the smart ones. This is called “I am going down, but I am determined to drag down with me everyone I can.” Will it work? Short term – yes, as it confuses people and slows down the progress of transitioning to a better, more equitable society, not based on US hegemony and US dollar dominance. People start questioning if it’s even worth protesting, or getting to the bottom of the truth, if all global elites are corrupt equally.

However, it will not work for long. The US doesn’t really think long-term. All they are attempting to do is kick the can down the road.

Who sees through the tainted picture? 1. Those who have a very good inner lie detector, who can read people and the energetic imprint of their actions. 2. Also, those who know the reality on the ground – what is Russia and what her aspirations are, the psychology, history and mentality of the Russian people. 3. Of course, those who can see the world through clear eyes. 4. Those who live in the Russian space. Every time Russians see Putin criticized in the West, they just smile: this means that he is doing something right. (Note: This doesn’t mean that there are no Russians who think differently. There is a pervasive, but diminishing, Western presence in Russia as a result of the USSR collapse and the ’90s. There are NGOs, fifth column, Western-style neo-liberals, who are generally despised, and simply deluded people as well. Here I speak of the prevailaing energy and the growing healthy forces that are clearly visible.)

That said, blaming Putin for being a secret part of NWO is a very insidious tactic and it’s geared towards the smarter and more awake people. These would naturally support Putin because of his actions. But if they succeed in twisting the truth so he seems like a double agent of the West, than he is distrusted and branded the same as others by those who are predisposed to believe conspiracy theories, however outlandish – simply because such theories offer a seeming alternative to the existing official point of view.

When the tainted brush propaganda technology is turned on, distrust and confusion are the result. These lead to paralysis and inaction – and this is exactly what they want to achieve! They want the majority to be passive and subservient, and the smarter minority to be passive and distrustful of all. Mission accomplished!

Let’s dig deeper…

NWO primer; does NWO exist; Why ‘Putin is NWO’ hoax was needed; what went on in Russia in the ’90s and how the world’s grave imbalance happened; why Asatana, KZ was designated as the ‘new NWO capital; what kind of game Lukashenko and Belarus are playing; all about Russian oligarchs; who is really behind NWO; the real role of Vladimir Putin and Russia; plus, my extensive predictions.

All this and more in reloaded and expanded

EARTH SHIFT REPORT double feature+

IS PUTIN PART OF NWO? Astana KZ – New NWO Capital?

Bonus: Lukashenko’s Bluff


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    It’s difficult to be an NWO-agent and a devout christian at the same time. Putin seems to be protected. Some even say he’s a (not ‘the’) chosen one.


  2. Brilliant piece of writing. I always love reading political analyses from people who are mystically and spiritually inclined, because politics in general lack real spiritual values, especially in the West! By the way, my girlfriend is Russian from Voronezh. I love how you write and how you think.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Lada, this was the best I have read from you! Brilliant! I want to jump up and embrace you, and give you two kisses on both your cheeks for this write up! I was brimming with admiratioin and pride on this article – and I am not even Russian.

    You were shooting out facts and truths like machine gun fire in most of your paragraphs in the same manner I try to do when I am outside trying to inform people.

    This is my “favourite” wrting you have done on this blog – I love this! I am over the moon with this article you wrote. Why am I like this? I don’t know myself! I want everyone to read this and wake up.

    I have to now use up my printer ink just to print this all out so I can share this info to people I meet.

    Okay, I should not be over-emotional with this stuf but I cannot help it. This was brilliant piece of work – I loved every word you typed out. I was smiling the whole time and thrilled with what I was reading – moving around in my seat with excitement and admiration.

    I had better cool down before someone reading this thinks I am a nutcase – too late! My apologies for this emotional rant but… I love this article!!!

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    • You are very cute, Wolf 🙂 Very happy you enjoyed it so much!

      Hugs right back

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      • You are very cute when you write articles like the above, Lada! 🙂

        This is the kind of material I love spreading to others. I have already sent it to some acquaintances I know – email and facebook. I shall carry a printed copy of this in my shoulder bag.

        When I try to give info to people outside I try to hit them with key points. The above article you wrote was so important, for me anyway, because it gave out a lot of key points that need to be hammered home to the sheeple.

        I know you’re busy so I will stop. You keep writing like this, you will be so cute in my eyes!

        Hugs right back you say? I’ll grab you and kiss you on both your cheeks! LOL

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  4. I believe that Russia and China have nearly unloaded all the Treasuries they wanted to. They have lent Dollars for projects. Have purchased assets of real property. They have purchased an amount of Gold that would be unbelievable if I wrote it down.

    America has no gold in Fort Knox. Big banks are short on Gold. Russia the BRICS can do business without the Dollar today. For everyone to realize this will take a few years. But, things will get better over the long haul for the Earth.

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  5. Wow! Lada! This is an amazing piece. Thank you very much for it. A lot of information to digest now 🙂

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  6. Excellent article! I would like to add that President Obama is the scapegoat of the NWO. There are Americans who perceive the true character of Obama and Putin–both men are working to end the NWO’s efforts to control our planet. Quoting from Dr. Preston James’ Veterans Today article on the 2014 Bilderberg meeting: “The most disconcerting and ominous item on this year’s Bilderberg agenda was a forum on criticisms of Barack Obama’s foreign policy. Daniel Estulin quotes the Bilderbergers:

    “Critics of the US president blame him for betraying America’s leadership overseas, citing failures to defend American interests in Syria and lately in Ukraine. Obama’s newly announced doctrine calls on scaling down reliance on military force and using diplomacy and collective action instead. Bilderberg members will discuss whether this policy is doomed.”

    Thankfully, Americans are beginning to wake up to how dumbed down they are! The demonizing of President Obama has been horrendous too and continues to this day.

    Another confirming quote from Dr. Preston James in a more recent article, “America’s Secret Civil War”: According to Dr. Preston James: “It is common knowledge inside the Beltway that the current US Administration (USAD) has been resisting numerous creative and heavy-handed manipulations by the COL WZs, Israelis and BCC officials to become drawn into new major air and ground wars in Syria, Iran, the Ukraine and now Iraq (again)…. There is a major Secret War inside the Beltway for control of the whole USG “enchilada,” and this is being expressed remotely in the Mideast and the Ukraine right now…. And on the other side we have the Obama Administration and a new US Military High Command, both of whom are deeply opposed to the covert control of the WZs, the Israelis, the BCC and its CIA Drug Cartels.”

    I recently posted an article on my blog asking that people give support to both of these men and thanking them for standing tall amidst the intense pressure and covert manipulation of the NWO.


    • “The demonizing of President Obama has been horrendous too and continues to this day.” you wrote.

      What? And who signed the NDDA into law? Obama.

      The NDAA that allows authorities to imprison anyone indefinitely on mere “suspicion” of having any ties with terrorists or being a supposed terrorist, without due process. Anyone who squeaks or makes a protest, like myself, can be immediately thrown into prison without due process. This destroys the Constitution and removes completely civil rights and liberties of citizens. Then we have NSA spying, drones etc. etc.

      You think Obama should not be criticized for this?


    • Sorry. I wrote NDDA. It should read NDAA, that is the National Defence Authorization Act.


    • Thanks for your opinions and support, Nancy and Wolf.

      Hugs 🙂

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      • I actually have to agree with Nancy on one point: Obama IS designated as a scapegoat.

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      • Obama is a scapegoat? If that is true them I owe an apology to Nancy B. Detweiler.

        I’m confused; what precisely is meant by that he is a scapegoat, that is to say, how far do we say the president was not responsible for his actions? Was Bush a scapegoat as well?

        I am aware that the president of the US does not have the real power but those unseen forces behind him do – members of the CFR, banking elites, perhaps – the “Shadow Government”?

        Was Obama selected by the “Shadow Government” for the role to be manipulated? Did Obama have noble intentions to start off with when he first entered the White House but was then approached by the cabal and threatened to follow orders or else?

        Obama is actually “working to end the NWO’s efforts to control our planet”? Are we saying that Obama is secretly against the NWO but he has no choice but to sign into effect the NDAA because his family or his own life is threatened?

        Lada, is there any way you can give us some information on this at a later date? In any case thanks for this insight.


        • Obama’s story is complicated and he is both, Wolf. I said I only agreed on that one point. I don’t want to talk about Obama here, but I might say a few things about it in an interview, if any interviewer’s interested in asking me this question. Also, read my answers to others in this thread. 🙂

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    • I owe you an apology Nancy B. Detweiler. According to Lada, she supports your statement that Obama is a scapegoat.


  7. Dear Lada, You must have so much more information in your brains ready to burst time and again. I love reading your articles, your premonitions, and everything that comes to my e-mail address from you. From all the great contacts I have with information, yours is the one I most love. It took me about about 7 years ago to wake up to this… I have not stopped reading as it is my only potent drug.
    This article is an awesome one, and I cannot agree more with you. I love and Respect Mr. Vladimir Putin and I will vote for him as the USA president, instead of the Gay-lord and his shemale wife we have today.

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  8. Brilliant analysis. And I was one of those who asked you about this smear that Putin was stealth NWO. Thank you so much for the definitive answer! So… would you like to dissect Obama for us? I am convinced he is a scumbag of the lowest order, along with his obnoxious wife. (((Lada)))


    • Hi William 🙂
      Glad you found my clarification useful.
      I don’t intend to write about Obama as I think, frankly, he isn’t that interesting, except for the prediction I made about the fact that he’ll have difficult 2015 (see Predictions). But if anyone wants to ask me about Obama during an interview, I’ll be happy to share a few things. People may be surprised – or not. 😉 His wife is interesting.
      Obama’s walk has changed and resembles a getto walk. Sign that he is lost.

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  9. Lada, FANTASTIC analysis. Cheers Tom

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  10. Reblogged this on Spirit In Action and commented:
    Thank you Lada! I’m impressed by your ability to isolate the strains of truth and propaganda, and simplify the picture so anyone can make sense of the world situation.

    To many just becoming aware that the official story in school and mainstream media is not the whole truth; it is easy to fall into the trap of believing that if one conspiracy theory turns out to be real, provable with documented facts then every theory is also valid.

    As Lada clearly shows in this article, the global political situation is and always has been far more complex than any single theory-economic, social, conspiracy or other-can possibly explain.
    There have probably always been corrupt individuals and groups in every power elite of every country, nation or locality.

    That these disparate widely different people would automatically work together efficiently for one Western dominated world order is against common sense, history and psychology.

    I personally believe that while both Obama and Putin were able to ascend to their current position through a certain amount of support from at least some of the power elite in each of their respective nations, and though this most likely did come with expectations and strings attached to their behavior- and they have both done things to appease their benefactors, they are not truly controlled by this.
    From an American perspective it certainly appears that Obama has been more trapped by it than Putin, but in the long run I believe they are reprising the roles their predecessors in the early 1960’s were unable to complete due to Kennedy’s assassination.
    Obama’s refusal to do the NWO’S bidding as far as military intervention against Putin when Russia stops their plans is as essential as Putin’s role though less obvious.
    Imagine if Bush/Cheney/McCain/Romney were in power-we would be militarily engaged in Syria,Ukraine and who knows where else?

    My intuition has long shown me Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin as a team allowing humanity to pull back from complete ecological destruction or nuclear war and the resulting human extinction.
    (On a higher spiritual level not on a conspiracy theory level as if they were friends in college who set out to lead countries and save the world;-)


  11. Hi Lada,
    As very often your bang on the buck. Well written article, I’m half German and came to Scandinavia in the late 70’s from former DDR as a kid. I know a thing or two about both Russia and Germany.

    You talked about a German article pointing out Russia and especially Putin. I can say that this view is not the view of the common German. I have relatives in Germany and I know a lot of people who sees through the veil in Germany in fact there have been vast demonstrations against the sanctions towards Russia both from the public and German business cause it’s hurting a lot from these alleged sanctions.

    See this article from voice of Russia.

    The Germans are not fooled and lot’s of them know about who is behind the crisis in Ukraine. Interesting enough it’s hard to find any posts about this by simply googling it.
    Which should tell you something about GOOGLE.

    Now concerning the long ongoing game of ridiculing people domestically and globally this is a perfect orchestra d issue by design. Since it will make people self police by using the ridiculing factor which still has some power to it. This factor is used in politics, science and in everyday life.. just observe it and it’s rather obvious.

    If a person does something extra ordinary and is slammed you know for sure that there is lot’s of things behind it, Putin is a great example. Here is another example but with Obama as the same “ridicule” rules applies for everyone. See below (not to much attention in the media right..?)

    On another note I would say that the West with the US in general is using former National Security Adviser’s Zbigniew Brzezinski playbook by the letter destabilizing the world.
    (Everything can be seen in plain sight)

    This will off course not succeed as you also have seen…

    Keep the balance Russia and go go go…

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  12. On another note said Brzezinski slammed Israel on a prime time TV show in the US.. Does not sound hypocritical at all right?


  13. Lada,

    That was a very worthwhile article.

    Just a couple of thoughts about this topic. One is that a lot of folks don’t realize the constraints that Putin is under. The financial system in Russia is designed by the West. It needs to be changed, but that is easier said than done. You might want to emphasize this more. Another issue is that Putin and Russia have been trying very hard to create a working arrangement to lure Central and Eastern Europe away from the US and UK. This is good, but it often seems that the deals that come with it are ugly. The problem is that the elite in, say, Germany or France, are not that much better than the US when it comes to wanting to enslave their populations. They may not promote GMO foods, but they won’t ban them. That kind of thing. So, sure, they are less bad, but it appears like the regional approach to global government that some have talked about over the last hundred years. Americans have seen the way NAFTA and other deals with Mexico and Canada have been used as steps to the NWO, so they tend to be quite suspicious of these “unions”. Not being an opponent of what Russia is trying to do here, just pointing out the other side of the discussion, and why many are leery.

    Finally, it may be unpleasant, but a lot of alternative folks seem to be either ignorant or on someone’s payroll. Ignorance is curable, and many are starting to see that Putin didn’t do all the bad things he is accused of.

    Oh, one last thing. Some argue that Putin is friends with a bunch of oligarchs, such as Medvedchuk, who has been a point man for the Ukraine. Do you have any thoughts on this? It definitely seems like the folks in the Russian government or around Putin are of a much higher caliber than the West, but the accusation does get made that Putin is not really against the oligarchs, just the ones obviously working for the West.

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    • Hi Paul.
      Re Putin and oligarchs: see, that’s exactly what I mean. See how easy it is for a smart, forward looking person to fall for this web of lies – this concerns both people in the West and young Russians who lost connection to their own history and truth due to the invasion of Western everything in the ’90s.

      You answered your own question when you sent me the Americans’ testimonials about Putin. Read here:

      In short, of course not. Putin is the ultimate balancer (as a Libra) of the ultimate global balancer (=Russia). He will weigh everything and act in the least disruptive and most effective manner. Taking the money away from oligarchs would distrupt the economy. Much better to make them work for the good of the country, if they weren’t involved in treason. And even then, if they can be converted, even better. He/his people converted even Berezovsky. This is the difference between mere mortals and the leader of that caliber. Can you imagine the usefulness of the same Berezovsky in exposing NWO, UK and US clandestine plans! That’s why Berezovsky had to be eliminated. A signal to others.

      If Putin has to work with this or that person for the ultimate good of all, he will.
      His mentality is clearly shown in the testimonials in above link.

      Another note: not all oligarchs created their wealth by looting the country. You want to be friends with these as they not only have money, but also oftentimes brains and drive, and can be very useful for the good of the country.

      The name of the oligarch you mention above is unfamiliar to me, and I know these pretty well. This could be another hoax. Same as by the way, Euroclear is unfamiliar to me. This is saying something.

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      • The man in question is:

        I believe he is a close friend of Putin’s. I have no idea to what extent he is an actual mid-level oligarch or if this is a total lie by the West. But he is said to be Putin’s point man on the Ukraine, and has been for a number of years. Or so they say. And this guy, as well as Oleg Tsarev of the Ukraine, look like genuine success stories, not just political animals.

        In any case, my purpose was to point out the view or attack that might be used regarding Putin. It is obvious that a large percentage of Ukrainians do have a negative view of Putin, and this is from before the current war started. So we need to understand why.

        Your point about Putin trying to use or turn enemies into allies is true, and it is one of the interesting things about him. Really a stellar trait. However, many of the oligarchs in Russia are obviously not helping Russia, they are trying to overthrow Putin. But the law protects the innocent and the Devil himself, as the saying goes.

        So I am trying to suggest why sincere people might have doubts about Putin. Just today, in a radio interview, a sincere person had doubts because Putin has seemed to do so little about the banking system. Almost all the other problems stem from the banking root. This is true, and my defense of Putin was that basically the system got set up under Western control, and that is very hard to change. The Money Power really are the NWO. My general defense of Putin was that he really only had a sufficiently stable and powerful position in the last few years, and he has been dealing with international crises and various reform efforts, such as with the military. So not much time and energy has been left for dealing with banking.

        This is all meant as suggestions. I hear all the complaints about Putin regularly, maybe more than you do. Like you, I almost feel like writing a couple of long articles to refute most of the negative stuff.

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  14. Good article my lady, some time’s i believe in God some time’s i don’t, this time i see God though you God bless you and to does who are bring’s change the like’s of Mr Putin I’ll be waiting for your article about Africa and i’d love to get some of your book’s i’ll first google them if i don’t get peace i’ll be in touch. LOVE YOU.

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  15. Dear Lada~~I would love sharing a meal with you and drinks of your choice. I have lived on this wonderful blue sphere for 70 years young and into politics a lot of those years starting with the murder JFK, RK, Martin Luther King, and on it goes, thinking as a young one and wondering how this could happen and why? The why of all things took me on a journey to now. My point is, I am so happy to have found you, know that you are fresh air to me and love learning about Russia and Putin. When I was introduced to the BRICS Alliance and their work, inspired new hope for our future, for all of Humanity. I could go on and on but only looking forward to more from you and your wisdom and insight.

    I thank you, Lada

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  16. I found this clip from ZDF, a major German public service channel.

    Here the trusted news anchor Claus Kleber talks about the Ukraine. I have translated the most important part:
    “It is difficult to distinguish truth from propaganda…. Propaganda in all major Russian-speaking channels lets millions of people believe that in Kiev there are bloodthirsty fascists planing genocide on ethnic Russians in the east of Ukraine. We and many other media sources have investigated these claims, and have found that in Kiev there are no such fascists, at least not in leading positions. Even so, we get lots of letters claiming this to be so.”

    In Sweden and Germany we have “independent” public service TV. It is paid for by the people by mandatory fees, and is therefore totally “independent” and “trustworthy”. When Herr Kleber says there are no fascists in Kiev, then there are no fascists in Kiev!

    At least in Sweden most people blindly believe in their trustworthy media.
    In Sweden the press lies by omission. Eg. “We asked an expert, Herr
    Svensson, professor at the University of Stockholm, and he says that: Xxxxxxxxxxxxx”
    This way the Swedish press deceives the public without lying!

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    • Thank you, great testimonial! We need to know all about this!


    • I’ve lived in Sweden for more than 30 years and the MSM here is no more independent than the rest of the Western countries.

      Large parts of media is owned by Stenbeck family – Bonnier family.

      The industries are owned controlled by the Wallenberg family as well as banking.

      The assasination of Olof Palme and Estonia are good signs of what has been going on here as well as the fear debating imigrant policies that has failed for decades.

      Everybody is afraid of being called racist and nobody in power takes responsability or are liabel for their actions.

      MSM is slamming Putin which tells a lot. Sweden is deeply in bed with the US…

      The shiny fasade is cracking!!

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      • One of the best alternative media stations I know of is based in Sweden. It is called Red Ice Radio, , The founder of Red Ice Radio, Henrik Palmgren, makes really good interviews with really interesting guests. First hour of interviews are free, second hour is for members only.
        Here you can learn the ugly truth about Sweden, one of the most totalitarian states in the so called free world! Henrik calls Sweden a “scientific dictatorship”, and I tend to agree.
        Themes of Red Ice Radio are geopolitics, alternative science and history, NWO, 9-11, secret spaceprogram and the breakaway civilisation, and much more.
        Henrik represents the more materialistic and gloomy aspects of our current reality and should be augmented by more spiritual blogs like yours, Lada!

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        • If Red Ice was putting out anything harmful to the Swedish Scientific Dictatorship why would they be allowed to exist? Concur with establishing a balance between material and spiritual education.


  17. Dear Lada,

    This is an outstanding article you wrote, my compliments!

    I am new to your website/blog, came here via Kauilapele’s blog!

    Being from the Netherlands and thus deeply involved in everything happening in Ukraine I was very pleased to find this article and posted it on my FB so my friends can read it too! Really neccesary, since the/our MSM is distorting the truth.
    It all looked very promising in the beginning, our MP being very carefull as to who was to blame for the planecrash, but it was really obvious that he was “instructed” to go in the other direction, so instead of waiting for the investigation and the truth to come out, as he said before, he went along, or had to go along, with the rest of EU and the US in pointing the finger at RU without any investigation. A lot of people in Holland do know what is going on here though, and it is very obvious, at least to people who are a bit in “the know”, how things are manipulated in the media through the US. They scream and shout and all we hear is their side and never “the other” side. I am very gratefull to be able to read articles that fill the gaps and that what I think/believe, deep down, is actually true!
    I praise Putin for being so restrained in this matter, bravo! Sanctions from US/EU won’t solve the problem and are far to premature and stupid in my humble opinion, so I don’t blame Putin for his! In Holland we say: Who throws the ball first can expect it right back! But in this time of financial troubles it is really stupid for US/EU to do so!

    Hope everything will turn out for the better, for everyone, so all those people on that airplane did not die for nothing…..

    Chapeau Lada, hope to read lots more!

    Kind regards,
    Christa ;-))

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  18. @emilr73

    Your spot on there are off course good media in Sweden as well I simply described MSM. There are other sources as well such as Canal2ndOpinion Red Ice Radio is great I totally agree.

    Good point again emilr73..


  19. Dear Lada

    first time commenter but avid reader of your blog. First off let me say that I really enjoy your insights and your perspective on things, as well as your overall positive and powerful energy. Many thanks for your continued contribution.

    Maybe you are following “American Kabuki”; if not, here’s an interesting post that kind of pertains to the topic of this article of yours. All the talk about supposed agendas aside, the depicted parallels in Obama / Putin election advertisments are quite striking and in a way even unsettling. What do you think?


    • Thank you for the good words. 🙂
      And thank you for so vividly illustrating the point of my article: I think you are an excellent example of the confused people I’ve talked about.The two halfs of your comment clearly contradict each other.

      First, you are confusing compaigning and real people’s actions.
      Second, you do realize that Putin was elected on March 3, 2012 and Obama on November 5, 2012, don’t you? Did it ever occur to you that Obama’s campaign managers stole Putin’s successful campaign elements, adopting them to American reality/mentality?

      The blog you refer to makes it seem as if Obama’s campaign was first and Putin copied it, while the opposite is true. Kabuki indeed – the theater of illusion.

      Me – I am for truth and for dispelling the fog of the illusion.

      But apart from that, how can you even compare Putin and Obama. Putin does everything to stop wars – Obama ignites them; Putin is for cooperation – Obama serves (whether he wants to or not) those who want to divide and conquer. Not to mention: Putin is a real leader – Obama is a fugurehead, who decides very little.
      I suggest you judge people by their actions, not silly pictures.
      I thought my article was more than clear on all that.

      You can read my 2012 predictions for both of those elections under Predictions – scroll down to bottom.


      • Thanks for your fast and elaborate reply, Lada.

        I was not suggesting that those two politicians should be compared. I just wanted to post the article since I felt it was somehow related to what you wrote – even if suggesting quite the opposite. I am not connected with the American Kabuki blog nor do I advocate their opinion.

        Thank you for clarifying the timing of the respective campaigns. It does make a difference which came first.


        • Sure. I am also glad you clarified that you are not connected to that blog. I usually wouldn’t approve a link to a publication that, in this case, I feel helps sreate the confusion, as my goal is to clarify the truth.
          In this case, since you seem like a good follower, I’ve felt that it was a good idea to respond properly. Please forgive my frustration as it seems to me that the points I’ve made in the above report are clear. I would really love for people to be able to start using their own reason and judgement.
          I know, it’s difficult when you are being bombarded with conflicting – and oftentimes deliberately distorted – propaganda.

          Best regards,


  20. Thank you, Lada, for the monumental article (I am still reading…) The following quote resonates well with the vilification of Russia/its stronger leaders throughout history as illustrated in the documentary that I recently translated (in comments on YouTube):

    [quote]This is important to understand! Are they after vilifying Russia? Yes, they are. But we must be clear that the above headline, just like many others, are much more targeted. Did you notice they don’t say ‘Russia?’ THEY BLAME PERSONALLY PUTIN. If you look around the MSM output, you will see that Putin, not necessarily Russia, is in the headlines. Why? Because this is done specifically to unseat Putin. [/quote]


  21. You are so right in this:
    [quote]The difference is, some of us came back to our senses and saw the truth, while others are still asleep and happily deluded. For the first time, I saw the truth during the 1990s bombings of Yugoslavia by US and NATO.[/quote]

    That was a time of quiet, helpless indignation and awakening, seeing another country torn to bits and Russia in shackles, under the puppet that was Yeltsin, incapable of helping.
    Back then, there was more public outcry, though. I remember posters from Loesje in the Norwegian subway, reading “Where are the NATO cheerleaders?!” and such. This time around, with Ukriane and MH-17, I only see apathy.


  22. Stuart Harlan Doblin

    Thank You Lada for spending your earth-energy to compose your analysis for those of us who simply pursue other paths, yet want to enlighten ourselves from those, ‘in the know’.

    One comment: You wrote,

    “In short, I can tell you what it is: it is called fear, the built-in human emotion that is supposed to safeguard us from danger. It’s a very useful warning mechanism; yet, due to the misused human ego and mind games, fear most of the time becomes the reason for the humans’ self-fulfilling prophecy.”

    Lada, here is my take on fear; And take it or leave it.

    Fear is not an emotion.

    Fear is a Response!

    Response to What?


    Uncertainty is ‘NOT’ a, “built-in human emotion”.

    Uncertainty is a MENTAL Conclusion based on false facts (id est, illusions of truth).

    Fear Ends when we learn to conclude otherwise.

    That’s the spiritual Goal – Ending Fear through the visualization of truth, since fear carries no emotional agenda, fear is not spiritual or real or lasting or anything other than doubt, so doubt that fear is real, and fear is no more.

    Further, Fear is not, “a very useful warning mechanism”.

    “Sincerity” : is a ‘warning mechanism’, since those who are insincere are evil. Or separated from Unity.

    And one should distance oneself from evil or those with impure motives, since the goal of love is to be United with everything.

    I was one of those ‘confused’ who was uncertain that Putin and His Realm maybe a Political Ghost (tending toward power and privilege over people of the demos).

    I define a, “Political Ghost”, as an apparition waiting for an uncertainly to enter into form, neither negative or positive – until realized.

    Now however, with your musings, I believe Putin and His Realm of Advisors to eagerly seek independence from both The Empire of Chaos and it’s Global Designs — inevitably increasing freedom, and by extension, benefiting us all, whether we are aware of his Purity or not.

    “Self-fulfilling prophecy” arises from ignorance, not fear.

    Since the ignorant are unaware of, ‘potential political options’ they tend to recreate their own demise, since their ignorance has permitted the designs of their life to be scripted by the suggestions of others who sought to deceive them – and unfortunately succeeded!


    • Thanks, dear. This is a very good analysis. Really, this is semantics though – we are talking about the same thing ;).
      The root of all you are talking about is fear, of course, which comes from the separation form the mother’s womb. This has been researched and confirmed on many, many levels, including medical, shamanic, and spiritual. Under hypnosis too.
      I might expand on this at some point.
      Ignorance is a sister of fear. 😉



  23. Stuart Harlan Doblin


    “Let me state it simply” – –

    Thesis : fear : is : centered-in-doubt

    Antithesis: doubt is not real

    Synthesis: fear is not real


  24. Stuart Harlan Doblin

    “Ignorance is a sister of fear.”

    Fear has no family.

    Fear has no brothers.

    Fear has no sisters.

    Fear has no mother.

    Fear has no father.

    Fear is a bastard child without “true parents”.

    The one and only parent of fear is “nonsense”.

    “Fear is “maintained” by discrimination.

    Neither: ‘Nonsense’ : N/OR : ‘Discrimination” exist in the Spiritual World of Truth without borders – for non-sense is non-rational or incoherent, and “Discrimination” is learned ‘cult’ or ‘cultish’ behavior, both non-traditionally held by those of esteem, as, “nonsense spoken by a cult member (or nonsense bespoken of an idiot)”.

    Ignorance has a family; and one member is innocence.

    Innocence is connected to Joy.

    Joy is Pure Love.

    Love is incompatible with fear or ignorance.

    Ignorance is not a sister of fear.

    “Ignorance is a sister of fear.”


  25. Stuart Harlan Doblin

    Lada, Hugs.

    I love you.

    I really do.

    And while words don’t matter, their meanings do; so yes, I agree wholeheartedly with you, your understanding is one-hundred-percent correct – I feel you.

    English is a difficult language to master.


    “The root of all you are talking about is fear, of course, which comes from the separation form the mother’s womb. This has been researched and confirmed on many, many levels, including medical, shamanic, and spiritual. Under hypnosis too.”

    Lada, Life is a Continuum.

    Physical Birth is not the Beginning.

    And Death, is not the end.

    You know this.

    When I was birthed, I was bathed in narcotics. The pediatric community of nine-teen-sixty-two in Chicago, Illinois, was so UNNatural and Unkind to nature, that I KID YOU NOT!! – the doctor planned my birth around his tee time in Golf that afternoon. I mean just that!! The delivering doctor had a game at five. I was sedated at two-forty-five with expected delivery at three-o’clock. With some effort of will I re-arranged the time-sequence and delivery was at two-fifty-nine that afternoon.

    I experienced no fear at birth; I was comfortably sedated in lala land 0 Unfortunately for my mind-SET – I didn’t come fully through for quite some time – I’d say the aneasthesia given to my mother was more akin to a hammer to the head – it took me quite some time to come back again.

    Anyway, you say fear in childbirth.

    Not for me!

    Pure Ecstasy@

    Now, in 2014, “Would I recommend herbs instead of drugs?” Certainly. And salves, and lotions and potions, and music, and community too!


    • Sounds like you are born an earth angel/lightworker (do you know what this is?), but your full spectrum of emotional body was dulled and suppressed by drugs at birth. Happens a lot to EAs, esp. in the US. Vaccines do that too. Emotional body is the interface humans need when they incarnate in 3d reality. Due to current distortions in the earthly energy grid, human emotional bodies function very badly. This is why today we have so much imbalance in the world.

      Note to self and Az: We should really do an episode on Lada Ray Live about this!


      • Stuart Harlan Doblin


        I’m wondering if we could agree that, ‘fear has a therapeutic value’, in that, when fear arises, therapy is needed, and from therapy we can discover through learning how best to choose to avoid fear from arising, and if fear no longer occurs, then life could be said to be free of fear, which means, total love has returned.

        So I agree with you that, ‘fear has value’ – though only for the confused, those of us who are certain, need not entertain that fear has any value, since there is nothing to fear – if all our value – is all in-spirit.

        My response to, “Do I know what an earth angel/lightworker is?”
        “No, I really don’t know what an earth angel/lightworker is – so do educate me when you can!” Can i still eat warmed chocolate brownies with coconut gelato?


  26. Another character assassination of Putin. This time it sounded as if he was personally driving a tank into Ukraine, when Reuters was parroting Ukrainian reports (or is it the other way around) and again crying “wolf, wolf, Putin invaded Ukraine”:


  27. Lada, you are correct that NWO no longer belongs to the shadowy realms, but is fully in the open:


  28. Lada, here is another one: Putin, I hear, singlehandedly caused the ebola outbreak in Africa! He is to be congratulated. Despite all of the efforts of all the finest diabolical minds employed for the profits of the pharmaceutical industry, not one of them has been able to hit that magical jackpot. But along comes Putin! The guy’s amazing!

    Good rebuttal of the NWO disinformation. I only had time to scan the latter half, but you put the information together well and present a good argument.

    I wrote to about 50 of my relatives in May (if I recall right) and explained that a lot of lies were being told by the US press about Putin. I got back only one response from a rabid Russophobe, who has been trying to convince me since then that Putin is evil.

    I finally wrote him with this:
    XXXX, Putin is a hold-out. You and I are participants in a game of musical
    chairs. We are not hurting, and nothing seems to be happening, but one day,
    someone powerful will want something we have. If we fight back, we will be
    declared terrorists, too, and the American taxpayer will gladly fork over
    money to help exterminate us, never mind that only someone else will benefit
    from our demise and robbery. It is a proven winning strategy, so bank on it.

    He shot back that I was hateful, and then presented his laundry list of Putin’s sins (mostly debunked). I got to thinking about that tactic of accusing someone of precisely what it is he himself is doing. This is what America is doing too, obviously. It is one of the tried and true tactics of psychopathy, along with playing mind games to elicit emotional responses. I never actually met XXXX, but decided he is a candidate for complete subsequent exclusion from my life as a possible psychopath.

    Regarding the Germans, I recall years back when Generation X (I’m on the young end of the Baby Boomers) was declared politically apathetic and money-oriented. I was so disappointed. “What a bunch of spoiled schmucks!” Years later, Noam Chomsky explained that that had been a lie by the media in concert with business interests, and it had very successfully driven a wedge between the generations, making socially conscious Gen. Xers feel like freaks. This was the early 1980s. We were being manipulated way back then. Therefore, without actually meeting and talking to the people, I wouldn’t judge them.

    The Japanese are generally clueless about events overseas, but in talking to them, I find three out of four recognize that no proof has been presented of any of the allegations against Russia at this time. The fourth is emotionally wedded to the idea that Putin is evil.

    Since I am not living in America, I have no way of ascertaining the real mood of the people over there. It may be that most of my relatives there are just scared of coming forward in defiance of government policy, which is clearly leaning toward war. But chances are, with the wall-to-wall disinformation and a real sense of an impending crisis, they are terrified of Russia.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Putin caused ebola – that’s a good one. Psychopaths – that’s exactly right. Very good analysis of the state of mind of people in the West, Pat.
      Interesting about the mentality of the Japanese and Gen X.

      I think you are lucky to have intl background and to live outside the US. International experience acts as immunization of sorts against brainwashing by expanding your horizons.
      I can’t stop being amazed how easy it is to manipulate and sway humans. We have new LadaRayLive episodes coming up about mind control. This is very, very disturbing and I just see every day even from comments by some readers, many of which I don’t bother publishing, how widespread it is.

      Liked by 1 person

  29. Harun Aminurasyid

    Hi Lada Ray,
    Greeting from Singapore.
    I falled in love reading all ur articles and maybe with u too.
    May u always in good health and been protected by the Almighty.
    Harun Aminursyid

    Liked by 1 person

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