Russian Submarines Target ISIL (Daesh) in Syria from Mediterranean. What Does it Mean?

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I very rarely post videos with direct weapons usage on my blog. But this is one exception. I thought this impressive video was worth posting as it demonstrates clearly how the conflict in Syria is developing. It also shows that Russia is serious about both dealing with ISIL – Daesh and with showing who is in control of the situation.

In ESR5: SYRIA GAME CHANGER we’d discussed the surprise Russian cruise missile strikes from Caspian Sea. This is something new and it sends another signal. What is this signal, and what’s really going on around Syria and Turkey?

I have received many requests from readers to address what is happening and how to interpret that UK, Germany, US and others have sent troops and/or suddenly decided to bomb Syria. There are reports of the US bombing Syrian government troops (deaths reported) under the pretext of bombing Islamist ISIL/Daesh. On another note, Turkey began illegal ground invasion of Iraq, citing the ‘protection of Kurds’ and infuriating the Iraqi government.

All these aren’t isolated accidents. One of our readers suggested it reminded him of the 19th century Crimean War, where Turkey, UK, France and other Western powers ganged up on Russia.

To me it’s much more like the 1941-1945 Great War (Western: World War II). What do I mean? All to be explained in the upcoming ESR7!

The connections between all of the above, plus the downing of the Russian jet in Syria and Russian civilian plane’s bombing in Sinai Egypt, are clear. Together with what’s happening in Ukraine, Crimea, Moldova, Armenia, Turkey, Central Asia and the Balkans, these are all parts of the huge battle for the control of Eurasia. The biggest battles are fought in several historically volatile energy knots: Middle East, Balkans, and Caspian – Black Sea basins. All of these areas are in fact next to each other and are historically inter-connected.

I see them all as one large planetary tension center. Together they constitute the most vulnerable point, or what is called the ‘soft underbelly of Russia.’ In addition, these areas target the destabilization of China and India.

This is why the world’s biggest geopolitical and military shocks will continue in these parts, and this is why peace that we all hope for will be difficult to achieve in these parts for a while. In fact the crisis will deepen – it’ll get worse before it gets better.

As we have observed, the crisis has spilled into the most well-to-do and quiet areas of Europe in the form of the refugee crisis. But someone is orchestrating this crisis. If you think it’s Erdogan and Turkey – that’s only on the surface.

All this and more to be discussed in:

Earth Shift Report 7


Erdogan, Davutoglu & Ottoman Empire

Coming Sunday, December 13! 
Stay tuned!

Turkey conundrum 2


This new report should be treated as the continuation and logical progression of ESR5: SYRIA GAME CHANGER. It’ll pick up where the former left off.

ESR5 Syria Game Changer 2


It is also a logical development of ESR6: UKRAINE – NEW KHAZARIAN KHAGANATE?


THE BATTLE FOR EURASIA may become a new series of reports. We’ll see how my readers like this one. If you do enjoy it, please write testimonials on FT after you’ve read it, and perhaps in future ESRs I’ll be able to reveal the clandestine developments and convoluted games played in other important areas of Eurasia!

I plan to release ESR7 by the end of this week (early next week the very latest), so you all have plenty of time to read and digest it well before the holidays.

Let’s hope that nothing extremely terrible happens during this holiday season and we can at least relax and have a nice Christmas/New Year’s celebration with our families!




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  1. Unfortunately having a safe and happy winter holiday in Eurasia is fast setting if these puppet masters have their way. As for Asia the correct geographic terms are Western Asia-Near East, Central Asia-Middle East, East Asia-Far East.


  2. Dear Lada,

    I think you are correct, there seems a trend that certain things which have worked for them in the past are repeated, I have picked up on the same here. The good news is that if this is the case then they are out of new ideas… communism has affected the economy badly for the West, and under communism there is little development and crashing monitory systems. The faster they print new money, the quicker it devaluates and the faster they dig their own grave.
    The problem with a dictatorship is you don’t do anything for yourself, and you are responsible for nothing, nobody have to think, you just do what you have to. Productivity is poor and this makes dictators weak.
    If you are sovereign, you do and think for yourself, and the more you do the better you and those around you do, the faster everything develops. Productivity is excellent, and this makes free people strong.
    I guess it is nature’s way of balancing dictators from getting too much power. Unfortunately dictators are so caught up in controlling everyone else they do not see how they fail, and the more there are controlling, the less productive everything gets.


  3. Saw a report this morning but cannot find it again (Lol!) that the UK bombed the Syrian Army position on the weekend! Would not be surprised. Russia is definitely flexing its technology and cautioning those who oppose it. Syria and Iraq are insisting on UN follow up on International Law requirements. About time the UN did something useful. Galactic Federation through Sheldan Nidle this morning augers well for implementation of all sorts of wonderful changes before xmas and in the New Year…Yes Please!


  4. It has come to my attention that USA bombed a Syrian military base (according to Syrian government), killing 3 Syrian soldiers, and now USA attempts to shift the blame for it on Russia…


    • @Nemo, according to a newsreader of one of the west Eurpean Nato members it might have been the Syrian air defense itself doing this as the Syrians are known to be a little ‘sloppy’!


  5. Perhaps one thing it means is that countries can protect themselves somewhat from NATO predators at a low cost. The submarine was a legally exportable type, and the entire cost, including the missiles would not be that great. Aircraft carrier protection.

    Russia is testing weapons and using the war to illustrate how she has modernized and has a powerful military, not what the Western media have been saying over the last twenty years.

    On a different topic, I read an article in a Russian blog about Davutoglu’s book “Strategic Depth”, which argued for the use of insurgent gangs, such as al-Nusra or ISIL. Apparently, this was a common tactic by the Ottoman Empire. It seems it was cheaper to use gangs to weaken enemies or neighbors as opposed to a military, which can be expensive. Can’t say they didn’t let everyone know what they were thinking.


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