Europe is Kaput – Long live Europe! Slavoj Žižek, Yanis Varoufakis, Julian Assange (ENG/Español)

We are starting a new LADA RAY RECOMMENDS series on Lada Ray YT channel. Usually, posts in this series will be in English, or with English subs. Sometimes, we may have Spanish or German translations. We will also have some pieces in Russian. The views expressed in such pieces may not coincide with Lada’s own, but we think they are interesting or valuable and are worth hearing. Any comments can be left here on FT, as discussion will be disabled on YouTube. Let’s see how it goes with this trial run.

Installment #1

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Europe is Kaput – Long live Europe!

Slavoj Žižek, Yanis Varoufakis, Julian Assange

(ENG/Español subs)

This controversial piece gives a lot of food for thought.

Philosopher Slavoj Žižek, former Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis, and Wikileaks founder Julian Assange discuss Europe’s future. With the recent economic crisis in Greece, unprecedented challenges to centralised European policy, and the lack of consensus on the ongoing refugee crisis, many would agree that Europe faces its greatest ever predicament. Slavoj Žižek, regarded as ‘the most dangerous philosopher in the West’ (The New Republic), and Yanis Varoufakis, self-described ‘erratic Marxist’ and economic ‘rock-star’ (Business Insider and other publications), met in Croatia in 2013. They have never appeared together on the public stage – until now. Take your seat to hear them discuss the urgent task of building a different and more democratic Europe. The conversation explores the contradictions of late capitalism and some of the solutions that might just save the European project. It is moderated by Croatian philosopher Srecko Horvat.
Nov 2015. Content warning: adult language.

Disclaimer: This video is posted for the purposes of information, education and mind expansion. The views and opinions expressed in this video do not necessarily reflect the views of Lada Ray and FuturisTrendcast.

Event venue: Southbank Centre, UK,


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  1. Democracy is communism. It always is short lived before it converts to a dictatorship, and was defined as communism more than 2000 years ago. The word democracy has been presented falsely as a good system while back at the ranch (so to speak) it is probably THE worst there is. That is why the communist West were all forced under democracies, they are all corrupt, they are all bankrupt, and they all serve the world power. There is not one singe example of a democracy that has ever been successful in the history of the world.

    As for the video, Lada, I think it is disgusting. Open borders ? One Europe ? That is just a blow up to convince people to destroy who they are. It would be like opening your borders and let Africa in there. Why don’t you ?

    I looked at a video where an English farmer in Russia asked Pres Putin a question. The first thing Putin asked him is why is he in Russia, ok. Who you are is very important, because if you give up your identity then you have no country. If you don’t have your own land to put your feet on, you have no right of existence and you become a beggar and you are at the mercy of others… who will abuse you. That is why countries have borders.

    Here is a better video instead – The Call of the Oaken Grove (Europa Arise!)


  2. Great video Lada we had three great thinkers talking about real issues effecting Europe and the whole World for once.


  3. Excellent recommendation Lada; thanks.

    Happy new year🙂


  4. Hi, Lady Lada ! Sorry for being off topic, but recently Pepe Escobar posted something interesting and it is related to Saudi Oil vs Russia Oil, i think you would like it, here;


  5. Dear Lada,

    Please do not post this. With reference to the video above I would like to offer you these video’s to watch. Race is More than Skin Color! Race Differences in Intelligence Race Situation in America – Jared Taylor in Russia.
    I have some international studies that (are hard to find) which explains the differences between races, it corresponds to the video’s but have more detail.
    In the last video Jared says that racial integration is there to destroy people, and he suggested that you Russians must protect your race.

    How is it done ? During the 2nd Anglo Boer War, the Englishman lord Milner said, the Boers are a proud people, the only way to destroy him is to impoverish (make him poor) and to integrate him with other races.

    It has been done since Babylonian times, racial integration destroy people. When people are made poor on top of that, then their standard of life drops as does their self esteem, and integration is easier to achieve (called anti-apartheid which is forced integration).

    This joins with the next post you made regarding the banks. It is the purpose of the Zionist English to destroy all races on the earth that are a thinking people, because they are a threat to these jews. These jews are the communists, the Bolsheviks, the Crown, the world controllers, the one world order. The only way they can be something is if they destroy all opposition.

    The poorer they can make a country, the easier integration will take place. That is why all the democratic countries are bankrupt, they are sucked dry by the Crown, they are all pro race mixing, and none of these countries are developing or producing. They are all (including sic South Africa) on their way back to the stone age.

    If Russia allows these banks to exploit the people, you will never get ahead. Besides funding your enemy, when the country experiences financial problems due to a failing currency, who gets blamed ? Your government gets blamed. Putin is going to have to explain with a red face why under his presidency has his country failed to provide for itself. When the people lost their confidence in their government and tensions build up due to harsh living conditions, the corrupters will be ready to offer their false promises to the people, who will accept. They did the same after WW1 and again after WW2. Why do you think these banks cause the wars, and even finance both sides of the wars ? Simply because who ever wins is in debt to them, and their slaves have to work for them.

    Slavery has never been abolished, it is still practiced, only in another form, and the worst is the media brainwashed people think they are free, but have no perception of what freedom is. The problem is that people are taught to accept certain things readily when it offers insidious advantages, and in a short while the cards suddenly are turned. They achieve these goals quite easily simply by keeping the public busy in the media with stupid unimportant issues. In Natal there is a lady called Penny Sparrow. If you google it, you will find pages and pages and pages of accusations and threats simply because she called blacks monkeys. But that there is an illegal foreign Zionist instated government ruling, a genocide, slavery practiced, and around 100 000 “whites” murdered and a full scale massacre on the cards, the absolute corruption and incompetence and more…, none of this reaches the outside world and is not in any media. Democracy aka communism never reports it’s failures. Even that we have the highest violent crime rate in the world gets under-reported and the disarmament must continue. There is not an international crime that is not committed here.

    The democrats announced a while back that they are going to integrate “South Africa” now as soon as possible. All our adverts are black on white. This is genocide under the UN’s own “laws”, which they oversee here and approves, because “apartheid” has been made a crime. The communist UN is in violation of their own laws.

    Just a note on Russia’s relationship with the ANC government. I suspect pres Putin is under the impression that “South Africa” approves with the actions of Russia being in the BRICKS group together. Not so. “South Africa” may vote with Russia and China on some issues, but all we see on the media is how wonderful Obama is and how they are fighting terrorism in the middle-east. I mentioned numerous times that the wars against Russia ( the good guys) are financed from here.

    I also asked for help on how we can contact pres Putin. I submitted three documents to him already, and received no response. He either did not receive it, or he does not think it is worth reacting to. The Fraud of South Africa pdf I sent to pres Putin is the one you received, which you haven’t read. If there is any lie in, the local government, Justice department, and more would have attacked me from all sides. Not a word, because they know it is the truth. By not responding they hope I will go away and forget the issues so that they can continue doing what they are, or they will try to get rid of me permanently.

    We, the Boers, would like to send a representative to Russia regarding the wars financed from here, and request support in getting our country back. We can pay Russia from our own resources when we get our own back, we also understand that any government expenses is paid by the Russian people and we do not want that.

    Please read that document I sent you, and if you disagree with the content, I will gladly offer proof of anything in it. Part of enlightenment is having the knowledge about the tings most people do not pay attention to which can have grave effect on them.

    Keep well, and thanks for taking the time.


    • Hi Fanie,
      To your question: you can contact the Administration of the Russian President. I’m sure there is contact info online. Any president’s administration receives millions of such requests. If there is an interest, I’m sure they’ll reply.
      I hope this answers your question and closes this issue.


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