Explosive Consequences of Putin-Erdogan St.Petersburg Meeting and Earth Shifting Changes it Foretells!

Addendum to ESR13: ERDOGAN’S WAR



Russian President Vladimir Putin and Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan attend a news conference following their meeting in St. Petersburg


Putin and Erdogan met in St. Petersburg on August 9, 2016. The meeting followed the failed Turkish coup and an equally failed double attack by Ukraine on Crimea, which occurred between 5 and 7 of August. Erdogan made sure he emphasized that Russia was the first country he visited after surviving the coup. This is diplomatic speak to underline the special importance of said country.

Just prior to the meeting, Erdogan threatened to boot out US military from Turkish NATO bases and instead, let the Russians use them. A turnaround especially stunning, considering Turkey’s long-standing NATO membership and the 2015 story with Turkey shooting down the Russian Su24 and killing the Russian pilot.

Throughout ESR13, you have read all about these developments, complete with my secret intel, theories and revelations. When I released ESR13 on August 8 just before the Putin-Erdogan meeting, I also explained the staggeringly important role this meeting and Turkey-Russia negotiations would play in the ongoing Earth Shift (also see TRENDS & PREDICTIONS). Changes of great magnitude are afoot, and Erdogan-Putin meeting is one of the harbingers.

In this addendum I will tell you what really happened during the Erdogan-Putin meeting.

Erdogan repeatedly called Putin ‘esteemed Vladimir’ or ‘esteemed Russian President Putin,’ which is a very Middle Eastern way of offering an olive branch and underscoring how important the counterpart is to you. Putin, as far as I could tell, echoed that just once with ‘esteemed President Erdogan.’ No first name basis here.

In the report I predicted that Russia would be cautious with Turkey after the Su24 incident. The signal on the Turkish side was very clear: ‘we very much want to make up and be in good graces again.’ On the Russian side: ‘sure, we are all for it, and here are our immediate signs of good will, but other than that, we’ll see how you behave going forward, shall we?’

Before departing to Russia for the meeting, Erdogan made an announcement that much time was lost and that Turkey was eager to get back on track with two extremely important projects: Turkish Stream and Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant.

The Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant (TurkishAkkuyu Nükleer Enerji Santrali) is a nuclear power plant under construction at Akkuyu, in BüyükeceliMersin Province, Turkey. It will be the country’s first nuclear power plant. In May 2010, Russia and Turkey signed an agreement that a subsidiary of Rosatom — Akkuyu NGS Elektrik Uretim Corp. (APC: Akkuyu Project Company) — would build, own, and operate a power plant at Akkuyu comprising four 1,200 MW VVER units. Engineering and survey work started at the site in 2011. The construction of the first unit was to begin in 2016, with the four units put into service in 2022–25. In 2013, Russian nuclear construction company Atomstroyexport (ASE) and Turkish construction company Ozdogu signed the site preparation contract. The official launch ceremony took place in April 2015.


In ESR13 we discussed the mis-adventures of South Stream and Turkish Stream, along with reasons why it was so important for the US and Germany to sabotage them.

Akkuyu is a somewhat different story. Russians gave Turkey an amazing deal as part of the pre-2015 push to get Turkey on the Russian side and away from US influence. Part of the deal was that Russia would finance and build the power plant, with profits for its exploitation deferred for a number of years. The deal was an absolute windfall for Turkey, which would greatly reduce, or eliminate all-together the long-standing energy shortage basically for free. Then Turkish treacherous actions took place, including ISIS/Daesh help and the shooting down of Su24. Throughout the meeting, Erdogan kept referring to it as ‘the unfortunate event.’

Erdogan and other Turkish officials/businesspeople arriving to Russia all confirmed how eager they were to restart both Akkuyu, whose construction was supposed to begin in 2016, and Turkish Stream. Too much time has been lost, Erdogan kept repeating like a mantra.

In other words, they acted exactly as I predicted. Meanwhile, Russia also acted as I predicted: willingly, but cautiously.

Russians agreed to restart the Akkuyu project. A large part of the negotiations was behind the closed doors, to avoid various sabotage attempts from the same parties that organized Su24 downing and the Turkish coup. I am sure many details of various deals will never be announced before the deals actually materialize into reality. However, the general intel I have received is that Russians have renegotiated the earlier deals in a more beneficial way, since Turkey came back in a greatly weakened position.

Turkey is equally eager to get back on track with Turkish Stream. “We lost a lot of time” was repeated over and over in a somewhat contrite (amazing for a Muslim country) manner. Turkey underscored how much they wanted to get back to the lucrative international project Russians practically gifted to them in 2015.

However, that’s when a bucket of cold water was dumped on Turkey. Putin has re-affirmed that Russia remained committed to Turkish Stream, but only if and when Turkey obtains written legal guarantees from the EU that Europe wants Russian gas arriving via Turkish Stream and that EU cooperation is forthcoming.

Russia has also confirmed that they will restart Turkish Stream where it concerns Turkish internal gas supply only. In other words, for now the project is scaled down to the bilateral Russia-Turkey pipeline. Turkey, as I pointed out in previous ESRs, is suffering from energy shortages and high consumer energy prices. This includes electric power, as well as fuel for heating and cooking – many still use wood-burning and very polluting old-fashioned stoves, even in big centers such as Istanbul and Ankara. Therefore, it’s a necessary project, but not of the scale and scope that was initially intended. However, the same surveys and foundation used for Turkish pipe can be used later to expand it to continue to Europe, when the landscape changes. And it will change.

Additionally, it’s actually good to advertize officially the scaled down version of the project – this may, at least in part, discourage future attacks by the US. It’s a hybrid war and rule number 1 is: don’t advertize your moves to the enemy.

As I explained in ESR13 above, the sabotage of South Stream, and later of Turkish Stream, were necessary to delay the breakup of the predatory US Empire. South Stream – Turkish Stream would give a lot more sovereignty to Southern and Central Europe, leading to the weakening of the EU with subsequent breakup, and in turn, weakening US positions.

And another breaking news! As Turkey was proclaiming how eager they were to restart Turkish Stream, Bulgaria suddenly announced that they have again changed their minds and were now ready to host South Stream (read the entire story of Bulgaria’s flip-flop and South Stream sabotage in ESR13 and in ESR7: The battle for Eurasia! TURKISH CONUNDRUM). In other words, suddenly there is eager competition between countries to host Russian pipelines. Add to that Germany and Nord Stream 2. The healthy competition is very good, and it will push one of these projects through that much faster. I already told you in ESR13 which project it will be…

Here are two important questions for you to consider, which, once answered, will reveal the true meaning of this big geopolitical game. They’ll explain why ukro-nazi coup in Ukraine had to be executed, why Su24 had to be shot down and why Turkey, EU and Russia had to be kept as enemies:
1. Why is suddenly Bulgaria so brave and wants back into the Russian gas game, after having chickened out the moment Uncle Sam said ‘No’?
2. What will happen to Ukraine after all these projects go through and its old Soviet pipeline becomes obsolete?


1. Make no mistake: Bulgaria really wanted to host the very lucrative South Stream and its refusal to do so is due only to its absolute lack of any sovereignty. Bulgaria is suddenly so brave because this is election time in the US. At this time, US is distracted with the elections and the sell-out Bulgarian government thinks they could sneak in South Stream unnoticed. But just think how puppet and spineless it really is if a simple visit by John McCain had previously put a stop to South Stream. I think South Stream is still preferred, and I can see that Russians may be thinking along the same lines. But its continuation may only be possible when this puppet government is replaced with a very different, sovereignty-minded type of government. Due to the nature of Bulgaria as an extremely apathetic and inertia-ridden state, this will take a while.

2. After pipelines bypassing Ukraine are built, Ukraine will stop having as much value to the US and they’ll drop it as a hot potato, which in turn will cause the bandit regime of ukro-nazi Kiev junta and its pro-US oligarchic clan to implode. This will free up the genuine forces of liberation and Ukraine will make a swift turnaround towards its historic, political and economic ties with Russia. The problem with the territory we presently refer to as Ukraine is that it is an intrinsic part of the Russian World that was successfully infected with a virus of hatred towards everything Russian. Ukraine was targeted specifically because Russians never concealed how important Ukraine was to Russia. The US/West’s logic: If Ukraine is that important, then it is necessary to tear it away. This was why the 2014 Kiev coup was necessary from USA’s standpoint.

One of the major difficulties of dealing with Ukraine’s situation for Russia right now is the fact that the all-Russian/Soviet infrastructure was built as one system, spanning all ex-republics. Therefore, Russian gas pipeline to the EU ran through Ukraine, delivering at its height up to 70% of Russian gas to Europe. Now it’s down to 25% or so. This was a major pressure point against Russia throughout 2000s. You may remember the sudden gas stoppages as a result of Ukraine’s sabotage and stealing of European gas. The manipulation of Russia by the US and various anti-Russian interests through the Ukraine pipe reached staggering proportions, culminating in the 2014 coup.

Therefore, getting the pipe away from Ukraine is a blessing for all: Russia, EU and Ukraine, as well. Ukraine, or what’s left of it, will finally be left alone and allowed to rebuild itself (probably as several separate states and territories associated with Russia).

Therefore, one way or another, more pipelines bypassing Ukraine will be built no matter what. The only question is which countries will end up benefiting from the pipeline going through their territory. This will be determined by how quick on their feet and cooperative these countries are, plus, how smart and sovereign they are. As I said, I know which pipeline will be built first – and it’s all in the report!

In addition to all the above, Turkey continued asking for Russia to remove bans on tourism, air traffic, Turkish agricultural produce imports and Turkish construction companies working in Russia. Turkey made a killing in these areas and Russian money really supported Turkish economy, until Russia put the bans in place following the downing of the Su24.

Russians promised that they would be removing bans little by little. Read: depending on how you behave, we’ll see what we can do. For the time being the tourism ban has been removed and charter flights to Turkey may be resumed soon. However, the terrorist warning for Turkey is still in place and only the most brave dare to go there. Russians aren’t in a hurry to let construction and produce imports back in: they’ll give more time for domestic companies to strengthen and take bigger share of the market.

Unthinkable just recently: Turkey-Russia cooperation in Syria!

After the meeting with ‘esteemed Vladimir’ Erdogan announced that Turkey is inviting Russia to fight jointly against ISIS/Daesh in Syria. This is yet another move by Turkey to spite US and NATO, following earlier threats to boot US troops out of Turkish bases, and after a clash with Germany.

This is a staggering, unthinkable just recently announcement! After all, Turkey just recently helped ISIS/Al-Nusra/Muslim Brotherhood terrorists and Syria/Assad has been Erdogan/Turkey’s mortal enemy.  Read all about that in ESR7: TURKISH CONUNDRUM.

We may soon hear announcements about certain Russia-Turkey joint missions. In my view, Russia will continue being cautious with involving Turkish militarily, until they are sure they can trust them. However, getting Turkey on Russia’s side in Syria and Black Sea vicinity – and on these new, more favorable to Russia conditions – is a huge, huge, HUGE win.

It’s also a HUGE humiliation and loss of face for the US. It has already, and it will continue leading to the weakening of the US and NATO.

We should expect Turkey cooperating with Russia in shutting down its border to Syrian terrorist supplies, oil, money and weapon smuggling. We can also expect better cooperation in securing Black Sea, such as not allowing certain US military ships through and cooperating in allowing faster passage for Russian ships through the straits. All these are still stop-gap measures. As I explained in the report, the issue of Black Sea and Straits has to be resolved in principle: all outsider military ships (read: US military ships, since no other outside country does that) have to be banned from entering. Only the military ships of countries bordering Black Sea should be allowed in Black Sea.

The extreme value of Black Sea, and therefore, the frantic activity around it, is due to one factor only: it is the soft and vulnerable underbelly of Russia. Therefore, surrounding Russia with unfriendly regimes has been US/UK strategy for hundreds of years. I explained how it all works in ESR8: BLACK SEA GAMBIT.

The value and relative vulnerability of Crimea is derived directly from the same. The recent attack by Ukraine on Crimea is correlated with the rest of the events we’ve talked about. I am preparing a new Earth Shift Report, which will address the recent attacks on Crimea, why they happened and why now, who benefits, how it will impact Ukraine’s future, how US elections may be impacted, and whether Russia will sever diplomatic ties with Ukraine. We’ll also discuss the future of Crimea. Expect the new ESR: THE CRIMEA FACTOR in August 2016.

Keeping up with pretenses, the US State Dept announced that they were not bothered by Turkish cooperation with Russia at all, and that ‘US strategy in Syria didn’t change.’ However, that is not because US feels just fine about Turkish move. If it were up to them, Erdogan would be dead right this moment and pro-US Turkish generals would be in power. It’s simply because they are out of options. This is a serious defeat for the US Empire.

That said, US won’t leave Turkey alone. It will attempt more coups, terror acts, etc. Same goes for Russia. And remember, Russian elections are coming. Moreover, US elections have a direct bearing on all these events as well. How? Stay tuned for new Earth Shift Reports, in which all this will be revealed!

Why Putin chose to meet with Erdogan not in Moscow but in St. Petersburg

Perhaps very subtly, this is also a message. St. Petersburg was once founded by Peter the Great as then landlocked Russian Empire’s first serious international port in the Baltic Sea, designed for the new Western-prevalence era of 17th -20th centuries (in prior millennium, the ancient Rus peoples, with their multiple centers of influence, of course, had various ports on different continents). Peter called the St. Pete port: ‘a window to Europe.’

The new strategy of the US/West has been to shut and bolt down this window to Western Europe, creating a New Iron Curtain from Baltic to Black Sea via a cordon of unfriendly to Russia regimes. It was a partial success, with Romania, 3 ex-Soviet Baltic mini-states and Poland joining the cordon. A snag happened in the middle of the Baltic-Black Sea Iron Curtain, when Czechia, Slovakia and Hungary wisely decided to stay neutral to kind-of-friendly to Russia. It also turned out that converting Belarus into anti-Russia didn’t work no matter what. But Ukraine became the clincher. After 2004 color revolution, only a partial success was achieved. In 2014 the success was complete with a total Ukraine subversion. Turkey and Bulgaria were also supposed to be part of the Iron Curtain. Bulgaria turned reluctantly, only with a partial success, while Turkey refused to be easy.

The grand total of this entire scheme is that the Iron Curtain isn’t working as well as the Transatlantic masters want it to work. Moreover, it is so shaky it may just topple any moment at one’s slight touch. The most important factor in the unreliability of this flimsy Iron Curtain is that Russia/Putin refused to play by West’s rules and began creating their own rules, thus changing the reality around them and beginning to fulfill Russia’s true destiny as the Great Global Balancer and Stabilizer.

Therefore, we see a signal, which, it appears, few have understood: Turkish president Erdogan, who was supposed to be responsible for locking down the Black Sea end of the Iron Curtain, meets Putin in his native city of St. Petersburg, the place where Russia’s biggest Baltic Sea ports are, often called ‘Russia’s window to Europe.’ In the more modern terms: Nord Stream 2 is to be laid through the bottom of Baltic Sea; Turkish Stream – through Black Sea.

Consequently, the recipient is known and the message is: ‘The New Iron Curtain has failed.’

P.S. Why following Erdogan’s visit Putin met with Armenian president

On August 10, one day after the breakthrough meeting with Erdogan, Vladimir Putin received president of Armenia Serzh Sargsyan. As I also said in the above report, on August 8, one day before Erdogan, Putin met in Azerbaijan with Iranian and Azeri presidents.

As usual, nothing happens by accident in the global chess game. Armenia and Turkey are mortal enemies. So are Iran and Turkey. Azerbaijan and Armenia, unfortunately, are also enemies, with continuing armed conflicts. All these mutual animosities are used by outside forces to manipulate various countries against each other and to destabilize the region. By contrast, Russia’s goal as the Global Balancer, is to stabilize and harmonize the region and the whole planet.

By meeting with Armenian leader right after all others, the relative closeness of the EAEU member Armenia to Russia is underscored. A signal is sent that Russia’s deals with Turkey or Azerbaijan do not mean Russia has forgotten her ally Armenia. At the same time, by meeting neck to neck with leaders of all these rival countries, Putin sends a signal of cooperation and unification to all of them.

‘It’s much better to cooperate and get along’ is Russia’s message. Enough with the archaic ‘divide and conquer,’ used by the US Empire. A better way, based on cooperation and mutually beneficial, peaceful relations, is shown by Russia. The world is tired of wars and people aren’t blind. They can see that Russia is the only country that can unite – as opposed to divide – various countries.

ESR13 Erdogan's War

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  1. Reblogged this on 1EarthUnited and commented:
    “Additionally, it’s actually good to advertize officially the scaled down version of the project – this may, at least in part, discourage future attacks by the US. It’s a hybrid war and rule number 1 is: don’t advertize your moves to the enemy.”

    Really great advice in geopolitics, “aka loose lips sink ships.” Russia is doing a great job neutralizing NATO attacks, parrying all their lying rhetoric. Quid pro quo for banning Russian athletes from Olympics.

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  2. Very good report and so uplifting .
    “It’s much better to cooperate and get along”
    So very true.

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  3. Thank you Lada, for this very uplifting and positive article! Mr. Putin is indeed a great chess player and he gets better every day, Chapeau!

    They all look like very positive developments and I hope that more nations, also in the EU, will follow suit and reconnect with Russia, because imo that is the only way to Peace!

    BTW, what is the significance of the phonecall between Mrs. May and Mr. Putin, especially seen in the light of her recent veiled comments about UK’s enemies and that the UK needs a strong military (read: Trident nuclear subs)? I know that Cameron was very anti-Russia so would she be any different……and why…..selfinterest or plain common sense??


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  4. I enjoyed reading this article and gained a lot of useful information not often explained from other sources. Thank you.

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  5. World class journalism, Lada. Russia is playing the global and regional politics with a well-tuned Stradivarius while the other participants are not committed to an articulated presentation and are stumbling with their music. This says they are still too wrapped-up in their petty rivalries and fear of the West and don’t fully realize that it is Mother Russia who holds the keys and the cards to all of their continued survival and future prosperity. It’s a real blessing to be able to see and understand what’s actually going on through the eyes of a master. What will things look like one year from now? I can hardly wait :).

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  6. damn this was good

    you kick ass lada

    hugs 🙂

    as an american it breaks my heart to see how the us acts

    america needs a JFK

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  7. The Black Sea is a critical element for Russia. I have been criticizing our war mongering legislators for even letting our ships get in there. We have no business with our threatening actions over there. Of course the Russian planes were right to fly over our ships. Trump is upsetting the war mongers with his neutral position on Russia. But what is this money deal Manafort had with Ukraine? Keep up the excellent work, Lada.

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  8. This small but mighty debriefing of the bilateral negotiations is so self-explaining that it is shocking almost nobody has the same point of view, absolutely shocking. Well, besides Prof. Glazyev …

    Did anybody hear a little meow coming from Turkey concerning Daesh after the big meeting in Petersburg? Now here is one: “Turkey to resume(?!?!) airstrikes against ISIS.” Even now they’re lying, never heard of Turkish airstrikes against “ISIS” before. Must be an equation of Kurds and terrorists. I assume the Turks will lay low and sing small and do ……. almost nothing. Meaning that they taper off their support of Daesh slowly but they don’t inhibit either anything. That’s not very much, not to mention huge, but better than nothing.

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  9. From Covet Geopolitics, 8/16/16 (cool date):

    “The BRICS are not hiding their irritation over NATO warmongers anymore, they are now making their military intentions known, globally. As if we don’t know this already, but no less than Chinese President Xi jinping announced the formal military cooperation with Russia to create a new Russia-China World Order against the Khazarian NATO.”

    Turkey is a little slow on the upload, but surely this consideration from CG above will help nudge them into a more reliable partnership with Russia and the new non-GMO World Order. And I worry about the real America when the money runs out, unless a soft landing has been engineered into the Event. I’m glad we retired to the high desert where there is still some oxygen.

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  10. Dear Lady Lada, recently i had observed some interesting information sequence about BREXIT, since you had mentioned about your intention to pull an ESR on BREXIT in future; i thought you would found them interesting. So, here they are…
    When the world was focused on various hot Topics around the World, silently in the Britain there’s a new Geopolitical chapter opened up. It seems somehow British Monarchs or Bluebloods have a different plan apart from common western Elites. And there arise a rift between the British Bluebloods and the western Elites due to some reasons. So, here follows….
    step 1) Mr. Obama first elected president of USA for the first time , entered office. Then ordered to remove the statue of British Prime Minister Winston Churchill from Oval Office and put a statue of Martin Luther King. There is no doubt Martin Luther King was a great person, but his statue could be installed without removing Mr. Churchill’s statue, which was more of a sign of goodwill between Britain and USA. However very few people know that President Obama’s Grandfather was captured and tortured in Mao Mao revolution in Kenya at the order of Mr. Winston Churchill… well, it seems President Mr. Obama had some personal unfinished business with Britain.
    Step 2) After this incident British Royals started to visit the countries of British Commonwealth in a mission wise visits …… some nostalgia of a bygone Era !? May be or maybe not…. The British Commonwealth has above 82% wealth in Trade yearly. Well, only a fool would like to lose it!
    Step 3) Prominent British Politician Nigel Farage came forward and proposed BREXIT referendum.
    Step 4) The Tabloid SUN reported that Queen of Britain expressed her support for BREXIT, the Buckingham palace immediately denied and hushed the matter.
    Step 5) Some enthusiast politicians tried to meet and convinced the Queen about remaining in EU. They were stunned at the dinner Table by what the Queen told them. By the time they came out of the dinner Hall, they just transformed totally into different person; no longer supporting the cause of Britain remaining in EU. Later Buckingham Palace & British media outlets denied Queens Objections vehemently.
    Step 6) Before BREXIT referendum Mr. Obama meets the Queen & tried to convince her about Britain remaining in EU. The Queen remained silent.
    Step 7) Now here comes the Day of BREXIT, with some overlooked rules followed in the referendum;
    *) The entire British citizens could take part in the BREXIT referendum. Well, that’s normal.
    **) All the British citizens living aboard could also take part in the BREXIT referendum via correspondence. Well, that’s generous.
    ***) No EU citizen living in Britain could take part in the BREXIT referendum but, “ALL THE CITIZENS OF BRITISH COMMONWEALTH NATIONS LIVING IN BRITAIN COULD TAKE PART IN BREXIT REFERENDUM”. Indeed they were invited and welcomed to join the referendum.
    Step 8) BREXIT result declared for Britain leaving EU; like a true “007” at Her Majesty’s service, once the objective achieved Mr. Nigel Farage moved & faded into background.
    Step 9) “Theresa May”, took post as new British PM and declared her aim is to make BREXIT a success and prepared a BREXIT ministry.
    Step 10) Recently British PM “Theresa May” talked with Russian President Mr. Putin via Telephone.
    We don’t know, what would be the final outcome; but these serial events were definitely not some coincident! ….. However there is no doubt that the EU and USA is going through a slow motion collapse, politically and economically into the future; and the writing on the wall could be seemed by any intelligent person.

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    • In Earth Political Time (EPT) slow motion is how it seems to we who thirst for peace and justice (and revenge). Nah, I’ll be happy just to see them implode. The Queen is a bloody reptile; long live the Queen!

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  11. “A meeting between the foreign ministers of Russia and Germany was held in Yekaterinburg a few days following the Crimean incident.” That is from Fort Russ. Article also says Yekaterinburg is the geographical center of Russia but I’ll wait for Lada to say so before I put credence. My point is that the Foreign Minister of Germany, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, and Russia’s Lavrov, seem to have a special relationship that works for Russia and would work for Germany if Frau Merkel would get out of the way.

    There is another entity called the Normandy Format, or Normandy 4, They are Porky Pig, Russia, France and Germany. The N4 has something to do with the Minsk Agreements but I’ve not heard of them before. They were supposed to meet in China in September but Putin stiffed them because of the latest attack on Crimea. Minsk is DOA but Lavrov and Steinmeier are trying to keep the spirit of it alive if I am reading this correctly.

    All of the above is new information to me and perhaps Lada would comment if it is worthy of comment. At least I think there is some good history to be learned about this place in Russia called Yekaterinburg in the way only Lada could tell it.

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  12. Surely it has been taken into consideration that new energy sources are imminent that will leave all these pipelines stagnant and no longer relevant?

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    • I think that whoever runs this planet will hold-out on the new energy as long as possible unless Mother Nature or ET forces their hand. In the meantime, pipelines mean jobs. Energy is so entwined with the geopolitics of control it will take a miracle to unravel the situation.

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  13. Great Commentary Lada… Oops the balance has slipped! Wondered what you thought of Biden Family’s visit to Kosovo where apologies and and awful lot of brown nosing by him went on? Perhaps testing the water on whether they should completely retreat from Ukraine while they have the chance… I think his son is there? All snakes in the grass. Testing loyalties to US in the area. It seems the US has very few friends apart from their own block. Even Australia is full of people who positively hate the US and what it has dragged Australia into. Here in the UK there is still anti-Russian news coverage on Sky and BBC but several politicians and the likes of Peter Hitchens, (Journalist, Author,Broadcaster), like President Putin a great deal. Lots like Nigel Farage speak very respectfully about President Putin and with great admiration of his moves. The truth is outing daily… we are hard pressed to keep up with it.

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  14. “Russian prosecutors have recognized the International Republican Institute NGO headed by US Senator John McCain as an undesirable organization, banning the group’s operations in the country and forbidding Russian organizations and citizens from cooperating with it.” 🙂 This is from RT, 8/19. Some kind of a shake-up going on with Fort Russ. RT no longer appears in their header and RT’s server was unavailable yesterday.

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  15. Syrian Kurds have self-established an “autonomous zone” in northern Iraq bordering Syria. If this geographical jigsaw isn’t confusing enough, the US has decided to defend it, thus making “official” their illegal presence in the region. This includes a “no-fly zone” in which the US states it will shoot down Syrian, Turkish, Russian and anybody else’s aircraft violating the zone. While this may be a response to the failed CIA coup to get rid of Erdogan, it ramps up the whole situation to a new level. It will be interesting to see how Putin handles this. There may come a point where a direct military challenge will be the only kind of statesmanship available. America will soon be astonished to find themselves outgunned and outnumbered in a hostile foreign country, surrounded by other foreign countries, far away from home and the PX.


    • In reply to question re whether I’m MIA 😉 , here’s a reply for everyone who follows blog comment threads:

      Thanks for asking, Paleo. I’m fine. 🙂
      has been masterminding a few things I am currently working on. I’ll talk about my various news and projects soon on FT.

      New articles are coming up, incl. an article addressing your questions re. what is the significance of Ekaterinburg and why Lavrov met there with German FM.
      Plus new ESR: THE CRIMEA FACTOR, coming soon!


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