BREAKING! Russia Begins Handing Out Russian Passports to Donbass Residents!

Long awaited news and big Russian surprise for Ukraine Elections! Something many of us have talked about since 2014! The residents of Donbass are beginning to receive Russian passports!

This was leaked today, March 22, by a Russian Donbass war correspondent Semyon Pegov, on his Telegram site, WarGonzo.

Here is his interview to the Rossia1 show 60 Minut – watch starting at 4:30:

There is no official announcement yet, but the leak already created a media storm.

Per source: the info was confirmed by multiple high-profile sources in Donetsk, and some government officials on the Russian side. First batch of passports has already been delivered. They will first be handed out to LDNR officials, self-defence officers and members, police and state security. After that, to the elderly. Then, all regular citizens of Donbass will get their turn.

I can’t even begin describing how long-awaited this news is for many people. This will create a brand new paradigm in the region. It could be the beginning of the long-awaited shift.

There was an announcement that Russia is preparing a series of surprises before Ukraine elections, whose first round begins on March 31. Second has been scheduled for April. Poroshenko, as I wrote and spoke previously, is in dire straits. Ukraine also banned Russian monitors from the elections, a violation of international law.

Also latest: about 10 million Ukrainians have been banned from voting, against any Ukrainian or international laws. At the same time, the number of ballots printed exceeds the real number of voters by at least 15 million. This means widely expected violations, when millions of the ‘dead soul’ ballots will be entered.

Another ‘surprise’ move awaited by many, is that Russia will disavow the results of Ukraine election, unless Russia sees a marked difference in new president’s approach. This however, is practically impossible due to the double pressure from both US and ukro-nazis.




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  1. NancyC/Seattle

    The beauty of this brilliant checkmate maneuver is there is absolutely nothing the globalist deep state/controllers/Ukro-Nazis et al can do to counter it. No possibilities of any additional “sanctions” against Russia, ICC law suits or UN Resolutions prohibiting a sovereign member state of deciding who can or cannot have their passports. This is 4D, non lethal information sub rosa (under the roses) warfare at its finest. It’s not just Mafia bodies buried under the roses. I like the image of beautiful expanding human consciousness percolating upward through the roses.

    Looking forward to receiving my print book copy of Geo-political Quantum Calibrations arriving Saturday because I view the work as a sort of road map/guide to the present, true past & future possibilities/choices. The thing about the Earth Shift is realization that we are looking at a process and that each individual person/nation/culture are part of that process. It is the most empowering thing to realize that none of us are just passive observers or consumers/victims of news & events but by our thoughts, actions and choices are actively shaping events.

    I know I’ve said it before but all of us following high functioning sites like Lada’s & others have greater impact on the global outcome than lower functioning individuals. In fact by our mere presence in our communities we assist others. I’m going to post again David Hawkins Power vs Force chart:

    Introduction to David Hawkins

    • One individual at 700 counterbalances 70 million individuals below level 200
    • One individual at 600 counterbalances 10 million individuals below level 200
    • One individual at 500 counterbalances 750,000 individuals below level 200
    • One individual at 400 counterbalances 400,000 individuals below level 200
    • One individual at 300 counterbalances 90,000 individuals below level 200
    Twelve individuals at 700 equals one avatar at level 1000

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  2. Great news! I’d say it’s about time. Russia is last to start doing it – Poland and Hungary have been doing it for many years now – even before 2014 – on the other side of Ukraine, in Galicia and Zakarpatie (Trans-Carpathia).
    Even though the international law has mostly been thrown out of the window by US, Russia would still have some leverage under it to protect its new citizens and possibly send in peace-keeper forces, should Ukro-nazis get any large-scale blood-shedding plans for Donbass around the time of elections.
    These passes are basically the extension of the Russian aegis over the Russian people stranded in that part of Ukraine.

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