Predictions: Ukraine May Stop Russian Gas Transit to EU

This just in: Ukraine may stop Russian gas transit to EU. Kiev is considering a package of 26 sanctions against Russia, targeting just about all important industries and facets of life, including Russian gas transit, machinery, aviation, transport, military, medicine and more. See report from RT, including a map of current Russian gas pipelines through Ukraine and Belarus.

I wonder, do these geniuses in Kiev government even understand who they are really hurting? Russian medicine ban hits mostly their own citizens, who can’t afford expensive Western medicine. Ban on military/heavy machinery/aviation and other industry cooperation with Russia will create an estimated 3-4 million unemployed. Russia is (was) Ukraine’s largest trading partner. These unemployed will be qualified engineers and skilled workers. They will have 2 choices: to emigrate to the EU and become taxi drivers and janitors, OR come to Russia and work there as skilled workers and engineers on new factories Russia is building to replace the old Ukraine industrial capacities. As I said before, Russia is fast becoming what America was in the 20th century – the destination for the masses of emigrants to escape disasters at home, and to find a better life. Everyone knows how much USA benefitted throughout the 20th century from the mass inflow of immigrants. So will Russia.

Russian UN representative, Vitaly Churkin, said that presently Russia provides refuge for 820 thousand refugees from Ukraine. New RT video: #Ukraine children and elderly seek refuge in #Russia – Жители Украины вывозят стариков, детей в Россию. People say that they had to run from bombings by Kiev army, that they had to live in cellars to save their lives, no one was paying them salary, no water, no gas or food. Their cities turned into dead zones and ghost towns, as everyone left.

As to the Russian gas, I think Kiev definitely should stop Russian gas transit to Europe! I am not joking! I think it’s an excellent move! Again, the geniuses sitting in Kiev will be punishing Europe much more than Russia, and they will be punishing Ukraine as well. This may indeed be a very cold winter, which may finally wake up Europe to the facts: who they have been supporting in Kiev and who their real friends are. I am not too enthusiastic as to the voluntary good will and reason of the Europeans. Sometimes, humans need a push in a form of a real disaster in order to wake them up to reality.

There are only two possibilities why Kiev would be gearing for the Russian gas shut-off, and I suspect that both are true:

1. The Kiev “authorities” are so dumb that they simply can’t grasp what kind of disaster they are about to inflict on themselves and Europe.

2. They are fulfilling a direct order from their handlers in Washington.

Let’s recall that in addition to hurting Russia, US major goal is to also undermine Europe as its biggest economic competitor, and to subdue Europe into a forced symbiosis with the US, to Europe’s detriment. US understands that slowly but surely they are losing the world hegemony and their grip on power, as Europe pivots to the East, as BRICS become more active, and as most of the world perceives US as aggressor and super-bully.

As part of its plan to keep Europe dependent, US is trying to tear EU away from the Russian gas supply and force it into buying its expensive shale gas. As we know, #fracking as barbaric method of gas extraction, also destroys and poisons American land and groundwater.

Of course, in the end, the scheme of separating EU from Russian gas will fall through. But in the meantime, US is poised to inflict a lot of damage on the EU economy. However, this will also force Europe to expedite the construction of South Stream and filling to capacity of the Opal pipeline, bypassing Ukraine.

This can inflict some damage on the Russian economy as well; however, as I said before, Russian economy is in desperate need of a healthy restructuring in order to get rid of the hiccups and distortions of the ’90s. Russians were too comfortable to start such massive restructuring on their own. The external push, such as events in Ukraine and Western sanctions, are forcing Russia to start this very necessary process. The result can only be one: Russian economy will emerge out of it much stronger than before.


I previously predicted that this decade, and into the 2020s, is the Time of Russia. Russia is destined to come as a major winner out of everything that is happening now. And note: peacefully, without dirtying her hands with direct participation in a military conflict.

China will also be a big winner. Other winners: Latin America, all BRICS, and those countries that will join Eurasian Union.

It doesn’t mean that the US won’t do everything to prevent this from happening easily and peacefully (as is evident from current events), but they won’t succeed. The result will also be that Europe at large will get disgusted with their American partner. The movement of Europe towards cooperation with China/Asia, Russia being the glue and the bridge between the two, will intensify this decade, and next.

Of course, the sooner EU changes its own policies and rescinds anti-Russian sanctions, the harder it will be for Kiev and US to continue pushing for conflict and destruction. However, I foresee that only a very dramatic shock will make EU revise its policies. Ukraine shutting off the gas valve may become such a shock.

Another prediction is that unless US changes its policies, it may become largely isolated as a result.

Finally, in the beginning of the Ukraine crisis I made a prediction that Ukraine will become a part of the Eurasian (Customs) Union with Russia between 2016 and 2018. Some have interpreted this to mean that only eastern part of Ukraine, having seceded, will join Eurasian Union.

In fact, I believe most of today’s Ukraine will join Eurasian Union, possibly as 2 separate states, or as one loosely federalized state. The Kiev junta is so over their heads that they will have another maidan on their hands, most likely by, or before, next spring. The next maidan will be just as non-sensical as the 2014 maidan was. However, eventually, very different people will come to power in Ukraine. I also said that Ukraine may become diminished, as Novorossia secedes. Very likely, there will be two, or possibly three, different centers in Ukraine, which will become separate states. Western Ukraine separation is a question mark. Instead of separation, there may be broad autonomy, depending on how disgusted people will be with Kiev at the time. At least two of these parts – most of today’s Ukraine (possibly all of today’s Ukraine) will join Eurasian Union. Ukraine as it existed for 23 years, will never return to its past form.

Eventually, more territories and countries in Europe will join Eurasian Union in some capacity as a way to tear themselves from the US and EU.

Here you can read most of my original PREDICTIONS. Additional new predictions will be posted as time allows.

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I am finally back home and the long-awaited “Is Putin Part of NWO?” article is coming next!

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  1. Reblogged this on 1EarthUnited and commented:
    Most definitely Lada! Russia should be taken more seriously, otherwise Europe would have a long and cold winter to think about it! Literally shake them up, lol. 😉


  2. Thank you Lada for this information. You are a great help in giving me an insight and interpretation of the politifcal dance going on.between Putin, Washington and EU that western mainstream media do not discuss.


  3. Your sarcasm pointing at the ‘geniuses in Kiev government’ are understandable. I guess you know the law of attraction and its effect. In the Kiev I find no attraction at all, and as events show, the effect miss.
    The coup d’état (By UK/US Zionist) is simple burglary and the Ukraine no-government are simply occupied by street urchins. I call them this name, since they have no support to govern Ukraine as a country – nothing within themselves, nothing by the Zionist and even nothing by the Ukraine public. (Poor boys and girl).
    Now, why is that so? The Phoenix That Wouldn’t Rise (read the link)
    It is explained.
    How bad the supporters of the Ukraine really is, can be studied on this link.
    America’s Immune System Has Failed … So the Cancers of War and Corruption are Spreading.

    As seen many times over this year, negotiations are useless, and that becomes quite logic, as a serious sick power are using the rest of the energy fighting inside it self and simply do not sense anything around it.

    This explain clearly the retracted attitude Russia is showing us. Other nations do the same but are muted. I am sure Putin is fully aware of this ‘death row’. He head straight for ‘life row’, to create it with the BRICS-nations, and let the dying die in its terrible terror without intermixing with it.

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  4. Hello Lada,
    Thank you so much for sharing your insights and predictions with us. I’ve only recently discovered your website, and I’m already a huge fan of you! What a very special and talented person you are! I only recently know about the NWO and what is going on in the world right now and your website is absolutely the biggest find on this subject so far, together with I so much like to read everything you write, it’s so incredibly interesting and at the same time so enjoyable to read! I’m always looking forward to new posts. Your website is so much different than all the doom scenarios and fear mongering that you can read in other media. I’m so glad I read that the future doesn’t seem to be so gloomy after all, and that there will be no WWIII, which I was terrified about.
    I’ve tried to talk to people about the misinformation by the mainstream media here in Belgium, where I live, but most people here are so brainwashed that they look at you as if you come from Mars when you try to say that we are fed nothing but lies in the news and the papers, for example, about Russia, U.S. and Ukraine.

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    • Hi Els,
      It’s very nice to know that some people are awake in Belgium. Thank you for your testimonial and kind words.
      Very sad that so many are brainwashed, but future events will change their perception.

      Best to you 🙂


      • Hi Lada,
        My main sources of news about geopolitical events are RT, your blog and some other alternative media. I really love your blog.
        Sad thing is, I live in Sweden, and Sweden is totally Russophobic. Almost everybody in Sweden “knows” that RT is Putins propaganda outlet. People in Sweden discuss how the evil dictator Putin shot down the plane over Ukraine. When you try to talk about what really happened people get really defensive and accuse you of falling for Putins propaganda on RT.
        It is sad that my countrymen are so totally propagandized.
        To people who speak German I would highly recommend the YouTube canal Quer-Denken.TV , as it is highly relevant to the topics in this blog.


      • Emil, the same state of affairs is in Noway (om ikke verre!). The media is running the American line, even the media that were supposed to be slightly alternative to the official government line. It’s “pro-Russian separatists” and big bad Russia (that even had the audaciousness to implement unfair counter-sanctions) on all pages. And you you try to tell anyone otherwise, you are immediately labelled as pro-Russian or conspiracy theorist and waved off. Really sad. Thing look rather bleak, like pre-WWII.


  5. Isn’t this sort of like the government of Kiev cutting off their nose to spite their face? Are they not in arrears in payment for last year’s gas? By cutting off the pipeline to the EU, are they not also cutting off their own supply? Can’t fix stupid.

    Lada – I love your blog, and your books.


    • Thank you, Barbara. 🙂

      Your analogy is spot on. We also say, “to spite my enemy I’ll kill my goat, so my kids would have no milk.”

      You’re right on – can’t fix stupid.


  6. Hello, great post BUT really waiting for the one on NWO and Putin…..Tom


  7. Hi Lada,
    great blog hou have, and love to read your view on things happening in this transformational period. Aware of the truth for many years, it might be a great idea to interact with a guy called David Wilcock from
    He’s a truth seeker, and validate his research vèry high. His research will blow your mind…
    You see, there are many more ppl awake in Belgium… 😉
    Happy thoughts !


  8. Lada, the title needs fixing: it’s “Russian”. 😉


  9. Unfortunately, the last 23 years have shown the Ukraine to be a zone of warring and venal oligarchs, not a civilization or country in the typical sense. A big problem has been the histories of the regions that really have dramatically different cultures. It hasn’t helped that Russia has had a confused approach to Kiev, and a pro-Western Foreign Ministry.

    However, it is now an occupation government, so expect it to be a total pawn in the Anglo-American war against Russia. My bet is Kiev would blow up some pipelines and blame it on “terrorists” from the Donbass.

    Speaking of Russia’s Foreign Ministry, here is a story from Mark Sleboda, a regular on RT:

    A little story I heard from last December when Western politicians started flagrantly flying into Kiev and cheerleading on the Maidan mobs who were arming themselves into paramilitary brigades and calling for “revolution” against the democratically elected government that dared say “NO” to the EU’s neoliberal shock therapy economic suicide pact:

    A Russian top general was called into the Foreign Ministry for a meeting with senior officials. As he entered he stood quietly listening for several minutes to their agitated but directionless back and forth arguments over this flagrant Western intervention in the domestic political affairs of the Ukraine with an obvious end goal of regime change. He was amazed at their inability to see the big picture of what was going on. Finally he had enough and felt forced to interrupt them and said, “Gentlemen, please!” When they had quieted down and he had their attention, he simply asked, “Gentlemen, you DO realize, don’t you, that we are already at war [with the West]?”


    • A great illustration of the difference in mentality between generals and diplomats, at least in Russia. That’s the way it should be. Diplomats should be for peace, not war. Also a great illustration of how reluctant Russia was to be dragged into this new war, as any wars previously.

      However, it is clear that Western diplomats are nothing but subversive agents for the Western military expansionism. I used to believe in diplomacy. There is no diplomacy in the West any more, just international war criminals. All because US was allowed to accumulate too much power unchecked. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.


      • Well, it seems that both the diplomats in the US State Department and the Russian Foreign Ministry are totally out of touch with reality. It makes one wonder how they have dealt with each other over the last few years. Maybe they spoke in generalities about the great future the Ukraine was going to have.

        Speaking of this diplomatic view, Mark Sleboda had another thing on his blog that basically describes what he sees as the West viewing those with a non-liberal view as subhumans:

        His view is that the West doesn’t want a hot war. Just a cold one. So the actions in the Ukraine today are just to make Russia behave. Russia has been a bad child.

        They don’t see it as provocation. For them it is just securing the Ukraine as part of the Western geopolitical orbit and getting Russia to back down and just accept it.

        They really don’t understand why Russia has to be so difficult, and can’t just accept the role assigned to it post-92 in the Western Hegemony – 2nd class colony, resource appendage, and key geopolitical component in containing and isolating China. The idea that Russia is a sovereign independent Great Power and civilization center is foreign and anathema to them. The West doesn’t of course give a shit about the Ukraine or its people. It’s no “prize”. It’s an economic black hole that money must constantly be poured into for whoever “wins” it.

        This is all about geopolitics. By denying the Ukraine to Russia, by splitting them, the West intends/hopes to cripple the Eurasian Union and forestall the regionalization/reconsolidation of the post-Soviet space as an independent geopolitical sphere of power. Hillary Clinton made that intention VERY clear. At some level, it really is all about control or denying control at least of Mackinder’s “Heartland”.


  10. Hi Lada.

    Everytime I click on the “HOME” tab of “Futurist Trendcast” I automatically get a pop-up message that is asking me for my “User Name” and “Password”. It has the following message on the pop-up:

    “A user name and password are being requested by The site says ‘Access Restricted (pwrestrict)'”

    This pop-up is definitely connected to the article: “An open letter from the Netherlands to Putin… We are sorry!”.

    Because as soon as I click on that article title, I get the same pop-up requesting for my “User name” and “Password”.

    Because that article has links with “” regarding the “Letter-to-Vladimir-ommekeer-EN.doc” and to anything that comes from “ommekeer”.

    I cannot get rid of the pop-up. This pop-up has some connection with the site: “”.

    I don’t have the problem with the pop-up when I click on the other tabs you have like: “BOOKS”, “EXCERPTS” or “PREDICTIONS” because that article is not listed under those other tabs.

    Do you have any suggestions?

    I have a feeling that as long as you have that article there connected to “”, then the pop-up will appear each time I access the “HOME” tab, because it is under the “HOME” tab the article is found.

    Has anyone else mentioned this problem to you? I never had this problem before until today.

    Anyway, I just thought I let you know about this.


    • Hi Wolf, sorry and thanks for the heads up. 🙂 I don’t get any pop-ups and no one complained. It shouldn’t be happening as that site doesn’t require sign in as far as I know.
      I wonder if this is a glitch and I’ll try to look further into this.

      For you and anyone else who may have this problem, I recommend that you block all pop-ups from your browser – this will eliminate the problem. Don’t click on pop-ups as they may be viruses!


    • Wolf, please read the ‘important notice to readers’ on top: This explains what happened.

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      • LOL Thanks Lada for kindly responding and giving me the information and update.

        I did try blocking the pop-up from my browser and added another blocker but it did not work. I then downloaded “Malwarebytes Anti-Malware”, had it do a scan on my PC. It found a few hundred threats so I had it removed with the anti-malware. Restarted my PC, came back on to your site on the “HOME” page tab and it worked! The pop-up did not come up at all – I did this several times and no pop-up.

        It was then I discovered you wrote saying there was an important notice to readers. I was trying to understand what it was saying. Did I therefore get a malware attack because the site was itself attacked and hacked?

        And when it said the “owner” locked the site, I am assuming the “owner” of Ommekeer-Nederland or did they mean the “owner” being the attacker managed to lock the site so Ommekeer had to delete the links? Sorry, I’m not very computer literate.

        But the good news was that Ommekeer was able to get the original text document.

        I don’t know whether I had the pop-ups because it was a malware attack or it was because the owner Ommekeer had locked the site.

        In any event, I no longer get the pop-ups. Thank you Lada for your information and help.

        P.S. I am sharing this information and other information regarding Washington’s lies against Putin on my Facebook page. 🙂


        • Hi Wolf, I am not an expert myself, but there are so many threats out there that you probably caught some malware from browsing the web. Our expert tested it and concluded that the Dutch site was safe as the owners realized the threat and locked it so no one could catch the virus, or infect them. Pop-ups is how you get a lot of viruses, so they have to be blocked at all times.

          Cheers, dear 🙂


      • Hi Lada.

        Sorry, me again. You wrote:

        “Hi Wolf, I am not an expert myself, but there are so many threats out there that you probably caught some malware from browsing the web. Our expert tested it and concluded that the Dutch site was safe as the owners realized the threat and locked it so no one could catch the virus, or infect them. Pop-ups is how you get a lot of viruses, so they have to be blocked at all times.

        Cheers, dear 🙂 ”

        Okay, Lada, but… if my pop-up was due to a virus or malware coming from browsing anywhere on the web, then why did my particular pop-up have the link to “”?

        That is why I thought I got the attack from ommekeer-nederland. In the notice by “ommekeer-nederland” they did say they were attacked.and hacked.

        Many thanks for the work you do because I do try to share it with others. A few days ago I had three men in their 60s around the table and I was passing on the info to them on Washington demonizing Putin. Then yesterday I managed to give the waitress in a restaurant links to look up on Putin. She later came back to me from the kitchen and told me that the cook wanted her to copy out the information for him to look up aswell! LOL

        Anyway, I shall leave you alone now – I’m sure you have a lot of things to do!
        Don’t anwer me… I know you are busy!!!


  11. Things in Ukraine are bad, at least because even Vitali Klitschko’s adviser tried to commit suicide. When Kiev’s city hall asks for ambulance you can expect anything but suicide attempt of some official. But such things happen. And as it appeared that he, I won’t say his name for obvious reasons, tried to hang himself because of despair caused by inability of our authorities to provide Kiev with energy and heating next winter. It’s clear because we got no gas and we won’t get any, power supply networks depreciated by 80% and require significant investment for modernization and repair. Schools, kindergartens and hospitals will got heating at best and likely it will happen irregularly because army and government will take the biggest part of resources for their own needs while people will be left to pay triple price for energy and heating. Meanwhile monthly payments and benefits will be cut because of difficult situation in Ukraine, that’s what they say. My salary was cut from $500 to $150 and the rest social workers do not get payment for a few months. That’s how we live, in future situation will only worsen because our government does nothing to overcome the crisis.


    • I am sorry to hear that, Alex. Some on the Maidan had the right idea of getting rid of the oligarchy, but it all (not unexpectedly) went from bad to worse. If history of revolutions is any guide, it’s always the vultures that come to power as a result of them. 1917 was one such example.
      The best chance for Ukraine is to try to mend some of the broken bridges, but it will take a real energy crisis to either get some sense into the heads of the state, or to make those heads roll.


    • Thank you for your valuable testimonial. Very sorry to hear this.


  12. Lada, this comment is off-topic, so do delete it. 🙂
    I know that you like history and are working on the topic of recent history rewrites. I think the following film will be of interest to you:

    “Dark Myths about Russia. From Ivan the Terrible until present days”
    The film takes up the topic of the many Western-spun myths defaming Russia.
    It’s interesting to note that even the name “Ivan the Terrible” is one such myth or propaganda trick, as a more appropriate translation of his moniker would have been “Ivan the Fearsome” or “Ivan the Stern”


    • I won’t delete it since it’s very much on topic, Nemo 😉 Thanks for sharing. I am very familiar with all this defamation and a conspiracy against Russia. This is done for a very specific reason by certain set of forces. I intend to have some reports about that in the future.
      I’ll try to wacth this whenever I get the chance (which may not be soon) :). Meantime, I am sure this will be of interest to the Russian-speaking readers.



      • Thank you, Lada. I found this documentary so important in understanding the cause and dynamics of all the black PR seen lately, that I translated it in its entirety to English (it might need editing from a native English speaker). Though the documentary is primarily aimed at the Russia audience, it is also educational to the Westerners in helping them the see through the veil of lies that surrounds Russia. I posted the translation as a comment on YouTube, and also in my blog here:

        I explicitly use “Ivan the Formidable” instead of the common English moniker – it is time to de-crown at least one of the lies.


        • Yes, agree with ‘Ivan the Formidable!’ instead of the deliberately falsified and inaccurate ‘Ivan the Terrible.’ Very good! Thank you for this!

          Nemo, I want to talk to you about a possible collaboration in translating into English of more of very important documentaries about falsified Russian and world history, which will shed a lot of light on what’s going on. I want to post those on Lada Ray Live YT channel. I may even do my own documentaries, based on Russian evidence, time allowing.
          I feel this is very important at this time and I have a plan. Need help with translations due to the limited time.

          Could you please contact me via business contact form above to discuss?
          Thanks so much 🙂


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