Dying Western Neo-Liberalism and EU Revolt against Russian Sanctions


In the previous post All Putin Speech/ Q&A videos at Valdai Forum 2016 in Sochi in one place (Eng)  I shared with you Vladimir Putin’s speech and remarks at the Valdai Discussion Forum 2016 in Sochi.

Out of various Putin’s remarks, this is the one that stuck out for me.

The former president of Finland, Tarja Halonen, who on the video (click on All Putin Speech/ Q&A videos at Valdai Forum 2016) sits on Putin’s right (in gray suit), in her speech remarked that the bells of Finland toll for the killed children of Aleppo. Putin’s response: sorry they toll only for Aleppo; what about the killed children of Mosul (LR: Bombed as we speak by the US-led coalition, where the humanitarian catastrophe is horrendous, per reports. And indeed, where was Finland’s compassion when the children of Iraq, Libya, Serbia and Afghanistan were dying under the US and EU bombs? What about all those poor children being killed by US and Saudi strikes in Yemen?)

In other words, the hypocrisy of the Western, blindly double standard, neo-liberal mentality is clearly visible in this example – one of very many. The amazing thing is that Tarja Halonen seriously thinks that she’s saying the right and honorable thing, while the double standards and the blinders on her eyes are glaringly obvious to anyone who has eyes. And the sad thing is that she isn’t the worst kind of Western politician. She actually wants some sort of dialogue and cooperation with Russia, at least from Finland’s economy survival standpoint. She tries to reach out and make some sort of feeble steps towards Russia.

In truth, Finland certainly has a closer and more profitable relationship with Russia than most. Finland was for years a part of the Russian Empire, and it received independence from the hands of Lenin after the 1917 Great October Socialist Revolution, whose 99th anniversary we’ll be marking in a few short days, on November 7, 2016.

A side note about Russian Revolution

Next year we’ll be marking a milestone of 100 years for this important and controversial event, that shook the world and changed the global map in the 20th century. I’ll talk about the TRUE meaning and consequences of both 1917 Russian revolutions next year. You may be shocked to discover a lot of things you never suspected – and it’s NOT what the Western ‘gurus’ who have no idea what they are talking about, tell you. Stay tuned for the REAL TRUTH!

Back to Finland and EU

Finland always profited from its ‘in between’ status. During the Cold War it was used as an intermediary between Russia and the West. Even when Russia’s trade with the West was on the fritz, Finnish agricultural products were in abundance in Russia (I recall that from my childhood).

As to the Tarja Halonen remark, you simply don’t say a silly thing like that to Putin, otherwise you’re just begging to get the answer you deserve. Putin’s too sharp to let the silliness slide. (Same applies to me, incidentally, so be careful.)

The problem is, these poor Western politicians have been put in such straight jacket by their life-time of Manchurian Candidate training and neo-lib brainwashing that even if Tarja Halonen understood that saying what she said makes her a laughing-stock, she’d still be obliged to say it because otherwise she’d get crucified by her Transatlantic bosses and Finnish MSM for not bringing it up. And that could affect adversely her ‘speaking’, ‘consulting’ and book publishing fees, which for Western ex-presidents is a way to get a nice kick-back in return for being good US vassals.

Another recent example of how it gets them in trouble: look what happened with French President Hollande after he wasn’t sure whether he should, or shouldn’t, meet with Putin. Putin cancelled his French visit, following which Hollande received a major backlash from his own electorate and MSM, making him un-electable in next election. I discussed the Hollande gaffe in EARTH SHIFT REPORT 15: PUTIN’S PLUTONIUM ULTIMATUM TO THE US.

Examples of something positive happening in the EU abound! The people are slowly, but surely, awakening, questioning the old paradigms and the usual Western BS. And this is just the beginning.

The signs of the awakening are visible in both US and Europe. We spoke about the US electorate rebellion in EARTH SHIFT REPORT 16: US ELECTIONS & WHAT WILL HAPPEN AFTER

Recently, Italy led a revolt in the EU against new Syria anti-Russian sanctions. US/Obama/Biden tried to push the new round of sanctions with all their might for a month. Finally, EU bureaucrats and heads of state gathered to adopt them. The three countries proposing sanctions within the EU were: UK, France an Germany. There was, as they originally announced, every intention to adopt a new round of sanctions.

Suddenly, Italian PM Matteo Renzi vetoed them, supported by several other states (Greece, Cyprus, Hungary, Slovakia and Spain – I hope I didn’t miss anyone).

Brexit and UK side note:

Incidentally, notice how tight the post-Brexit UK is with Germany and France. As if nothing happened. The Brexit negotiations have been postponed once, then again. Believe me, they’ll find ways to postpone them once more. Now recall my prediction made in ESR 12: THE FUTURE OF THE EU (BREXIT, TTIP/TPP & EU Revolts). I specifically said that regardless of the referendum result, UK, US and EU will find ways to swindle electorate and postpone the actual UK exit out of the EU. What I predicted was that ‘they’ll make it look as if UK exited EU, but in reality they’ll keep it in for as long as possible.’ I also identified the time frame: at least until after Russian Presidential Elections 2018. If they can, they’ll drag it out longer.

In other words, yet another LADA RAY PREDICTION is coming true!

See more 2016 predictions 

Click PREDICTIONS to read most of Lada Ray predictions from 2012 – 2015 

Those who don’t believe or ‘like’ my ESR16: US ELECTIONS & WHAT WILL HAPPEN AFTER PREDICTIONS – I can’t make you. However, as in all those previous instances, just wait and see what happens AFTER! But afterwards, be honest enough to admit I was right – yet again!

Oh yes, just recalled my other prediction:

The revolt against the US will intensify close to US elections; various countries and their leaders will suddenly find the courage they never had – in the period of several months preceding US elections. This is due to the fact that Obama is a lame duck and no real recourse (aka, revenge for disobedience) from US will be forthcoming, plus, due to the Trump phenomenon and the hope that the new president would be different. It’s a certain risk, but it’s still the best time to rebel and try to distance your country from the US, as its grip on its vassals has been the loosest for a long time. As we see, this is indeed what’s happening now. Remember the Philipines Duterte’s rebellion? And now also the EU rebellion.

All this confirms my predicted rickety chair effect type of change, which is a part of the Great Earth Shift. The rickety chair effect and how it works is described in ESR 12: THE FUTURE OF THE EU (BREXIT, TTIP/TPP & EU Revolts) and in ESR9: Atack on Kazakhstan: Who destabilizes Eurasian Union?


A slow and tedious change – NOT a quick, revolutionary, and relatively easy change – this is the theme for at least the next 3-4 years, possibly until 2021-22. In 2017, I’ll talk about how it’ll really work (NOT how all kinds of Western ‘gurus’ have predicted) and why it won’t be quick and simple.

If you want to hear all this and find out where our common Planet Earth is really heading, in other words, if you are after the REAL TRUTH, REVELATIONS and GENUINE PREDICTIONS, please support and follow me!

Disclaimer: Sorry, my work is not for those who are after sensationalism and fairytales!

Back to today’s topic:

After Italy and others’ revolt, in order to safe face, EU had to say that they really never meant to pass those new sanctions; that there were no definitive proposals from anyone… really.

It helps that Italian business is crying bloody murder due to anti-Russian sanctions. Italy is second only to Germany in its sanctions-related losses. Italian business people have been pushing for the removal of anti-Russian sanctions for over 2 years. Five regional Italian parliaments adopted their own resolutions recognizing Crimea as part of Russia, and began doing brisk business with Crimea, bypassing the EU laws. This effectively means that Italy stands to benefit most after sanctions are off. All the best business deals with Russia will already be theirs when the rest of EU countries finally are allowed by their ‘democratic’ regimes to do business with Russia.

Meanwhile, while EU is suffering the consequences of anti-Russian sanctions through the shrinking bilateral EU-Russia trade, US-Russia trade increased in the past two and a half years, despite the US-initiated sanctions.

EU, however under the US thumb it is, finally grasped a simple fact that in succumbing to US pressure, they got the short end of the stick. The rebellion is brewing. After the Italian revolt, Czech President Miloš Zeman announced that it was time to create a coalition against sanctions and to restore relations with Russia. Speaking to Czech farmers, who are some of the worst affected by sanctions, Zeman generated a storm of applause when he announced that he was ready to spear-head the coalition of EU states against the sanctions and asked other willing EU countries to side with him.

Perhaps, this will become the ‘coalition of the willing’ redefined: a true ‘coalition of the willing’?

EU revolt against anti-Russian sanctions:


Yep, the revolt is brewing. The longer these fork-tongued EU bureaucrats and US Manchurian Candidates (Federica Mogherini, Hollande, Merkel, UK elites, Polish US vassals) ignore it, pretending it doesn’t exist, the worse will the outcome for them be.

Recommended corroborating article by Strategic Culture: Europe Revolts Against Russian Sanctions.

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  1. Hi Lada,
    Thank you for your recent Earth Shift report 16 on the US elections and your recent articles related to the elections and other events in the world. As always I find your guidance during these rapidly changing times to be invaluable. I have to admit I wasn’t too excited with some of your predictions in report 16, but that does not mean I think they are wrong. Actually I think you are probably quite accurate as you have been in the past. Both you and the person interviewing you in report 16 (I believe it is Paul from The Plane Truth) made lots of interesting points that has had me thinking for days. I enjoy and appreciate hearing challenging ideas when they are truth based. I believe you have helped shift my perspective in a positive way.

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  2. That’s right, don’t make stupid remarks in front of people with more mental and spiritual acumen (ammo) than you. Even so, these western cockroaches seem to be immune to embarrassment. Finland is ungrateful and bellicose right now but they do have one thing going for them in the very beautiful composition FINLANDIA by Jean Sibelius. Even better is the Russian National Anthem performed by the Red Army. You can feel the spirit of Russia in this music. This is a serious expression of heart unlike the silliness of a rocket’s red glare and let’s beat the hell out of somebody. I love being an old curmudgeon.

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  3. “CEASEFIRE BREACH: Intense firefights rage around Donetsk” dated 10/28 from Ft. Russ… Lada, can Donetsk hold back this assault?

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  4. HI Lada,

    Looks like your predictions will be spot on once again. What is going on with Hilary? Will they send her to jail where she belongs?

    Liked by 5 people

    • For HiLIARy to go to jail would mean that equal justice under the law exists in America, since when do political elites ever do time? At worse, they receive presidential pardon.
      This whole “democratic” system of governance is rigged from the very beginning.

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  5. Reblogged this on 1EarthUnited and commented:
    You called it correctly that HiLIARy will not be president of this banana republic! Latest breaking:

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  6. Hi Lada,

    Thanks for all your work and sharing.

    Further to the ongoing Earth Shift, and how it’s being experienced and responded to in/by the US: I’ve just listened to Catherine Austin Fitts’s regular quarterly interview with the Saker under the subject line, “The Emerging Multipolar World” (https://solari.com/blog/multipolar-world-with-the-saker/ ).

    Catherine was Assistant Secretary of Housing and Federal Housing Commissioner at the US Department of Housing and Urban Development in the first Bush Administration and has held similarly demanding positions in the private financial and investment sector. (Lada, I expect you’re familiar with her work, having worked in the sector yourself.) Others can read her full bio, including her impressive ‘manifesto’ at the solari website.

    The Saker is a now retired European national-security/military analyst who runs a blog at thesaker.is .

    My main take-away from the discussion is that we’ve approached a point where the tension between the unipolar vision and the emerging multipolar reality needs to be actively resolved. Catharine posits it as an international effort of the lawful against the lawless. The Saker posits that the US has two options to resolve this tension: it can initiate a controlled, negotiated transition to find a comfortable place for itself in the emergent multipolar world, or it can double down and use brute force in a (doomed) attempt to protect and perpetuate its global hegemony. At the moment, it is seen as being in the grips of a “multiple-personality-disorder breakdown” characterized by a battle being waged between a faction of government (primarily the “deep state”) that would sacrifice the Nation to preserve the Empire, v. a faction that would sacrifice the Empire to save the Nation. Something has to give.

    It’s an interesting discussion. I highly recommend it.

    ~ Nyna

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    • When Fulford’s stuff gets whacky, I “feel” the writing and it feels like it’s not him. Nevertheless, he’s responsible for what gets put out… unless he’s being held captive by
      crazed Japanese ninjas… again. Hey, you can’t make this stuff up and it only gets better :).

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    • Thank you very much Nyna, for putting up the link to the Solari report! I’ve just listenend to it and find it fascinating! 😉


  7. President Putin says, “Happy Halloween, my American partners”….

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  8. Hello Lada! Thank you so much for ESR 15 & 16. Both are excellent, as usual! Since I don’t Tweet I am putting my request in a comment as you suggested we do if we want to contact you. The subject of my request is tangentially related to this post in the sense that the assertions recently made by Benjamin Fulford in his post of October 31, 2016 in which he states that President Putin is a fake and the fakes and the Russian Federation are controlled by the Rothschilds, are diametrically opposed to the content of your post. And, whoa!! Those are some pretty wild assertions, even for Fulford.

    Fulford’s statements are so contrary to my understanding of the character of Mr. Putin and Russian Federation that I just have to ask you about them. I am pretty sure I already know the answer but would you be kind enough to shed some light on this ~ and maybe publish it in a post, pretty please? I do hesitate to ask because I know you are really busy, but reading nonsense like this, and knowing a lot of other people are reading it and maybe taking it as gospel, really bugs me. (Isn’t there enough Russophobia going around out there?!) I am asking you because I am certain you would know more about it than any Western-born person I could ask. And more importantly I am just as certain you would tell the truth that you know, whatever it is.

    Fulford seems pretty sure of his statements in this instance, outrageous as they are. Is any of it true? Where could Fulford have gotten such information? Fulford is well aware that there can be serious consequences to publishing falsehoods. What’s up?

    See the text for yourself at KP’s post here: https://kauilapelewordpress.com/2016/11/03/full-article-benjamin-fulford-10-31-16-the-message-for-the-khazarian-mafia-is-trick-or-treat-surrender-or-die/

    Thank you, Lada and bless you!! I so respect you and the work you do. Have a great day.

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    • Hi Aeyrie,

      I am preparing an article to fully respond to this question. The article will appear later today.

      For now, a short answer: I never click on links when I know for a fact the material will contain a falsehood. I don’t need to click on the link you provided to know that the calibration of that man’s material is almost deathly low, therefore, the untruth and manipulation prevailsin it: C 45 / Chi 85. Go to Quantum Calibrations Scale for values and interpretations: http://ladarayinfo.weebly.com/quantum-calibrations.html

      I understand the confusion of those people who are searching for truth but get bombarded with that instead. This question surfaces periodically. I believe Fulford was also one of those who spread in 2014 the hoax that Putin is part of NWO. I dispelled this hoax in ESR1 Is Putin Part of NWO http://ladarayinfo.weebly.com/esr1.html. In ESR1 I outlined the A to Z reasoning why this is stupid and geared towards specifically WESTERN dupes – please read it if you haven’t. The Putin NWO hoax died down promptly, as soon as I dispelled it!

      Also see my article: How to Tell a Hoax from Targeted Info Dump (Navigating MSM and Alternative Media): https://futuristrendcast.wordpress.com/2015/08/19/learn-to-tell-a-hoax-from-targeted-info-dump-navigating-msm-and-alternative-media/
      That piece was written specifically to warn against falling for info dumps, based on someone’s hidden agenda.

      P.S. Thanks for the good words. I really appreciate them.

      My new book THE PUTIN ENIGMA will be released in the fall of 2017. All about who Putin really is will be explained there. Any news about my books can be followed on LadaRay.com, click on BOOKS tab: http://ladarayinfo.weebly.com/books.html

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      • Thank you Aeyrie, for posting this question as I am a reader of Fulford as well and always watch out for him posting on Monday! That doesn’t mean I believe everything he writes, for we al know how wild some of his post are! There were more people asking themselves if this was really Ben’s own writing as on his website there were some anomalies going on and it was not possible to post a comment on said article!

        Thank you Lada for the reply, of course we know how things stand, thanks to you! I will go over and read your article now!
        Have a great day!

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        • Everyone who reads Fulford, I suggest you look at his calibration first. Calibrations never lie.

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        • Yup, agreed Christa! I know Fulford calibrates low and I take everything he says with a grain of salt just as you do…oh, wow…news flash. I’m being guided to out my Quantum self here today. (Noooo! Really?? It is time, I am being told.) On Lada’s blog! Gulp. Good place, though I am concerned about how it will be received. I hope I don’t come across sounding too tinfoil hat but I probably will to some. So be it. My benevolent partners know what they are doing. (Lol, won’t be the first time I’ve looked foolish on their behalf!) After all these years of working with them I trust them implicitly. Many of you are likely to find this comforting. The possibilities for you are very exciting as well.

          I am guided to read Fulford’s posts, and those of selected other bloggers, as well as the responses of their readers (wow, talk about low calibrations, Lada!), for reasons you all may find very interesting, though it’s not one that is likely to ever occur to most people. It didn’t occur to me, certainly, for many years until several unusual and co-incidental happenings of the woo-woo variety starting in 2006 woke me up to an opportunity to advance to being in service consciously, 24/7. My mama didn’t raise any fools! Over time I learned to seamlessly operate multi-dimensionally. It’s not that big a deal, friends. Really. It’s who we are. We will all be doing it soon. Maybe that’s why they wanted me to tell you, Lada’s readers, about this today. Because your frequency is higher you will be among the first to experience similar things, or advance to more if you already do.

          So, what do I do? As well as being an artist, shape-shifter and energy worker, I am an observer and researcher operating in real time as eyes and ears for benevolent beings who cannot be here “in person”, shall we say. I am one of many who are contributing information from the human perspective. They consider this data critical to facilitating the transition we are undergoing. I also act as arms and legs for them, assisting as requested. LOL, do you know of the old 50’s TV show that aired in the U.S. called “What’s My Line”? No one would have ever guessed this line of work! It is fascinating, and my labor of love. No, I don’t like the low frequencies I encounter, but I am protected from most of it, and I feel very generously compensated for my service. LOL, my life is overflowing with love, beauty, learning, and pure magic!

          Thank you for your friendship, Christa. Blessings to all, most especially you, Lada. I can hardly wait for your Putin Enigma book to come out. Whoo hoo!! I am sure it will be very revealing, helpful, hope-full and a great success.

          Liked by 1 person

          • Well, yeah, pass the tinfoil :). What a launch out of the closet. This is very helpful, thank you, because it validates what’s going on, which is our return to active duty as multi-dimensional revolutionaries, rebels and bulls in china shops. As your reply to Christa was synchronistic to me, like the fourth hit in as many days, I get that somebody is trying to tell me something. But why do they call it tinfoil when it’s really aluminum? I’m old enough to know that but it escapes me for the present.

            Liked by 1 person

            • LMAO ~ Paleohippy, you are delightful!! I am so glad my revelations were helpful to you today. Yah. The Guidance never does anything half way. I’ve learned to suck it up and go for it when they give the signal, no matter how weird it may look to people around me or how much flak I might get. And believe me there have been times when I have gotten plenty. Eventually everyone (lol, and sometimes me too!) come to understand the reason and purpose for things I do on their behalf.

              Four hits in four days… wow, they are really knocking on your door! Good on you for taking the hint. We need you! Yeah. Tinfoil. I had that info stored away somewhere too but had to go to look it up again. Wiki says (I know, but for this kind of thing it’s okay), “Tin foil, also spelled tinfoil, is a thin foil made of tin. Actual tin foil was superseded by cheaper and more durable aluminum foil after World War II. Despite this, aluminum foil is still referred to as “tin foil” in many regions.” So there we go. Much love, dear one! Welcome back to active service. ❤

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  9. Yes, Lada! I have read ESR1 (excellent!) and am familiar with your brilliant Quantum Calibrations work and the scales you have modified and further developed. “How To Tell A Hoax” is brilliant as well, and I often highly recommend it to others. These tools you have shared with us along with my native clair-sentience serve me well. (My internal B.S. meter pegged immediately on Fulford’s latest! ;o) )

    In all fairness to Fulford though, I have discerned over the years from reading his many writings that his heart does seem to be in the right place. He honestly does share our desire to experience a better world than the one we are currently experiencing. And I have noticed that his track record on accuracy runs at about 70-80% correct. But, when his information is wrong it is wildly wrong. It causes one to think, hmm, if that information is so far off the mark, what about the rest? And of course the thought also occurs that perhaps some of his sources feed him incorrect information at times as a psyop to keep us guessing and him with egg on his face. The upshot is that his work must always be read with discernment. This latest faux-pas, enormous as it is, certainly does not help his professional reputation.

    We are so fortunate to have you and your work, Lada. We never need to wonder about how much of it is accurate. How refreshing! Thanks again, so very much. I eagerly look forward to your new article.

    Liked by 1 person

  10. Wow!!!!! A new book! Hopefully in print as well because I would love to own and read it! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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