German Vice Chancellor: No Ukraine in NATO; Russia, Let’s Make Up!

Ohhh…seriously, I am getting a tiny bit tired reiterating time after time: ‘I TOLD YOU SO!’ From the beginning of the Ukraine crisis, in my articles about Ukraine, Germany and German Chancellor Merkel, I said time and again that Ukraine would never be admitted into the EU – and forget NATO. That US would try to push Ukraine’s memberships through, with no result whatsoever, except creating more animosity and crisis on European continent, which in fact is their goal to begin with. As usual, see much more in PREDICTIONS and related articles below.

I also said that after yelling and screaming (and sanctions), EU will cool off eventually and recall that really, truly, honestly…they want to be friends with Russia. Interesting how it happens every time the heating season starts in earnest.

On referenced video (watch on YT in Russian) – German Vice Chancellor Zigmar Gabriel: ‘Germany will never allow Ukraine to be admitted into NATO. US has been putting pressure on Germany, but on the Federal level at least such decision will not pass as this would destabilize the situation even further. Germany needs to do what Austria is suggesting – engage new channels for negotiations with Russia. Internal Ukraine conflict is aggravated by Ukraine’s conflict with Russia. Ukraine’s internal conflict cannot be solved without solving a conflict with Russia. It seems to me that we all in Europe, Germany can’t do it alone, have to formulate a new policy towards Russia. We are not giving up on the idea of a European Russia. We have to be united in this and we are very interested in Russia being a part of Europe. We can’t afford Europe’s division because of the Russia issue.’

Why has this statement from German VC appeared now? Division within Merkel’s ruling party? Are her own people angry at her? Perhaps to a degree. I’d be, if I were them. But even more so, I think these are the true underlying reasons:

1. Note, this statement is by Merkel’s underling. Merkel is on the hook with NSA, who have massive dirt on her after listening in on her phone conversations. This keeps her on a short leash. I wrote about that issue in a couple of earlier articles. This is why Merkel suddenly stopped demanding that German gold held (or rather, that ‘used to be held’) at the NY FED be repatriated. Besides, Merkel has already made so many aggressive and threatening remarks about Russia that she couldn’t possibly switch to a conciliatory tone – you need a fresh face to make a statement such as this.

2. Clearly, winter is upon us and all of a sudden Germany remembered why they need to try to be friends with Russia. That’s right, Gazprom and Russian gas.

3. Not only the population, but also German business class is rebelling. Merkel, reportedly is ‘tired of receiving calls from industrialists asking her to reverse anti-Russian sanctions.’

A few days ago a curious news crossed the wires. One of the prominent German industrialists who was a long-time donor of Merkel’s ruling Christian Democratic Union, announced he was forming a group of industrialists who would stop supporting Merkel and CDU and would instead invest in the opposition.

4. Ukraine in today’s configuration and with this government is a loose cannon, whose only desire and goal is siphoning as much money as possible from the EU and the West in general (since Russia refused to subsidize it any more), while Ukraine oligarchs, armed thugs and politicians continue the wholesale demolition and looting of the economy. The biggest donor to Ukraine would be Germany. For terrified Germany (and EU) Ukraine is becoming a financial weight that is dragging them to the bottom.

To me this outcome was clear from the beginning – question is, why wasn’t it clear to EU politicians? Those who haven’t yet, may want to check out: FREE Earth Shift Report 2: Ukraine, Russia and Falsified History.

5. EU today cannot exist peacefully and prosperously without good relations with Russia. Unfortunately, EU politicians are too slow or too sold-out to grasp any of this. They only start seeing the light when crisis is staring them personally in the eye. In my new video ProjectEarthShift 1:Universal Scale of Consciousness (life-diminishing calibrations 0-199) I explain how this works. The example I provide is Angela Merkel. Her calibration is 184 – the level of pride. On this level people (and countries) are so self-centered and so egotistical that they start acting only when there is a threat to their own stability. They are utterly disinterested in truth, justice and saving or helping others. Their moral and truth compass is so off that they see black as white and vice versa, until it hurts them personally.

There are a few politicians in the West that are different, one of them being Milos Zeman, President of the Czech Republic, who isn’t afraid to speak his mind. Read: Desperate Obama, A Voice of Sanity from Czechia and Anti-Russian Sanctions. There are sane politicians in Germany too. They speak up against this madness, which only benefits the Anglo-American elites. Incidentally, it has been shown time and again by honest German journalists that German MSM is in bed with the US, doing their bidding by spreading propaganda.

By contrast, see what the world looks like, and what can be accomplished, when people calibrate at life-affirming levels: ProjectEarthShift 2: Universal Scale of Consciousness (life-affirming/ life-creating calibrations 200-1000).

6. The division and rebellion within the EU is growing. Czech and Hungarian leaders are making statements of dissent. Austria isn’t happy about sanctions. Finland said: don’t even come to us with sanctions any more. Greece, Italy and Spain are trying to quietly, on country to country level, circumvent sanctions. Serbia (non-EU, but being dragged in) said they were being pressured to join sanctions, but they wouldn’t.

7. And how do you like this precious latest bit! I seriously think you couldn’t invent it if you tried! Turns out the reason France couldn’t deliver the Mistral carriers to Russia, thus incurring billions in penalties and contract losses, as well as a loss of business credibility and future deals with Russia, is because POLAND leaned on France and made them forfeit. This incredible bit of news was confirmed by the Russian newscast Vesti on Channel 1 Russia. Is it because Poland is now so strong, or is it because France is becoming so weak? Recently, France had to swallow the insult from the US, when US fined BNP Paribas close to $10 bln for violating US sanctions. As my readers know, I call Poland one of the ‘US Trojan Horses in Europe.’

This is what a catastrophic loss of sovereignty looks like! It is when a country formerly considered one of the Great Powers would sacrifice national interests to please its boss. De Gaulle isn’t just turning – he is spinning in his grave. France is made to be an example and a warning for others. All this is being closely observed, and the alarm bells are going off in all EU capitals.

8. And here is the final, and very strong, worry for Germany and EU. They see that Russia is successfully pivoting to the EAST, again as I predicted from the beginning. Read more in Predictions and related articles. Since February-March, 2014 I said that ‘if Russians feel even slightly inconvenienced by sanctions, off to the East they go.’ Since then we saw Russia sign massive deals with China, Central Asian countries, Iran, South American countries. I also have predicted that EU will start experiencing gas shortages after Russia transitions to the new markets. This is confirmed by the latest news:

Just in! While in negotiations with Turkish President Erdogan, Vladimir Putin has announced that Russia withdraws from the South Stream project, which would supply gas directly to Europe bypassing Ukraine (also as predicted: I said, I believe in March, that South Stream wasn’t important to Russia any more and that she didn’t care if it continued or not). Putin announced together with Erdogan that instead, Russia will concentrate on expanding the gas pipeline to Turkey and in creating in Turkey and Greece an international gas hub for further gas deliveries elsewhere. Putin specifically said that if Europe isn’t interested in Russian gas, it will be sold to other countries, hinting at future gas shortages for the EU.

The above breaking news is noteworthy. I will either have a separate article about that, or I will include this in my upcoming THE PUTIN ENIGMA Report.






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  1. Will V. Nuland get her $5 billion refunded? Does John McCain know? Please don’t tell him because, 1., he may not be able to take it, or, 2, he may return to his Nazi friends in Ukraine. I want my country, the United States, to prosper and return to our better days, but for the time being, NWO people want no nation to continue; they just want a depopulated homogenization of humanity that they can enslave. Our success as a nation among successful nations getting along with each other is possible, but it will take a lot of work. We are talking about human beings after all.

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    • Yep. Very true.
      P.S. No refund for Nuland – all that money has been pocketed.
      Unfortunately, Ukraine gold and Scythian treasures were looted in compensation though.
      Simple people and whole countries always suffer as a result of greed and madness of a few – until they wake up.

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  2. Well done Lada. When I was reading last night about Der Speigel toning down its negative Putin megaphone, I did, in fact, think of your predictions! Germany has acted very foolishly indeed. The Ukraine is a time bomb still and may well go off before it gets better, which brings to mind your predictions regarding Ukraine’s return to Russia. Maybe Western Ukraine will be the only one holding out there. The saker had a very interesting youtube with a guy named Bezler (I think) making some very serious allegations about Poroshenko supplying the resistance with all the arms they have, before he was President!! Not Russia at all! The plot thickens and I have no doubt that your predictions will come to pass.

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  3. Take some time off….and have a good Holiday…..

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  4. You have an amazing and uncanny way of making murky politics transparent and understandable. Thanks so much.

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  5. It is still early in this struggle. This could go on for many years. The Anglo-American financial oligarchs want to either overthrow the leadership class in Russia through destroying Russia’s economy, have Russia get overly extended in wars on her borders, or drive Russia into leaving Europe. Putin is doing a good job, but switching to China, Iran, and so on is not at all bad news for the US. Then a free trade deal can be made with the EU that turns the EU into a colonial property of the US. If this were to happen, Europe would decline and the Eurasian zone would do quite well.

    In the case of Germany, it is a very divided country. They have a lot of business that is oriented West, and they also have a large financial industry that is part of the Anglo-American system. And, legally speaking, they are occupied by the Americans and part of the EU, which is largely run by the financial oligarchs.

    By the way, I read that Russia has finally got some German media in the last month or so. Think it was Russia Today. This is only about ten years too late, which is insane, but people are starved for different views, so it should do well quite quickly.

    Not trying to be pessimistic, just be careful for the “good cop, bad cop” routine. It is normal in the West. The head of NATO will say something like “We wouldn’t dream of putting troops in the Ukraine”, which is true, but they would quickly put in missiles.

    One thing you might not have heard is that many in the West have had the idea that a destroyed Ukraine would force Russia to spend tens of billions of dollars to prop it up. This would be good news for the West as it would take away all that money that could go for other things. In other words, this is like the famous quote about the dollar “It may be our currency, but it is your problem.” So Russia needs to convince Poland and Germany that the destruction of Ukraine will hurt them. They thought that the destruction would be profitable, as they could buy key assets cheaply, and the rest would be a burden for Russia.

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  6. I look forward to your article on Putin! Want to see if my intuitive insights agree with yours. Thanks for all you do to educate us, Lada. I think I’ve said it before, but I am loving getting to know Russia through the eyes of people who truly know and love it!

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  7. This is very good news, Lada. I’ve been busy with a major Fukushima-related translation, but wanted to drop by.
    This is how I see the situation. America is trying out a different strategy now to attack Russia, so they are not pursuing the former two as aggressively, i.e., playing chicken with Putin over the neo-Nazi attacks in Novorussia, and using sanctions to try to hurt Russia. The latter was very counterproductive in harming Europe while bolstering the ties between China and Russia. They can’t back off completely without losing face, but they have to tone it down.
    The new strategy, initiated during Kerry’s visit to Saudi Arabia, is to flood global markets with cheap oil. This achieves several objectives. It is an economic attack not only on Russia but other oil producers America wants to control such as Venezuela; they hope they can have Europe using the cheap oil in place of Russia’s natural gas, though the infrastructure will probably prevent a real shift during the needed timespan; it relieves economic pressure on American consumers, who will support Obama more because of it; they say it will not harm American oil producers, and it might be possible to support them through various financial shenanigans–lord knows they’ve propped up the moribund US economy since 2008 that way–but should that scheme fail, and the oil producers go bankrupt, it hides the real reason, which is that oil shale was never anything more than a costly boondoggle hyped to the point of hyperventilation, and allows them to put all the blame on–who else?–those doggone A-rabs! So it looks like win-win-win-win for America, but it is, in fact, a move of sheer desperation. Anyone who knows the Russians realizes that they will just shrug and go back to tending the potatoes. I was at Baikal during the collapse of the ruble about 15 years ago, but had no idea it had happened until I got back to Japan. In the days leading up to it, none of the banks had any rubles, which was mysterious, and the tour group blamed me for lack of planning, but we finally went to a seedy little office around the corner from the bank and accomplished the needed exchange on the black market.
    Moreover, this clever move by Kerry will have the effect of destroying a certain amount of the world’s oil production capacity, leading to extreme consequences at a time of Saudi Arabia’s choosing.
    In the end it all leads to war for oil. I hope I am wrong about this last consequence.

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    • Regarding Patricia’s comments on the US causing the collapse in the oil price to hurt Russia, Iran and Venezuela, I don’t think that’s the case. My conspiratorial side does tell me that but I think it’s just a case of supply and demand and this could be the proverbial “canary in the coal mine” which is warning of an impending crisis in the world economy. Remember that the last time this type of oil price drop happened, which was more severe, was in 2008 right before the financial crisis in the west. Although it hurts the income of the above countries it’s effect could actually be worse for the US because 20% of the junk bonds are in shale oil and the gas sector and a sustained period of below $65/barrel could devastate the shale industry. Bankruptcy of this sector could trigger an avalance of derivative calls and since all of the western financial institutions are tied to the hip, this could cause another Lehman-AIG moment. Remember that shale oil is the most expensive oil there is and they need above $100 oil to continue to explore new wells. So this collapse of the oil price is much more complicated than just a simple Obama telephone call to Saudi Arabia.

      Lada’s comments were music to my ears. There’s been so much damage the last few months in EU-Russia relations caused by the EU that even if Germany tones down its hostility, it will never go back to how it was. The horse has already left the barn. It’s too close a call whether Germany will tilt east or not. While there are powerful industrial forces pushing for an eastern tilt there are equally powerful forces in the military, media and financial elite that are too tied to the hip with the Anglo-Americans. To me it’s a close call. One thing that would put Germany over to Russia would be another financial crises a la 2008 which could bankrupt Deutsche Bank for example and then one of the pillars of the pro Atlantic bloc would be very weakened. Then the balance of forces would tilt towards the pro Russia side.

      Putin’s announcement ending the South Stream simultaneously with the Russia-Turkish gas deal is truly a bombshell. I really was stunned. Putin just does not make mistakes. This deal along with the ones with China, Iran and Latin America and the counter sanctions against the EU agriculture really shows that Russia means business and you can’t push them around. Although it hasn’t been formally ended, I believe that Russia will give France and that little punk Hollande a deadline to deliver the Mistral carriers. Either deliver by this date or give Russia back its money. France will have to get off the fence one way or the other.

      Lada I’m really looking forward to the upcoming Putin Enigma. Thanks for all you do.

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  8. This is good news, and about time too.
    The Western finance oligarchs attempts to drive a wedge between Europe and Russia was such a transparent farce that I was surprised to see European politicians going along with it. But I guess many are operating at relatively low egoic levels of consciousness, as you say (great vids by the way), and given the insecurity and competitiveness of political life as a career, many learn on the way up to fall into line with the mainstream ruling myths promoted by the Western corporate media cartel – owned & controlled by the finance oligarchs and their lackies.

    The Western finance oligarchs realise that Russia and the BRICS represent a different economic vision and system than their own system of feudal looting by means of financial instruments. The Western oligarchs want us to perceive Russia and other nations which oppose their looting system as our enemies. But Russia is not the enemy of Europe or European civilisation and peoples.

    Thank you Lada for doing the work you do.

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  9. Excellent article again Lada, thank you for posting this!
    I just found this article on Kauilapele’s blog, don’t know if you have seen it but it is very interesting:

    Looking forward to The Putin Enigma!



  10. Patricia,

    It may not be so simple as Obama asking the Saudis for something. Many would argue that the Saudis have been in a very negative mood regarding the US. You don’t have to wonder if the US hasn’t wanted to blow up that part of the world and steal everyone’s money. Look at Turkey, and Erdoghan saying many rather strongly anti-EU/US things lately. Next, the dollar has been going up, perhaps with a lot of Japanese help. It looks like the Bank of Japan and/or the Abe regime want to give a lot of their pensions to Wall Street for safekeeping.

    We are probably living in a time of great change. Turkey moving to an Eastern policy instead of a Western one would be an example of that. And Europe is likely in a period of decline, so is Russia’s best bet to bend over backward to join that club?

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  11. I agree with Patricia.
    The production and price of oil is being used as a weapon against Russia. But not just against Russia. I think what is emeging is a new bi-polar world; a struggle between two very different socio-economic systems and visions. It is a clash of new world orders.

    The neocons in the Western camp see this as a direct threat to their stated intentions of full-spectrum domination of the planet; and the neoliberals or Western finance oligarchs see it as a direct threat to their system of financial looting as legitimate business.

    We must hope this can be resolved without general war.

    Personally I favour the socio-economic vision of the BRICS. I regard the Western financialised system as irrational and criminal, and a mortal threat to humanity.

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  12. I think the oil wars are in vain! This is a relic of the past as we are fast moving into a new era: and, this is where BRICS are focusing their energies. Using oil as a weapon is a very foolish move and one done out of desperation, as it will inevitably harm the USA (shale oil and gas) irreparably (long term) instead of punishing Russia. BRICS are clearly not going to let short term ‘collateral damage’ stop them from moving into a prosperous future. Putin has clearly stated that he is Ok with the current price of oil……..

    “MOSCOW–OPEC’s decision to leave its oil output unchanged suits Russia, President Vladimir Putin said Friday, Russian news agencies reported.

    The 12-member Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries decided Thursday to keep its production ceiling unchanged at 30 million barrels a day, sending Brent crude prices below $72 per barrel for the first time since mid-2010.

    “It generally suits us and we see nothing special about it,” Mr. Putin said, referring to the OPEC decision.” Nasdaq 28/11/2014

    Not to mention ‘the BRICS new credit system for infrastructure projects world wide. China is also well on the way to mining Helium 3 which is the best fuel for producing Thermo nuclear fusion energy power which will cause a paradigm shift world wide and be a fulcrum for civilization to evolve.’ (blog from article on PressTV with minor editing)

    Did anyone get to read Xi Jingping’s speech 30/11/2014?

    This speech is very reflective of Putin’s speech at the Valdai Club, and it is a declaration of peace and tolerance even with the rabid dog biting at its heels!

    Not to mention China has now surpassed USA as the largest economy in the world!

    Let the USA squeak, they have already lost WWIII and anything short of letting off some bombs and a few more attempts at colour revolutions, is all they have up their sleeve, however these have lost their clout cos they have used this strategy just one too many times! It appears we have an Empires taking its last gasps! Clutching straws.

    Look to the future folks! There are some really good things happening.

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  13. At first I thought I’d violated some kind of taboo here, but it is more likely that many of you have not been following energy issues very deeply. Over the past month I’ve heard from multiple sources that Kerry was likely involved in the decision by Saudi Arabia to boost production and flood the market with cheap oil. That is just speculation, but the timing of Kerry’s visit in September and the subsequent move by Saudi Arabia, plus the main stream media all saying Russia is going to collapse over this (it was cheap oil prices that brought the Soviet Union down) make it highly suspicious. Today I read somewhere that basically Saudi Arabia is attacking all other oil producers in an attempt to ensure its future market share.
    I wish I had more time to devote to this, but I have to get back to work tonight (i.e., now). David Stockman of Nixon fame is on top of this, and I’ll link to his latest, which makes one of the points I brought up:
    Meanwhile, Gail Tverberg has the best insight into Peak Oil plus ability to explain of anyone I know, and I recommend any article by her, but this one stands out:
    We regularly hear about some new energy technology that will save our way of life in the future, and everyone gets excited, and then it fizzles. Even if nuclear fission works out, our infrastructure runs primarily on petroleum, and it will take decades to change that. We have a rough ride ahead, and to understand the actions of the US government, you have to understand oil, and gas to a lesser degree. Energy is power.

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    • Patricia, the present oil price drop issue, reasons and consequences aren’t exactly as you are describing. If I have a moment I’ll write about this.
      Overall it’s not as important as some other issues happening now. But perhaps I’ll be able to write about that at some point.

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    • Lada, I will look forward to reading anything you have to say about the oil price drop. Have you written on it previously? I seem to be the person with the odd point of view here. I’ve been busy, and may not have noticed.

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  14. @Llyrran:

    Although I tend to agree with almost all of the points mentioned in the comments above yours, in my opinion you hit the nail right on the head! Absolutely agree that the US shoots itself in the foot with all of the trics they are pulling out of their hat! It is useless because Putin is the master at this chessgame, so far that’s very clear! As for the rest of us, more and more people see through the lies and the machinations of this “country in decline” (look at how their police is turning against their own) and I sure hope that the socalled “Western world” will very soon see the light and take the road of peaceful collaboration instead of getting into each others hair for the benefit of the few!

    Thanks also for the link to Xi’s speech, I had not seen it (of course not, living in the “west”) and found it really promising and indeed it reflexes Putin’s Valdai-speech! Now we have two “sane” politicians…..who is next?

    Looking at all these developments with great curiosity and hope for the future!

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  15. The cancellation of South Stream didn’t actually surprise me. As a matter of fact, Russia issued a warning about a week prior to the event, but it was either unnoticed or ignored by the EU politicians. Here’s what I wrote at a political forum on the 26th of November:

    “European Europhobic leaders continue to shoot Europe in the foot to please their American masters.

    Now it concerns the South Stream. The window of opportunity for Europe is closing.

    Russian energy minister Uljukaev made an interesting statement today, saying that Russia will not be inconvenienced of EU decides not to build South Stream. It was primarily conceived to ensure Europe (Southern Europe, actually, as Northern Europe already has North Stream) against transit insecurity (meaning Ukraine). He said that if Europe decides that they don’t need such security, it’s their decision, but should any transit problems arise in the third-party countries, it will also be solely EU’s responsibility.”

    And then, on the 1st of December, the windows of opportunity was closed.

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  16. I thought this a good run down on the situation regarding the South Stream. If anything technically incorrect I am sure Lada will have the lowdown. Despite the cancellation being on the cards, for some reason it does not stop the EU and Southern Europe from being self righteously indignant! As the British would say, ‘miffed’

    One day they might realise they are dealing with a man of his word who doesn’t play ‘silly buggers’ as we say here in Australia!

    Patricia I do agree with you regarding your points, Kerry’s visit to Saud etc, however it seems that the US keeps shooting themselves in the foot! Like the sanctions for instance, which is hurting the EU possibly more than Russia, and while they sit by being befuddled as to what to do next, Russia forges ahead making solid concrete moves for future prosperity.
    China offered Germany a way out very early in the piece by being third party in the opening up of the New Silk Road trade routes…. Germany chose the losing side…

    Karma is doing its bit now! 🙂

    Also China is looking at nuclear fusion not fission.

    And…although ‘I am and not a fan’ of Kurzweil, he does offer huge insights into what the future holds and his predictions like Lada’s have been correct!
    Kurzweil’s website has many interesting insights into the future however there is the looming transhumanism that has most stepping back.–very-small–incredibly-small.aspx?article=6078401834H11690&redirect=false&contributor=George+F.+Smith&mk=1

    Peace always!

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    • Oh yeah, Kurzweil – my friend Ron’s cousin.
      Agree with your assessment of him. Has his moments, but not a fan either. That’s what cold intellect on the level of reason, with no warm heart to moderate it, does.

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  17. Yeah! Well put Lada!
    Here is another reason to be positive! The decentralisation is beginning to pick up steam.
    Decentralisation will put the powers out of business!


  18. I just hope Russia can keep focused on a better outcome for all Humanity


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