Declaration of Cold War: What Chain of Events is US Provoking With New Hostile Move?

War drums are beating. The US is trying AGAIN to tip the world into the war mode.

The US House of Representatives voted almost unanimously (411 for, 10 against, 13 abstained) to condemn Russia for ‘aggression in Ukraine(?), Moldova(?) and Georgia(?).’ It also voted to create a more aggressive propaganda machine in Russian and Ukrainian, and to SEND AMERICAN WEAPONS TO UKRAINE. In addition, the resolution calls for the reinforcement of NATO and for the sale of US GAS TO EUROPE TO REPLACE RUSSIAN GAS. Link to RT video report.

I wonder who and when will finally vote to condemn the REAL aggressions of the USA against Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Serbia, present US aggression and financing of the illegal coup in Ukraine, and so many other aggressions all over the world? Who will condemn USA for spying on the entire world? What about the continued US and NATO aggression and intimidation campaign against Russia? What about color revolutions US sponsors all over the world?

Do you feel a sense of deja vu by any chance? I do. Remember how many times I warned of exactly these things. I said that these are the main purposes for the US ‘subversion of Ukraine’ (the fact that US invested only officially $5bln into ‘subverting Ukraine’ was publicly admitted by the US State Dept’s Victoria Nuland in December 2013).

I said this at various times:

1. Conflict in Ukraine is used to weaken Russia and EU at the same time.

2. Ukraine conflict is used to drive a wedge between Russia and EU, and at the same time, between Russia and Ukraine.

3. Ukraine to Anglo-American elites is loose change and cannon fodder to be thrown out as a used-up lemon. For Russia, Ukraine is their brothers and part of the Russian world to be respected and lived in peace with.

4. The continuing escalation of a conflict is necessary to paint Russia and Putin as aggressors, when the actual aggressor is US, with the kind help of Brussels, Germany, Poland and Lithuania. This is the same methodology used to perfection by the UK/US/France in the past to escalate Hitler’s aggression and to pit Germany and Russia (in the 20th Century, the two biggest rivals of the Anglo-American empire) in two past World Wars. Using proxies to fight their wars is the best Anglo-American achievement from hell.

5. US is itching to sell its own, more expensive gas to Europe, taking this market away from Russia.

For that purpose, McCain went to Bulgaria and other EU countries. THE VERY NEXT DAY after McCain’s and two other senators’ visit, Bulgaria announced that it was withdrawing from South Stream. Annual losses from such withdrawal for Bulgaria constitute $400-600 million + $150 million in losses from the switch of the Russian gas transit to Turkey to the new Black Sea pipeline. Altogether, up to $750 million per year in losses. What makes leaders of a country do something that is clearly bad for the country’s economy? Only arm-twisting can do that, and/or a bribe.

McCain’s arm-twisting worked well on the sold-out neocon-infested Bulgarian government. It didn’t work on Hungary (which because of that is now threatened with a color revolution), nor Austria. Austria’s President reportedly retorted that he didn’t tell US what to do, so he would appreciate it if US didn’t tell him who to conduct business with.

Still, subverting Bulgaria was enough – South Steam has ground to a screaching halt.

Notice that the US Congress cold war resurrection resolution (sounds like The Lord of the Rings – the dark powers on the rise)  appeared right after the noteworthy events I described in my previous article: German Vice Chancellor: No Ukraine in NATO; Russia, Let’s Make Up!

Below is a brief summary of the events I described in the above piece, plus analysis of the underlying geopolitical games and return moves by the US.

1. Europe has started looking for ways to make up with Russia and get EU-Russia relations back to normal. Additionally, Germany let it be known that they would not approve Ukraine in NATO, which is what US has been pushing for.

All the above is a big problem for the US hegemony. US needs to prevent this from happening. The only way of influencing the EU in these circumstances is to escalate the stand-off between Russia and the West, so Eu has no choice but to take anti-Russian position.

Last time they used the Malaysia Boeing downing in Ukraine to push reluctant EU towards a new round of anti-Russian sanctions. How about provoking Russia via arms supply to the Kiev junta this time, making Russia act to protect Donbass?

2. Russia announced the closure of the South Stream project.

No doubt US has rejoiced. US was the driving force behind the sabotage of the South Stream, projected to deliver gas directly to southern and central Europe. This route would bypass the unstable Ukraine, making the supply more secure and cheaper for many countries. The winners of this scenario would have been: Austria, Hungary, Italy, Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia, Slovenia, Russia – and the entire EU economy. Losers from South Stream would have been: Ukraine and US. Now do your math: WHO BENEFITS AND WHO LOSES FROM THE CLOSURE OF SOUTH STREAM!

The US had been long pushing to sell their own shale gas to the EU, however expensive and inconvenient this may be.

Note, the US shale gas issue is a big problem in the US itself. It has been proven that this barbaric method of extraction causes untold damage to the environment, causing irreversible water damage, making potable water and soils unusable, and creating tremors and quakes. I have lived in Upstate NY, which is sitting on large shale gas deposits, and it is an ongoing struggle for the residents there to keep the shale gas vultures out of their state. Recently, the birthplace of shale gas in Texas has moved to ban this harmful practice.

Shale gas industry was touted in the US as a way out of the systemic crisis of the US economy. However, it’s not working so well. Due to low gas prices, most shale gas wells had to be capped as high cost of production made them unprofitable. To make shale gas worthwhile, US desperately needs a huge new market such as EU. To gain the EU market, US first needs to squeeze Russia out of it.

Now, isn’t it clear that US needs to do the following things:

1. Weaken EU, break EU’s will, subdue European countries – and make them buy more expensive gas contrary to EU’s interests.

2. Weaken Russian economy, vilify and discredit Putin, isolate and vilify Russia, so Russia can’t continue working with the EU, so consequently EU would be forced to buy expensive US gas, forsaking a much better deal it has with Russia presently.

3. Destabilize and destroy Ukraine, making it into a massive festering wound for both Russia and EU to deal with. Destabilization of Ukraine sabotages Russian gas supplies to the EU. In addition, the spinning of Ukraine as victim of the big, bad Russia also serves to create divisions and alienation on European continent.  This is a complete repeat of the Georgia 2008 scenario. See my predictions that came true: Striking geopolitical similarities: Sochi2014-Ukraine and #Beijing2008-Georgian war.

All the above US needs to do in order to make its grand plan of getting out of the crisis happen.

What is very important to understand is this: by making EU buy US shale gas, US not only solves its economic problems, but it also binds EU to itself irreversibly.

Once Russia has reoriented towards other markets, it will be hard to impossible to convince her to turn back. Russia is the historic and karmic global balancer. Hence, Russia’s re-orientations usually are precursors to big global changes to come. It is entirely in the interests of the EU to get closer to Russia, and that includes UK as well, although UK can serve as a bridge between US and new Europe. But it is entirely against the interests of the present-day US empire for any of that to happen. Living in peace and cooperation with the rest of the world is certainly in the best interests of the population of the USA.

Ideally, the US and those who still want to execute the US ‘full spectrum dominance’ global hegemony plans, want to convert the entire world into its vassals. I can tell you this will never happen, and perhaps those who formulate the insane US policies already get it on some level. At this time it appears the US is trying to inflict as much damage as possible on as many countries as possible as its plan B. And you know what, they are partially succeeding!

What we are observing is a war between the wounded, but very dangerous beast and the rest of the world.

Unfortunately, too many try to pretend this war doesn’t concern them. Some think they can remain on the beast’s side until tide changes and they can switch to the other side safely. It’s so much easier to have someone else fight your battles, incur hardship and losses, while you just arrive in the end and collect the trophies. This sounds like Romania, which first entered WWII on the side of the fascist Germany, occupying my city of Odessa, which was promised to Romania by Germany as one of the spoils of war. But when Germany started losing, Romania switched to the other side. And it sounds like US, who during the same WWII let the USSR bleed and fight until it became clear in 1944 that the USSR was winning, and that’s when US finally entered the war to collect their trophies.

rus bogatyr

Russian Vityaz’ – bogatyr’ (bogatyr’ means knight, protector; vityaz’ was a highly evolved master protector, whose powers were borderline mystical)

Yes, there are very few heroes. But Russia has no choice. Whether Russians want it or not, they are destined to always fight that dangerous beast that threatens to devour all. Russia’s is the hardest place to be. It is the hardest role to preserve balance in this crazy, unbalanced world. Allies are hard to come by, as usual. Few want to risk their lives and well-being to confront the beast; fewer still, have wisdom and foresight to do so successfully. Hiding out seems so much safer.

lord of the rings

I mentioned Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings for a reason. Tolkien, like Edgar Cayce before him, like other visionaries, such as Anastasia of Siberia (The Ringing Cedars) and Bulgarian Baba Vanga – and like yours truly – have been hinting at the same thing. The White City in The Lord of the Rings is written after Moscow (known historically as the White Stone City) and the ancient city of Great Novgorod. I write about that in Forbidden History: Are Scandinavians Slavs? The Return of the King refers to the return of Russia. You can find some of my predictions about Russia and the historic and karmic role of various parts of the world in Predictions.

Putin’s Move and Profitable Russia-Turkey Alliance

Instead of the cancelled South Stream, Russia and Turkey announced the construction of the new arm of the Blue Stream. Turkey is to become the Russian gas distribution hub for further sales to Europe, or to any other market. Russia is also to build a new energy system for Turkey. The new system will allow for a more flexible gas distribution by sea or pipeline, depending on demand.

It’s interesting how secret the Putin/Erdogan agreements were kept until the last moment.

It has to be noted that the new agreement between Putin and Erdogan was only possible after Putin created a new paradigm with the Caspian Sea powers, including Iran, and notably, Azerbaijan. This is also connected with SCO advancements and Eurasian Union (EAU). Turkey is very interested in being admitted into SCO and EAU. I can predict that at least the SCO announcement will come out soon. These events happened very quietly and went unnoticed in the West; and actually, Russia likes that. The quieter, the better. In reality, these events are very important. I spoke about them briefly before, and I will discuss them in more detail in one of my upcoming interviews next year.

Azerbaijan is an interesting factor here, as well as Syria, Iran and Gagauzia (autonomy within Moldova). All these are connected with Russia and each other via invisible but meaningful links.

Incidentally, I have some interesting interviews coming up next week and in January 2015. Stay tuned!

After everything that happened, it would be naive to think US wouldn’t make return moves. It is more difficult to understand why so many seemingly intelligent people in the EU and US allow themselves to be duped and manipulated time after time by thugs in the US Congress, Pentagon, White House, and by the shadow puppet masters.

The problem for Russia is this: the moment US starts making any threatening moves, all EU’s good intentions evaporate and they dutifully fall in line. They forget their own good and profit, their own reasoning as to how important the relations with Russia are, and start again playing a role of the US lap dog – or US vicious pit bull.

This is the chain of events the US is trying to provoke with this new hostile move:

US sends its weapons to the Ukraine junta. Kiev uses these more advanced and deadly weapons against civilians in Donbass. Russia has no choice but to match that to protect Donbass from complete annihilation. US and EU start yelling that Russia interferes in Ukraine.

Then US pressures EU into adopting a new round of sanctions, contrary to EU’s own interests. These sanctions will be equally damaging to both Russia and EU. The winner is US.

Next, relations between Russia and EU hit a new low as Russia has no choice but to reciprocate. US gets to twist the arm of the weakened EU even more efficiently. US can now sell its shale gas to the EU and no one makes a peep.

EU becomes fully dependent and therefore, subservient to the US. Will US continue escalating, while Russia has no choice but to adopt further protective measures? The trust between Russia and EU is gone. After EU business is forced to leave Russia having been squeezed out by the US/EU sanctions, there will be even less opposition to the US policy in the EU and fewer forces left to protest against it.

Repeat of WWI and WWII. The next step is, yet again, to pit Central and Western Europe against Russia.

Now, people, ask yourselves – how many of you want this kind of outcome? I can tell you that it would be the last war. This human civilization will not get another chance. I wrote about that in my mystical thriller THE EARTH SHIFTER.

I rest my case.

 Important announcement!

I wrote last time about the upcoming THE PUTIN ENIGMA Earth Shift Report. I am still working on it and it will come out in due time. There are so many ideas I need to reconcile/transfer into 3D language and reality for it to materialize. So, please be patient.

But I have great news! I will be releasing another Earth Shift Report soon, based on the hot and timely news that are hitting the wires! I am sure you will find this report extremely fascinating and eye-opening.

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  1. Wow Lada, keep them coming! ;-)))))
    Going to read now!!

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  2. I totally agree with you Lada! It puzzles me that so little people see through the games that are being played out…..then again, we the people have very little say in these matters, it is the politicians that are calling the game and not the people…..not yet…

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  3. Rose-Marie Mukarutabana

    Hello, Lada,
    Thanks for this excellent piece.
    And how right you are!
    1. “The moment US starts making any threatening moves, all EU’s good intentions evaporate and they dutifully fall in line.”
    Some had began to emerge from the hypnotic hold of the “puppet masters” as you rightly term them:
    – “In the Austrian government we insist that partnership relations should be built with Russia. Particularly because many world’s – and European regions’ – issues can’t be solved without a serious dialogue.” Austria’s Chancellor Werner Faymann.
    – “I think it’s totally wrong to react with permanent NATO saber-rattling on the Russian border.” Sanctions will move President Putin or could help the European country “move forward economically.” Tougher measures “will only make the situation more difficult.” Germany’s Vice Chancellor and the leader of the center-left Social Democrats (SPD) Sigmar Gabriel, Interview with German TV network ARD
    – Calling for a “resistance to the war policy,” a German MP Sahra Wagenknecht blamed NATO for the current restless Europe, saying Berlin is complicit in the alliance’s aggressive strategy towards Moscow and criticizing the grounds upon which her government justifies intervening in other countries.
    – “We have a Germany that participates in the aggressive NATO strategy against Russia; has started a new Cold War. Tomorrow, the NATO foreign ministers will sit together and want to use a spearhead rapid force and they are discussing how this group is supposed to be deployed in Eastern Europe. My God, 100 years after the start of WWI, they have still not realized that we cannot wage wars in Europe,” Wagenknecht, a member of the Bundestag for the Left party (Die Linke), said at a symposium on the centenary of the war in Berlin.
    – Some 39 percent of German citizens are in favor of recognizing the Crimean peninsula accessing the Russian Federation. A survey quoted by Die Welt newspaper. “One should finally stop the unfruitful criticism of Putin and his Ukrainian politics.”
    “In fact, the West appears to be tiring of confronting Russia”. The Washington Post.
    To which are added the leaders of Hungary, Serbia, etc., and many other Western politicians and opinion-leaders. And of course, Asia and Latin America and Africa, all those who suffer from Western bullying, and see Russia as their only hope of liberation.
    But of course, the EU/NATO plays the major role, since they are the major tool of US hegemony. And unfortunately, even these protests will evaporate as soon as Merkel & EU colleagues ordered to toe the line, and the puppet masters begin to pull the strings. Mind you, these puppet masters are themselves only agents of the real dark forces – those who exercise the real mind control on all these so-called leaders.
    We are taught these forces can only be resisted by the united efforts of the men and women of good will, working together to help the mass of humanity (especially in “Natoland”) realise where their true interests lie. A difficult task, given the power of the lying propaganda around us, which poisons the minds of the majority – but perhaps not impossible, if enough of us persist long and hard enough. Putin in his speech of yesterday spoke of “joint consolidated work” – within Russia (that’s what he called for), but he has also called, and will continue to call for the same as regards friendly countries and alliances, and the people of goodwill everywhere will also respond and continue to support the work.
    Indeed, many have been doing just that from the beginning of the crisis, each in their own way. And we shall overcome. We have to: if we fail to achieve a critical mass of the awake and aware, then the last war will be upon us, and you say – along with many others –
    “This human civilization will not get another chance.”

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  4. Congress people do not read anything but mainstream press and generally know nothing. There is nothing to be done until they wake up to the new BRICS financial system, which will have 150 nations involved by time they find out about it. Nothing to be done until they wake up and thank God we have a better world to look forward to, not just the one we would have created without the work of Russian, Chinese leadership.

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  5. A question that many of us have is why Russia put so much money and energy on Germany, France, and Italy instead of the ex-Soviet states. EU countries are normally not independent, so they can’t really be friends with Russia. Business partners, but not friends. I read a comment from a Serbian who says that there is basically no pro-Russian TV there; it is all the usual CNN stuff. How crazy is that? Just joking, but some say Rasputin was crazy, however, he wouldn’t have been that crazy.

    Another angle is that there are many stories going back to the Cold War where US policy has been that, if the USSR/Russia started to break away countries, such as Italy and Greece voting Communist, or West Germany voting to become neutral, the US will simply start a big war in Europe and agree not to use nukes. The US would much rather see tens of millions die there than lose power. Just simple logic. So, the more Russia pushed to lure Germany away, the more it meant that the US and Britain had to create something like the current crisis. In other words, the US isn’t going to peacefully agree to lose Europe. Totally impossible. So what was the Russian establishment thinking? Did they really not expect the US to cause a problem like the current situation in the Ukraine? So far, that is only tens of thousands dead, but the US would obviously be happy with millions. Maybe I’m just too American, but this all seems very predictable. Couldn’t Russians see it? Sometimes, one can almost see the pain in Putin’s eyes, but, from an American perspective, it is nothing personal, just business.

    The above might be construed in a pessimistic way, but it isn’t so. Russian leaders and even intellectuals are now coming out of their trance about Western civilization. This is necessary if you want to act as a balancing force. Also, for Russia to help lead the West in a positive direction requires not wanting to be like the West, at least not by wanting the latest Apple phone and fast food with strange chemicals pretending to be food. For the West to have its healing crisis may require Russia to have one first.


    • Russia is trying to keep balance on the planet, as usual – remember?

      At this point Russia’s strategy is to bet on the FUTURE leaders of Europe, who will replace this sold-out elite. It’s much better to slowly grow the future friendly elites than to abandon EU cold turkey. They’ve already done it with post-Soviet republics and look what happened.

      Putin and his team are WAY too smart to repeat predecessors’ mistakes.

      Even Merkel will eventually have to leave – she won’t stay forever, regardless of what some think. This will be the game changer, but it has to be nurtured.

      You are making me give away all the Russian secrets, with your poignant questions, Paul 😉 LOL.

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  6. Good article, Lada. It seems like each time I hear news from America these days, I get depressed.

    Yet I should not be surprised that the dastardly declaration of destruction was deemed doable by the dead-brained demons of DC. The empire has hit the sclerotic phase. The leaders claim to make their own reality (just like inmates of any good asylum) and they surround themselves with yes-men so that other realities do not intrude.
    I am actually curious to see how Russia handles this latest move. I do not want to see any more people killed on account of America’s idiotic “good Germans” (and Japan is almost as bad–they fancy themselves “European” and side with bullies, even on the individual level). I really hope to see Hunter Biden and his pa, among others, stand trial for blatant war profiteering. I hope that the US, like the Sphinx, devours herself when Russia can answer her riddle.

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  7. This article from Paul Craig Roberts is worth reading. He was in the Reagan administration, and had a background in Russian/Soviet studies. He is considered to be the father of Reaganomics.

    Russia Has Western Enemies, Not Partners

    The US House of Representatives has joined Hillary Clinton, Obama, the neoconservatives, Washington’s vassals, and the American and European presstitutes in demonizing Russia and President Putin. The House resolution against Russia is a packet of lies, but that did not stop the resolution from passing by a vote of 411 for and 10 against.

    The entire world should take note that the American people are capable of electing only ten intelligent representatives. Ten people out of 435 is 2 percent. And yet Washington declares itself to be the “exceptional,” “indispensable” country empowered to exercise hegemony over the world!

    No one should be surprised to see Washington, its presstitutes and European vassal states using the same propagandistic lies against Russia and Putin as were used against Iraq and Saddam Hussein, Libya and Gaddafi, Syria and Assad, Afghanistan and the Taliban, and Iran. Washington is fearful of the rise of Russia and China, of the leadership demonstrated by Vladimir Putin, of the formation of new organizations independent of Washington, such as the BRICS. While the George W. Bush regime was sidetracked by its “six week, $70 billion war,” which turned out to be, so far, a multi-trillion dollar 13-year losing operation, Putin kicked out some of the American agents who were contaminating Russian sovereignty and rebuilt the country.

    When Putin blocked the planned US invasions of Syria and Iran, Washington decided that something had to be done about Putin and Russia. Washington had spent $5 billion dollars buying Ukrainian politicians and funding fifth column NGOs. With Putin distracted with the Olympics, Washington struck, overthrew the elected Ukrainian government and installed its puppets.

    The Russian government downplays the dangers and continues to speak of “our Western partners,” with whom the Russian government hopes to work things out. The Russian government and the Russian people–indeed all the peoples of the earth–should understand that Russia has no partners in the West. Russia only has enemies.

    Washington has made it completely clear that Russia can be part of the West only as a vassal state and not as a sovereign country with its own interests and an independent policy. Washington’s demand for hegemony does not permit the existence of other sovereign countries sufficiently strong to resist Washington’s will. As the ideology of hegemony has a powerful hold on Washington and is institutionalized in the neoconservative control of critical government offices and media, war is the almost certain outcome.

    Washington’s puppet rulers of Europe are the enablers of the neoconservative war-mongers. In all of Europe there is not a government independent of Washington. Pawns like Merkel, Cameron, and Hollande are selling out human life.

    Russian government officials, such as Putin and Lavrov, address the facts, but to Washington and its European vassals facts are not important. What is important is to destabilize Russia. The conflict that Washington has brought to Russia cannot be addressed on a factual basis.

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  8. Great article again Lada 🙂
    I have again some questions 😛
    Could maybe say something in an seperate article, if you have time of course, how the “deportation” of different ethnicys in the SSSR were under Stalin? For example the Crimean Tatars or others? There are many false informations about that here in Germany, like that STalin let most of them dying and so. I would appreciate an answer 🙂 and sry for the bad english 😀

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  9. This is such a nice support group for people who love Russia! I just got a message from a problematic relative, whom I have been ignoring for quite a while, but I decided to go ahead and see if he’d actually learned anything. Big mistake! It was the same old “Putin is Hitler” and “I hope our crushing of Russia’s economy turns the people against Putin.” High past time I started directing his venomous drivel to the spam can–but then I realized something: his is the classic reaction of someone whose team is getting its @$$ whupped.

    I just saw a couple of good articles at Op-Ed News:–Assad_Domination_Economy_Empire-141205-751.html


    • Interesting testimonial about your relative, Patricia. Thanks.


    • Rose-Marie Mukarutabana

      Your cousin is misled by the Putin demonisation campaign. Those who originated the campaign (the press people are just a tool) are not necessarily “evil”: some have merely reacted to his energy, which, being very powerful, is resented by the ill-disposed, and embraced by the well-disposed, those who have goodwill towards him. An example of the latter is Chinese journalist Shui Junyi, who feels this power, but also the love within it, and welcomes it into his own energy system, and responds positively:
      “Putin is a very calm, self-controlled person… You feel him to be very tough. His eyes are very sharp, and very few people can look into his eyes for any length of time.”
      Clearly, Sui is one of the few who can look into Putin’s eyes, no doubt because he is a good man and has no reason to feel threatened:
      “At every interview, I try to interpret his heart from his eyes, but I find it is difficult to prize out any clues from them.”
      While giving no clues, at that interview, which was very unpleasant indeed, Putin felt Shui’s love and support, and let him know he did, at the end of the interview:
      “He said our two countries were good friends…and as he said this he suddenly stretched out his arm and gave me a warm hug. Everyone there, including the President’s people, was a little surprised. I was moved by his warmth.”
      But as can be seen from the interview questions, some Western journalists reacted to Putin’s energy with hatred:
      With some leaders, it must be even worse…
      [Response to your comment below – the “REPLY” icon doesn’t appear:]
      Politicians are frequently cynical and selfish. But if you look at nations’ history, you’ll find that founders or reformers, or re-builders, or those who take the country in hand after a serious disaster, are usually special people. You’ll find this to be the case with the US as well. (There’s truth in the fact that mythical founders in all cultures are all saints and supermen!)
      Wartime and post-wartime leaders like Roosevelt and De Gaulle and others were unselfish and patriotic leaders. The same with Putin: he took charge of Russia after poor old Yeltsin in the wake of the fall of the USSR, and has worked tirelessly and single-mindedly for the good of the country – “worked like a galley slave”, he once said during one of those very long conversations with his people.
      You should listen or read some of them: you’ll feel his love and care and respect for each one of the callers. And the people reciprocate, with several giving him small gifts or insisting to know whether he is really happy…
      I was particularly struck by his response to a young man, probably in his teens, who wanted to do something for his country, but didn’t know how to go about it. Putin advised him to decide a field where he thinks he can apply his talents and skills, and prepare as well as he can. Then, no doubt sensing the promise in that question (sent in either through sms or email), and feeling his brief answer was insufficient, Putin said to the facilitator: “Let me have this note, please, and I’ll get in touch with its author.”
      As you see, Heaven and Earth and the Ancestors (I’m speaking to a Shinto priestess!) try to give every nation a fair chance of starting or restarting their life on the right footing, and for this they select the best suited person, and that person tends to be special. We are told it all depends on both the nation’s and the individual’s karma and destiny. That’s just how the universe functions.
      And I’m sure Lada has already found similarities and convergences between Russia’s and Putin’s astrological features. (There’s another astrologer on this forum.)
      Russia is lucky to have been given one who is both tough and tender: most get tough and rough ones, such as Turkey’s Mustafa Kemal “Ataturk” (the “father” of modern Turkey). He did modernise Turkey, but the changes needed were so far-reaching that he had to use not just force, but violence – arguably excessive, unnecessary violence.
      The USA were born in blood (with Russia as fairly godmother! Earlier historical founders were much worse. Yet we are told by the wise teachers that all these leaders were “advanced souls” – in varying degree, the less advanced using the more indiscriminate violence, yet all taking their people a step further along their path. And frequently hated by those who do not understand them.

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    • Rose-Marie, thank you for your insights and information! Vladimir Vladimirovich would be a fascinating person even without a crisis. A person with that much intensity would scare most people anyway, and in a position of power like that, I can understand their concern. My cousin (2nd cousin, by marriage) is from Belgium, and has not come to terms with just how dishonest America’s press has become. He seems to consort with Russophobes in Europe as well.


  10. Rose-Marie Mukarutabana

    Russia keeping the balance, yes. No lasting peace for Russia or indeed the world if EU remains under US hypnosis. But Putin was never naive about the West’s attitude to Russia: it’s just that he felt there was a small chance of winning some people to his plan of a “common economic and humanitarian space”. A comment he made at the Valdai Club in 2013 makes this clear:
    “I’ve already said this but I will say it again – because this conversation had a very deep impact on me. When [I met Chancellor Kohl] in Bonn, suddenly, unexpectedly for me as a former Soviet intelligence officer, he said,“Europe does not have a future without Russia.”
    And he began to lay out his reasoning. He is a historian by training, and he began to develop this idea cogently, calmly, without any posturing.
    You know, something changed in my mind. I understood that there are people in the [West], in Europe, who genuinely believe this. Unfortunately, in terms of practical policy, it doesn’t always work. But people like Kohl are always ahead of today’s ‘pragmatic’ politicians; compared to others, they are looking somewhat ahead. I think that we will also gain some understanding, the Europeans will ultimately reach this insight, and we will find common ground on issues more quickly. But [in any case,] Russia has a great future.”
    The meeting with Kohl took part during the early 1990s (Kohl was Chancellor from 1982 to 1998), when Putin was a senior official at the St. Petersburg City Government (from 1991). Putin’s experience in intelligence had led him to believe the West was entirely hostile to Russia, but here was a statesman of considerable stature and experience, and a historian to boot, who believed that Russia was essential to Europe’s future. No doubt he discovered other positive thinkers over the ensuing years. At any rate, when he came into power, he decided to follow his hunch. And he is still trying. He won’t give up.
    He is even ready to treat France’s shameful failure to deliver of the Mistral contract “with understanding.”
    Meaning he feels more pity than anger at poor Hollande’s predicament, a hapless victim of US bullying.
    That’s Putin for you. Unbelievable.

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    • Nice comment, Rose-Marie! I just realized something too. Everyone I know has a hard time imagining a politician who isn’t cynical and selfish. Particularly in America we expect all politicians to be conniving, and because we lowered our expectations, that’s what we get. (The Japanese also ignore politics, they started out idealistic after the war, when democracy was instituted, but became disillusioned quickly when other forces behind the scenes started shaping the outcome. OTOH, the huge cultural gap between the haves and have-nots has yet to materialize in Japan, and might not, because Confucianism is antithetical to it.)
      For this reason, if Putin helps his own country’s citizens achieve happier lives, they say, “Well, so did Hitler!” It is only proof to them that he is especially conniving, that his disinformation is highly advanced. And of course if they didn’t see the huge difference between Russia under Yeltsin and under Putin, they have no way to see that it is true.
      Of course, the corrupt leaders elsewhere find him an especially embarrassing threat, if people realize that corruption isn’t necessarily concomitant with politics on a national level.
      I’m not a Bible fanatic (I’m a Shinto priestess), but World War III is actually shaping up to be the ultimate confrontation between psychopathic rule and human decency. I’m reminded of the riddle of the door to Hell guarded by a liar and the door to Heaven guarded by a truth-teller–and with a single yes/no question,how do you tell which to take? (The answer involved asking what the other guy would say.) I think that lots of people, even those who have not been to Russia, are figuring out for themselves who’s honest and who’s not.
      It will be interesting to see how things line up internationally. I love Lada’s optimism.


  11. I find it amazing that George Lucas in his “Star Wars” warned US of the kind of loss of democracy and pivot to a militant state, of creating enemies for the same of the military sector, of imperial ambitions that US is experiencing now. Alas, Americans seem to treat fairytales as pure entertainment, and not as a way of conveying moral and knowledge.

    Quite some time ago I did a small write-up on the parallels in three examples of pop culture and the current events:

    As the time passes, I see more and more parallels, especially with Star Wars. Paul, this is my set of counter questions to yours from an earlier comment: “So what was the Russian establishment thinking? Did they really not expect the US to cause a problem like the current situation in the Ukraine? So far, that is only tens of thousands dead, but the US would obviously be happy with millions. Maybe I’m just too American, but this all seems very predictable. Couldn’t Russians see it?”

    What are Americans thinking? I am talking about the educated middle-class here, who could have had some influence over the country’s running. Many of them grew up with “Star Wars”. Surely they should see the parallels, see where America is heading? Maybe I am just too Russian, having grown up in a culture where fairytales have a strong place in the maturing of the national conciousness. 🙂

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    • Rose-Marie Mukarutabana

      Thanks for the link.
      I’ve noticed that people in the US are enthusiastic with Joseph Campbell’s ideas on “monomyth” (The Hero’s Journey), but I don’t know how many have really internalised symbolism. Not an easy task, but if you guys continue writing, perhaps more people will get the knack.
      However, I understand the US middle class is today increasingly worried about job and income security, since the current system has hit this category the hardest, so they have no time or freedom to indulge in long meditations…
      A pity.


    • Interesting parallels. Liked it 🙂


  12. We’re not going to have a repeat of World Wars 1 and 2 for the following reasons.

    1. Just because the so-called leaders of France, Germany, Holland, etc. are vassals of the US doesn’t mean that the population and/or other political forces in those countries will accept going to war with Russia. The world is not a static place and the economic and financial situation in both western Europe and the US will continue to deteriorate so that political movements will arise in those countries. Look at the rise in popularity of the National Front in France and UKIP in the UK. Le Pen in France and Farage in the UK absolutely are against the hostility of their countries towards Russia and they want an end to being a slave to the EU and the Euro. They and other movements in other countries could come to power and then the situation with Russia could change for the better. There’s not much love in western Europe for moronic leaders such as Merkel, Cameron and Hollande. In addition the public as a whole does not think highly of the US. It ain’t the same as when President Kennedy spoke at the Berlin wall. With the internet the public is much better informed than they used to be and the truth is harder to hide.

    2. There’s no comparison between the world today and the world in World War 1 and World War 2. The only important powers in the world at those times were Europe, Russia, Japan and the US (Turkey only in World War 1). That’s it. Period. Look at the world now. China just officially according to the IMF just became the number one economy surpassing the US. Look at the rise of India and Brazil. Look at the industrial powerhouse nation of South Korea, powerhouse financial nation of Singapore and likewise of Hong Kong. Latin America as a whole is rising up. Russia has great relations will all of these countries. So Russia has great relations with the whole world minus western Europe and the US. As you can see vis a vis the world Europe is much weaker than in the past. I don’t think Russia needs Europe anymore and their counter sanctions against European agriculture proves it. Do you really think the French and German populations are going to accept a million man army to go east a la Napoleon and Hitler and attack Russia. I don’t think so. Do you really think that Poland, little Lithuania, Romania and Bulgaria are really a threat to Russia. I don’t think so. All those nations are not in great shape and they have very restive populations.

    The US is a morally bankrupt nation. It is incapable of doing anything positive in the world. All the US can do is sabotage and kill. Remember that this is out of weakness not strength. Sure like a vampire the US can suck the blood out of Europe but it won’t make the western nations as a whole powerful vis a vis the rest of the world. In order for a country to gain power it must also excersise influence and this will be impossible given that the world is more and more hip to what the American Anglos are doing. And there’s another ticking time bomb that could rock the western world, the financial derivatives. If it goes then the ramifications for the west could be devastating.

    Stay tuned.


    • If you are trying to prove all this to me, please read my Predictions page on top navigation bar first, or if you have been reading my articles, you may also know what my long-term predictions are.
      Also, it’s a good idea to re-read my article more thoroughly. It is a warning and a wake-up call.

      As to following logic and ‘reasons’: humans are known for specifically NOT doing that. Therefore, my job is to remind them of dangers when they are clearly present, not to put them into a complacent sleep.

      Or are you saying I am spinning my wheels?


    • I just read through Lada’s predictions. The link in the bar at the top is good. I think Lada has a more comprehensive view of the situation than most people trying to predict the course of our “catabolic collapse” as Arch Druid John Michael Greer puts it. (He doesn’t try to time anything, but has a solid grasp of history.) I have to give Lada a lot of credit. Looking at the spiritual side of this gives a better overall picture. (This was historically women’s domain in Shinto, by the way, and still is among folk practitioners.) Combining it with the view on the ground fills out the details.

      BTW, Lada, the shockingly sudden eruption of Mt. Ontake in September really fit your predictions for this year. It was at noon on a Saturday after several weeks of solid rain. The timing could not have been more disastrous. My husband and I aim to be at the top of any major mountain we climb by about noon, so that we have enough time to descend before dark. It truly made me wonder what had happened on a spiritual level to cause an attack on the people who loved the mountain. The Ontake sect is a sister religion to my own Fuji sect.

      Gary, your optimism gives me heart, but as we have seen with the Ukraine and with the police in America, When the leaders go corrupt, they find at first that a large number of the armed forces/police refuse to obey unjust orders, so they fire these people and replace them with people who will do their bidding. After that, anybody else with a conscience either leaves or has to adapt to the constant stress of witnessing brutality (often through booze or drugs). This notoriously happened with Japan’s armed forces in China and Manchuria, too. Even with serious psychopathy comprising only 1% of most populations, as Lobaczewski (Political Ponerology) pointed out, about 6% will succumb to their viewpoint. Others then obey out of sheer terror. With such a hierarchy of evil, they can put together an impressive force. I don’t see how the Internet would change that. The Internet gives us an advantage in seeing it happen so we can get out of the way. History does show that they ultimately lose, not because they are attacked from within (all avenues for that have been shut off), but because they stretch themselves too thin and the “barbarians” on their outskirts get the upper hand.


  13. Hi Lada,

    I just read this news item from Ukraine about the shutting down of one of the units to the largest nuclear power plant in Europe at Zaporozhiya. Could you imagine what would happen if there’s another nuclear power plant meltdown a la Chernobyl but this time without the very thorough and quick response that came from the Soviet Union. Can you imagine another Chernobyl meltdown with the totally incompetent and disastrous Poroshenko and Yats government in charge of emergency operations. Oh my god!! This could be one of those black swan events that could tear Europe apart and be a game changer. Imagine when the European public gets wind of the fact that these US and Brussels installed puppets would have caused this meltdown and how they’re hopeless to stop it. Can you imagine what will happen when the European public gets wind of the fact that because of the Kiev regime’s war on the coal region of the Donbass and the hostility towards gas giant Russia that the regime is totally dependent on the three nuclear power plants for electricity and that they are pushing these plants to the maximum of production, thereby causing stress in the system. Can you imagine the European public reaction to a meltdown knowing that their health will be directly threatened by these US and Brussels installed stooges. The danger of a real meltdown would be so catastropic that even the people of Kiev would have to plead for Russia to come in and save the day because only Russia would have the forces to do that.

    Keep an eye on this story. The link tells it all.


    • Yeah, EU completely brushed off the near catastrophe in Zaporozhie, like it’s nothing. I still remember the howling re. Chernobyl – that they noticed right away.
      Russians and normal Ukrainians have been warning of possible disaster on ZNS since the beginning.
      This is what happened with Hitler – all warnings went into thin air, the result was WWII.
      Sadly, humans don’t understand reason till it’s too late, and prefer hysteria to facts.


  14. Rose-Marie Mukarutabana

    Sorry to hear your cousin is still so hypnotised by the US/EU media.
    You might try this on him, if he will accept to read it:

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    • Links are great in moderation, but I would prefer my readers spent more time discussing my articles and your own thoughts in relation to the topic at hand. Testimonials from your area of the world is another thing I want to hear, not so much the bare links to someone else’s writing.

      Just a friendly reminder of the Blog Rules everyone should read on top navigation bar: try not to overwhelm the comment section with too many links. I am sure everyone here follows PCR blog and a link is on my Resources page.


    • Thank you, Rose-Marie. A while back I mentioned PCR’s blog to him along with Dmitry Orlov, who I consider really worthwhile in a number of ways, and David Stockman.

      My cousin’s a “pig,” as in “Never try to teach pigs to sing.”


  15. There are a couple of articles up on this week discussing why Putin has been demonized. The first one mentioned the strategy I brought up earlier of trying to crush Russia economically with deliberately lowered oil prices. (I still do not recall exactly where else I read this.)
    The second, which came up today, by Joyce Nelson, brought up the Bilderberg meeting in 2012 (while noting that anyone who brings it up is called a “conspiracy theorist”). Certain things were said at that meeting, with people such as Kerry and Stephen Harper from Canada attending, and certain clear action plans got implemented afterwards.

    Here is an excerpt:
    Interestingly, Daniel Estulin further reported that at the May 2012 Bilderberg meeting, “… one European Bilderberger openly admitted [that] ‘Putin is by far the most formidable opponent in the world stage to our plans.’ What makes [the] Bilderberg position that much more difficult is Putin’s moral position in ‘protecting and promoting its [Russia’s] national interest’.”
    In other words, Putin had done nothing wrong, and the Bilderberg participants knew it. But he is in the way of “our plans,” whatever those may be.

    The article also mentions that Canada has an interest in selling oil sand crude to Europe, especially as people in the US try to block the Keystone pipeline, and the Bilderberg members had a stake in a pipeline that was to be an alternative to the Southstream.

    There may be other shadow government groups out there with an interest in destroying Putin, but I don’t know of them off-hand.

    I don’t mean this at all to contradict Lada’s overall view of the picture.

    Daniel Estulin’s report is here:
    It starts off with Spain under attack, but scroll down for Russia. It is very interesting. Here is an excerpt:
    Of far greater concern to Bilderberg is Putin´s attempt to integrate Asia into a cohesive block under the leadership of Russia. Bilderberg is convinced that Russia and China will preempt all Bilderberg-led meddling by turning Pakistan and Iran into full members of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO). “The repercussions would be ground-breaking,” stated one European Bilderberg security expert.


    • Thanks, Patricia. I think what your quotes/links refer to concurrs with what I’ve been saying all along. I don’t have time to read them, but perhaps readers will be interested. Estulin is generally very good.

      I will have 2 or 3 interviews on the geopolitics of Eurasia, SCO, BRICS, etc. early next year, which will delve deep into that as well. I might also have additional video analysis on Lada Ray YT channel, so stay tuned.

      Since you’ve been asking about my opinion of oil price drops: I have plans to talk about the Oil and Gas wars, however, most people as I see, are now on holiday mode already and the readership has dropped. I am also getting ready to celebrate. Presently creating plans for next year. So, most likely, I will write about this very important topic, but it will come out next year as one of the donation based Earth Shift reports, and it will include my full analysis and predictions for oil and gas, possibly, gold/silver too.
      For now, I’ll just say that interests are varied and complex in the oil price drop we are seeing.

      Stay tuned: I will have pre-announcement on various plans and happenings for next year in a few days!


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