Why Is Obama Scrambling to Catch Up to Putin?

Thank you, Mr. President! In his recent interview with CNN, Obama admitted that US ‘brokered’ Kiev ukro-nazi coup and Ukraine regime change.

Not that it is a secret to anyone, but it’s nice to hear it straight out of the horse’s mouth.

The world does need to hear this slip-of-the-tongue admission by the Nobel Peace Prize winner Barack Obama that USA in fact was behind the violent ukro-nazi coup of February 22, 2014 in Kiev that unseated Yanukovich and created the bloody civil war in Ukraine. Just one day prior, on February 21, 2014, the EU and foreign ministers from Poland, Germany and France put their signatures under a deal between Yanukovich and Kiev maidan leaders, guaranteeing a stop to violence. One day later, based on the direct US order, as was revealed first in the leaked tape by US State Dept’s Victoria Nuland, and now by Obama, the violent coup overturned Yanukovich, which resulted in the civil war with tens of thousands dead, Donbass infrastructure bombed into oblivion and Ukraine economy destroyed. See RT video with admission: Obama’s guilty conscience talking.

On nother note: notice how hurt Obama sounds during his State of the Union Address and in this interview, towards Putin. Obama comes across as having a fixation on Putin and feeling personally jealous. Not a good thing for a US president, in which he demonstrates both his weakness and insecurity.

In his State of the Union address, Obama said that when in 2014 ‘Putin took Crimea,’ as he put it, everyone touted that as a brilliant chess move. But where is Russia now, he added. Russian economy is in ‘tatters.’

I’ll leave outside the scope of this piece the fact that Russian economy is hardly in tatters and that mid-to-long-term the EU/US sanctions will benefit the Russian economy tremendously. I talked a lot about that in my various articles and YT videos throughout 2014. Also, see my new videos: LRL5: Manufactured Russian Crisis, US Manipulation and Medvedev Plan and LRL6. Secret Connection: Russian Gas to Turkey – Greek Election – EU Breakup.

In the above interview, Obama is back to justifying what were spectacular fails by the US in 2014, namely, Crimea and Donbass. No, Crimea wasn’t any grand master plan by Putin, says Obama. It was merely a reaction to the circumstances AFTER WE BROKERED THE POWER TRANSFER IN KIEV (read: ukro-nazi coup of February 22, 2014 that led to bloody civil war that continues destroying Donbass and killing thousands of people).

Mr. Obama, you bet Putin was reacting to circumstances you and your friends created. If not for the US, there would have been no bloody mess in Ukraine, Donbass would have not rebelled, and Crimea would have still been a part of Ukraine. Read: US Planned to Turn #Crimea into Military Base Against Russia and Striking Geopolitical Similarities: Georgian War – Beijing2008 and Ukraine – Sochi2014.

So, for what it’s worth, the citizens of the Russian Crimea are saying: “Thank you, Mr. Obama!” Thanks to you and your government’s miscalculations, Crimean people’s 23-year-old dream of re-uniting with Russia came true.

Citizens of Russia are also very grateful to you. They are thankful for the sanctions, which allow them to develop their own industry and agriculture that was disadvantaged by the proliferation of the Western produce on the Russian market. Given time, these sanctions will also allow Russia to properly rebuild its financial and monetary system, nationalize Central Bank and re-gain full sovereignty of the Russian currency. This is the beginning of the end of the dollar system.

Citizens of the world are grateful to you, as well. Thanks to the US government’s over-reach and ignorant arrogance, people not only in Russia, South America and Asia have woken up. The rebellion is now starting in the EU. The first country to rebel is Greece; Spain, Italy, Cyprus, Hungary, Slovakia, and eventually France, UK and Germany to follow.

Europe’s natural trade partner is Russia. Eurasia, with countries like China and India, is growing fast. Russia is a natural bridge between Europe and Asia. It is through Russia that Western Europe can connect with the booming Asia. Western Europe, Russia and Asia are a natural alliance, allowing people all over the entire continent (Europe + Asia = Eurasia) benefit from each other’s strength and borrow each other’s expertise.

The development of Eurasia, based on the new cooperative principles, will change the balance of our planet. Abandoning behind today’s predatory capitalism, people of our planet need to move to the cooperative society of the future.

America, both North and South, Africa and Australia can then also become the equal and productive partners of the new, stable and cooperative planet Earth. However, to achieve that, first we need to change the imbalanced situation that exists today when single, overly aggressive country tries to dictate to the rest of the world.

The Eurasia story is very important. Stay tuned to my upcoming Earth Shift Reports in which we will discuss it in detail!

US vassals and ‘allies’ are rebelling all over the world. A loyal vassal and NATO member of many years, Turkey, has effectively switched sides. I remember the Cold War days, when Turkey was the place from where NATO/US bases threatened Russia and the city of Odessa, where I grew up, from the south. Today’s Turkey signed the Turkish Stream agreement with Russia and is in line for ascension into SCO. One of the latest occurrences: when Ukraine announced their US sponsors were building LNG terminal in Odessa to replace Russian gas, Turkey that controls the straits announced they won’t let US tankers into the Black Sea.

Meanwhile in Greece: after winning the Greek elections, the Syriza party already announced that they would consider exiting NATO and EU. I said in my recent LadaRayLive video about Turkish Stream and Greek elections (see link above) that Cyprus would follow Greece, should Greece decide to exit EU (and NATO). Interesting news crossed the wires from Zerohedge. Cyprus, reportedly, has offered its territory for a Russian navy base. The strategic importance of such location cannot be underestimated.

France is being threatened by the US repeatedly because the French are trying to break the mold and serve as a bridge between Russia and the West. See related articles: Who Benefits from the Death of the French Oil Giant Total’s CEO Christophe de Margerie? and Secret Link Between French False Flag Attacks and Ukraine and How US Invaded Europe with Its Army of Manchurian Candidates.

US manages to keep Angela Merkel of Germany in line, but the German people are not fooled. The latest trip to Kiev and Moscow by Merkel and Hollande are a signal of EU’s dissent as well. Future will tell us how far this dissent will go, but it’s the beginning.

Even Israel and Saudis are starting to rebel.

It’s not going very well for Mr. Obama on the international arena, which is why his rating keeps dropping and is at an all-time low for his presidency. Meanwhile, Putin’s, already high rating, has jumped up in the past year. Putin’s general approval rating is between 83 and 88. Another recent poll showed that if presidential election were held today, 74% of Russians would have voted for Putin, which is a record number. In 2012 almost 64% voted for Putin, in 2004 – 68%.

Seems like all Obama is doing lately is scrambling to catch-up to Putin all over the world. Putin goes to Cuba – several months later Obama announces that 50 years of anti-Cuban sanctions have been an epic fail and that US needs to re-establish relations with Cuba (check out my articles about Cuba and Putin’s trip to Latin America on this blog). For years, Russia has been working with Iran, lessening the impact of Western sanctions and brokering various agreements between Iran and the West. Suddenly, Obama remembers that anti-Iran sanctions are also a fail and announces that Iran, after all, does have the right to nuclear energy.

Putin recently went to India, signing $20bln worth of trade agreements. Barely a few weeks later, Obama followed in Putin’s tracks. He tried to convince India to leave the BRICS, offering some perks that weren’t fully disclosed.

Signs are important. A red carpet was rolled out for Obama in India. But as Obama descended from his plane, his tank-like limo drove onto the red carpet and blocked Obama’s path. To shake hands both Obama and Indian president had to walk around the limo.

Later, Obama watched a military parade in his honor, while chewing gum, which Indians took as an insult. They should have pitied him instead as chewing gum actually denotes discomfort and nervousness.

I can certainly see why Obama had felt nervous while watching that military parade. For one, Indians were demonstrating rockets, tanks and other serious military hardware. The polite Indians would always make their guest welcome, but in this case, this demo of the Indian military power was no doubt meant as a subtle (well, not so subtle, perhaps) hint not to try anything funny as India would be capable of defending itself. But the clincher was that Indians made Obama sit through the parade filled with latest Russian technology recently purchased by India. Anyone would start chewing gum at such humiliation!

After Obama’s visit to India, China issued a rare official warning to India that they shouldn’t get too close to the US and that they should stick with their BRICS friends. China is obviously acting here on behalf of other BRICS countries. But in reality, China needn’t worry. US won’t get anywhere with India. Same goes for Iran and Cuba.

For all these countries US overtures are too little too late. These jerky moves by Obama denote desperation and admission of the fact that power is slipping away from the world hegemon wannabe.

In the very beginning of 2014 I predicted that US getting involved in Ukraine and orchestrating the illegal nazi coup in Kiev would not get them anywhere long-term. I said that they already lost, but they don’t know it yet. Unfortunately, the energy that is clearly set in stone in the cosmic sense; in other words, something I can clearly see as already manifested as a mystical futurist, takes a long time to play out in 3D. 3D is the three-dimensional reality of the physical dimension in which humanity exists. Therefore, what was clearly visible to me since February 2014, is only now starting to manifest in the physical reality.

I also said that at this time of massive Earth Shift and re-building of the entire human econo-political system, smaller countries and countries that are in-between (the ones whose allegiances could be divided) could benefit by negotiating preferential deals with both sides. It’s sort of like children of divorced parents, who can get twice the presents and ice cream from both. But such things only go so far. At some point everyone will have to decide which way they go.

As to India, I hear my Indian friends saying that Russia is their most loyal friend that had proven time and again their friendship. Therefore, there is no question in their mind which way to go.

Incidentally, FM of India has met with FMs of China and Russia in Beijing to discuss their common affairs, following Obama’s visit to New Delhi. Link to press conference in Chinese and Russian. Translating from the diplomatic tongue it means: “Sure, we met with Obama, but it was all for show. We are with you all the way, rest assured.”

Neither Indians, nor Iranians or Cubans, not to mention Greeks, Italians, Kazakhs, South Americans and Chinese have any illusions about the US. They know very well who their friend is, and who isn’t. When I traveled in Asia in the early 2000, I was amazed at how people felt towards the US in countries such as Malaysia. The past 12 years and latest Malaysia Airlines false flags only reinforced their opinion.

This information is diligently suppressed in the West, but the rest of the world understands very well that it was US, together with its vassals, who orchestrated the bloody nazi coup in Kiev for the purpose of destroying Ukraine, destabilizing Russia and EU, and in order to put a wedge between Russia and EU (for details see my 2014 articles about Ukraine and PREDICTIONS).

People don’t buy the official US lies. The old US playbook has stopped working.

So, Mr. Obama, as they say in Russia, don’t dig a grave for someone else – you’ll fall in it yourself.


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  1. The Ukrainian people are really rising up against the war. Just wonderful. This is from antiwar.com.

    When Ukrainian army officers came to the Ukrainian village of Velikaya Znamenka to tell the men to prepare to be drafted, they weren’t prepared for what happened next. As the commanding officer was speaking, a woman seized the microphone and proceeded to tell him off: “We’re sick of this war! Our husbands and sons aren’t going anywhere!” She then launched into a passionate speech, denouncing the war, and the coup leaders in Kiev, to the cheers of the crowd.

    Liked by 5 people

    • Wow, I was amazed by this video, Gary! At first, I was very afraid for the protesting lady. It was a bit hard to see what actually happened because a few heads moved and blocked the view. So I ran it back and looked at it a few more times to see if the man in uniform allowed the lady to take the mike from him. I think he did. I was so relieved to see that she was able to go on for several minutes speaking her truth unmolested.
      I am very sorry to have to say that if this had happened in the U.S. she would never have had an opportunity to speak. This impassioned lady would not have got three words out before police advanced on her and seized the mike. On a good day she would have been thrown to the ground with a knee shoved in her back, handcuffed and dragged into a police car. On a bad day she would have been clubbed senseless first, or just expediently shot.
      The media here are tasked with making sure that every day on the news and when we watch videos we see someone being brutalized in this way. The purpose is to keep us cowed and afraid to challenge authority. It is very painful to speak this truth about what has happened to my country. (We need your good thoughts and your prayers. There is much en-Lightening needed here!) That I experienced a fear reaction, and why, while watching this video, is a painful truth as well. The truth is their programming is very powerful and no one is immune. But Truth is a good motivator, I find! I vow before you all to keep doing my very best to keep holding my Light and my Center and keep on shining. NO FEAR. No matter what! I think doing that may be one of the best ways we can help each other now as we, in unity, make our final push for freedom. There are so many encouraging signs now! May God keep us all, dear brothers and sisters, AS WE KEEP HOLDING THE LIGHT.


  2. Hi Lada,

    Here is something else that I just saw in Zero Hedge. It’s really stunning news.

    Following Francois Hollande’s calls for greater autonomy for Eastern Ukraine, former French President Nicolas Sarkozy has come out in apparent support of Russia (and specifically against the US).

    “We are part of a common civilization with Russia,” said Sarkozy, speaking on Saturday at the congress of the Union for a Popular Movement Party (UMP), which the former president heads.

    “The interests of the Americans with the Russians are not the interests of Europe and Russia,” he said adding that “we do not want the revival of a Cold War between Europe and Russia.”

    “Crimea has chosen Russia, and we cannot blame it [for doing so],” he said pointing out that “we must find the means to create a peacekeeping force to protect Russian speakers in Ukraine.”

    This is the France that we have come to admire. This is becoming the France of Charles de Gaulle. I’m telling you Marine Le Pen is having a tremendous influence over there.
    Vive France!

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    • It’s really great (and quite a relief) to see France and French leaders returning to this degree of integrity. Hope they continue in this direction.
      J’aime beaucoup la culture française!


  3. great analysis as always lada. Obama is definately the last of US presidents who got atleast some respect in little countries, henceforth, any and all US presidents will be viewed with suspicion.

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  4. It has seemed to me that most of the “Russia’s economy is in tatters” meme, prevalent for the past year, was originally an attack on Russia’s economy, but recently has become a way for certain people to save face. Japan has tried and tried to get the yen to come down in order to foster its own industries, battling against other countries all trying to do the same thing, yet Putin manages this without lifting a finger! Amazing guy. Took away our Russian oil company, dern him!

    Jealous? That ain’t the half of it!

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  5. Great report, as always.
    I found particularly interesting the offer Cyprus has just recently allegedly made to Russia.


  6. Reblogged this on 1EarthUnited and commented:
    LOL, Putin is a genius grandmaster of the political chessboard. Without saying a word he made Obummer reveal his hand about the US installed ukro-nazi coup. Epic fail, first Nuland, then Kerry & McCain, now Obama… their power hungry hubris will be their downfall.


  7. Great article Lada, totaaly agree!


  8. Good a.m. Lada. I am being told that this link contains no data. Is something wrong on my system?…or is it yours? I’ve tried manually copying and pasting but get the same message.


  9. Regarding ” Obama comes across as having a fixation on Putin and feeling personally jealous” There are good solid reasons why Obama has a fixation with Putin. Here they are in a nutshell! http://www.tomatobubble.com/putin_obama.html


  10. I read the above article with a heavy heart, but anything I say, as an American “this lifetime” will sound like excuses. One fact is for sure: the USA is a corporation, not a Republic. Americans cannot seem to grasp this fact, even though many of us have been shouting it for years. I believe when Obama says “the US did it,” he is speaking of the USA, INC.; but that makes little difference to all those who have suffered as a result. With deep sadness–an American who loves the world…………….

    Liked by 2 people

    • Hugs and love, Nancy.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Nancy, I am American too. Believe me, this is the tragedy of my life! Until a few months after 911, I deeply believed in America’s government (no country exists where no problems occur). My family lives there, the deserts of the west define my heart and soul. The spirits of my self-imposed exile (on account of my dear husband) provide me comfort, but I deeply sympathize with so many people still alive in America, who fled murderous tyrannies and accepted in exchange a sort of permanent childhood, where the act of speaking is like trying to dance ballet in combat boots and people will never understand what you are really trying to say, because they lack the cultural background for it. I pray with all my heart that America’s people will remember the resilience that still existed in my father’s generation, because the only way to dislodge the parasites is to proceed through a crash.


  11. Thank you, Lada. As always, a brilliant multi-faceted diamond of truth. As you bring so many news threads together from around the rest of the real world, we are watching the weaving of empire’s own shroud. While the peoples of many nations will soon dance and rejoice together in cooperative freedom, the people of fallen empire will be dancing a-wake, alone, at the graveside of a once great country. May we rise, shaking the ashes and dust off our feet, and walk together to rebuild a life from the ground up, a stronger and more steadfast people, though severely bruised, and humbled, and thoroughly chastised by our downfall. Time to re-route and re-write our story to become active participants in our own story, where we create a never ending story of freedom, peace, joy, and harmony, in loving cooperation with our planetary human family.

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  12. Heads-up. Shelling of Kramatorsk today (with 58 people wounded) from DNR-controlled territory near Gorlovka is an obvious false-flag, so desperately needed by Kiev junta before the next round of Minsk talks (now so conveniently delayed).

    Also, I came across an article illuminating the other reason for UKraine-takeover by US – the takeover of its agriculture:

    Liked by 2 people

    • Nemo, excellent observation! good link, too. The article notes that Monsanto’s agricultural paradigm is akin to strip mining for short-term profits. Monsanto conned America’s and Canada’s farmers, and to some degree, Australia’s. In the case of Argentina, I don’t know how much conning played a role in it, but it was mostly economic desperation. African countries have been rejecting GMOs despite economic desperation. India’s farmers have been devastated.
      Monstanto has their eye on Japan, too, but the population is hostile to GMOs. Still, we can see Monsanto et al. conniving through free trade agreements to get its foot in the door. When Japan inevitably collapses, which I expect it will do to save America, short term, its leaders will be under pressure to accept IMF loans with strings attached, basically selling out the citizens, as we saw in Greece. A publicity blitz would attempt to persuade the public that GMOs would be good for Japan. Meanwhile, Monsanto et al. would start buying up a lot of disused Japanese farmland. The remaining Japanese farmers in the ancient mosaic of tiny fields would be surrounded by industrial agriculture. It will be an epic battle to avoid that. Some days you’ve got to literally sense which way the wind is blowing and run.
      Lada, how aware are the Ukrainian people of the GMO controversy? I would think that if the neo-Nazis of western Ukraine understood how bad Monsanto has been, they would have their own special way of running these rogues outta town.
      But how about the rest of Ukraine?


      • They are largely unaware throughout Ukraine. MSM lies about everything. Russia has banned GMO, those who are more advanced in Ukraine know what it is from Russian sources. The majority is zombified.
        Besides, let’s have some perspective, shall we. Sadly, GMO is the least of their problems. They are more worried they would be bombed, that nazis would drag them off somewhere in the night, that they would be drafted to die in the war, that their economy/business has collapsed and that they could have a nuclear power plant explode at any time.
        Besides, shale gas problem takes precedent. GMO is the least of their worries and not the main reason by any stretch.
        Please see my articles re Ukraine from 2014 + Predictions on top bar, that discuss in detail the most important reasons for the Ukraine situation.

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  13. *chastised* You’re right, Lada, there is just no comparison between the GMO controversy and the situation in the Ukraine now. (We are organic farmers. It’s a long-term worry, but the GMO genie is already out of the bottle.)


  14. Reblogged this on Góc của Hải.


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