Bombshell! Russia to Stop Transit of Gas to EU Through Ukraine!

This is a bombshell that was dropped by Russia earlier today (Good job, Christa!).

It has been officially confirmed! The head of Gazprom Alexei Miller announced that Russia would discontinue the Ukrainian route for Russian gas transit to the EU. I expected this announcement ever since I broke the news of the Turkey/Russia deal on 12/2/14, but I did expect it in a year or two: read here and here. Looks like the time is getting compressed and the pressure for change is intensifying.

I understand at this time the flow of gas through Ukraine has been restricted to 2/5th of the usual volume. However, it appears it will soon be stopped completely.

Russia to switch fully to the Turkish Stream to move the quantities necessary to satisfy all of European demand. Ukraine up till now was responsible for about 50% of the Russian gas transit to the EU, with Nord Stream, Belarus and Turkey accounting for the rest.

Ukraine, as always during the heating season, has been stealing Russian gas. This is in addition to massive debt Ukraine has with Russia. Russia is by far Ukraine’s largest creditor; gas debt alone constitutes nearly $5.5 bln. Total Ukraine’s debt to Russia, including corporate is well over $30 bln, according to Vladimir Putin.

This is a much bolder move than anyone expected. EU is in shock. According to Gazrpom’s head Alexei Miller, EU didn’t want South Stream Russia tried to build as partners together with the EU. Therefore, Russia will now deliver gas to Turkey, and then to the border between Turkey and Greece. From thereon, it will be EU’s responsibility to build pipelines through its territory.

Gazprom is to become a big player in Turkey, and Turkey in return will enjoy massive gas price discounts and large profits from the resale of gas to the EU and other buyers.

Read related articles from 12/2/14: German Vice Chancellor: No Ukraine in NATO; Russia, Let’s Make Up! and from 12/5/14: Declaration of Cold War: What Chain of Events is US Provoking With New Hostile Move? In these I discuss in detail the Putin/Erdogan agreement on building the alternative pipeline to Turkey!

I see several interesting things at play here:

1. My predictions:

First of all, let’s recall that I said from the beginning of 2014 and many times throughout 2014 that when Russia feels even slightly inconvenienced by the West, off to the East they go. My prediction came true spectacularly within only two or three months, when in May 2014 Russia signed a number of mega-deals with China on gas supply, the Power of Siberia gas pipeline construction, high-speed railroad construction, and much more. Then, Putin also signed massive gas supply deal with Turkey to bypass the unfriendly EU, plus, a massive nuclear energy deal. Turkey is, of course, also a part of the East (Middle East).

Second prediction I made was that Europe would start experiencing gas shortages due to Russia’s re-orientation to the East. I said it would happen a few years from now. It appears my predictions’ time table is accelerating!

See the PREDICTIONS page on top navigation bar, as well as my 2014 articles under RUSSIA category for much more on that. Some of the articles are: What Brought Down Russian Satellite? Angela Merkel’s Biggest Fear? Plus Ukraine Election PredictionUkraine Part 7: Russia’s Geopolitics, USA’s Bluff and EU’s Big Mistake; Interview with predictions: The Road to Moscow Goes Through Kiev.

2. It seems Miller and Gazprom are very confident that EU has no alternative to the Russian gas at this time. For the longest time EU and Ukraine had been able to blackmail Russia every year, taking advantage of the fact that the EU was Russia’s largest customer and Ukraine – the largest transit artery.

Russia was customarily accused of various transgressions, the blame was yearly shifted to Russia for any gas flow disruptions due to Ukraine’s stealing of Russian gas; the expense for Ukraine’s theft was also placed on Russia’s shoulders alone, while EU denied any responsibility, always siding with Ukraine. It appears Russia/Gazprom feel that enough is enough and that it’s time to cut the Gordian Knot. The fact that Russia now has strategic agreements with Turkey and China helps Russia’s leverage.

3. This is where the economy and geopolitics mix. Russia warned a long time ago that should EU’s behavior not change, there would eventually be more return sanctions. It appears Russia wasn’t kidding!

Recent events, in which Ukraine and certain EU countries acted strangely, to say the least, apparently were the last drop, reinforcing Russia’s intentions. The events I am referring to were: Ukraine PM Yatsenyuk giving multiple interviews and speeches in Germany accusing Russia of attacking the Nazi Germany and Ukraine, while Merkel stood by him, failing to react to the outright lie. The recent Volnovakha, Donbass tragedy in which 10 people died and scores were wounded when a bus with Donetsk pensioners was hit by a bomb or a mine on the Ukraine side. This incident was immediately blamed on the Donbass self-defence. Ukraine tried to get EU to recognize LNR and DNR as terrorist organizations, while designating Russia as the state aiding terrorism, followed by a new round of sanctions. While the resolution failed, another resolution to adopt a new round of anti-Russian sanctions may pass (I don’t have the latest on that). Meanwhile, per reports, US, France and Poland, among others, have agreed to supply advanced arms to Ukraine. In addition, two ships, one from Australia and one from Canada docked in the Odessa port in the past week to two. Each was full of winter uniforms for the Ukraine army. Poroshenko went to Paris to participate in the Unity March together with Merkel and Hollande, as I wrote here, to express solidarity with the victims of the French terrorist acts, while hundreds and thousands were dying at home unnoticed by anyone. Poroshenko’s trip strangely coincided with Yatsenyuk trying to promote Russia as aggressor in Germany and the Volnovakha bus tragedy. Right after returning from France Poroshenko announced three new waves of mobilization to recruit over 200,000 soldiers – we now know that when they re-start the war with Donbass, they’ll be able to kill more efficiently thanks to all those Australian and Canadian uniforms keeping them nice and warm. In the meantime, the bombings of Donbass have intensified by 10-20 times. For the past week or so the number of dead and wounded from Ukraine’s shelling is greater than for the past 3-4 months combined – exact numbers are not known yet, but the preliminary number is 52 dead during the past few days. As a result of Poroshenko’s visit to Paris and the killing of 10 civilians in Volnovakha, the Astana, Kazakhstan peace conference planned for today, January 15, was cancelled. To wrap up the vicious cycle of events, the man who was instrumental in organizing the Astana peace conference was The French president, Hollande. Please refer back to my article: Urgent! Secret Link Between French False Flag Attacks and Ukraine, in which I also said that Hollande was wavering from the party line, trying to play peacemaker, and terror acts in France were meant to remind him to toe the line. Finally, S&P and other Western agencies are set to lower Russia’s rating to junk status: China/Russia to Launch Own Credit Rating Agency to Rival the Big Three.

4. US has been trying to squeeze Russia out of the EU gas market in order to sell to the EU its own, more expensive, shale gas. The shale industry in the US is in difficult circumstances and many fields have been conserved because of low prices and insufficient international demand for the US shale gas. The banks that financed fracking companies are afraid of not getting their money back; many are on the verge of bankruptcy. Obtaining the lucrative EU market is the best thing for the US. Of course the expensive US shale gas will undermine the EU economy, making EU products less competitive, which will help the US economy and keep EU on a short leash for the US purposes. However, building LNG terminals is expensive, they take a lot of valuable space near ports, and it takes time. Such infrastructure isn’t available for the time being. It appears that despite tough talk, EU is ‘stuck’ with cheaper and readily available Russian gas.

5. World Grand-Master Putin at work! Russia’s leverage has increased exponentially from signing strategic mega-deals with China last May and Turkey last December. It appears Putin has decided this was the right time to play one of Russia’s aces; or if you will, to play Russia’s Turkish Gambit!

6. Last fall, when Russia, Ukraine and EU negotiated, EU promised to vouch for Ukraine’s payment for the ongoing supply of Russian gas. In reality, Ukraine never re-paid $3.1 bln in past arrears due before New Year’s. EU also didn’t vouch for Ukraine’s payments past New Year’s. Therefore, any gas Ukraine receives now is unpaid for, which in itself triggers gas supply stoppage.

7. The Ukraine pipeline infrastructure is Soviet built and was never really maintained by Ukraine. It’s either time to fix it, or to abandon it. Perhaps this is the right time to abandon what cannot be fixed – and I am speaking broadly. Ukraine and EU’s behavior have gone far beyond any permissible or even conceivable. The way Ukraine and EU behave towards Russia can be expressed by the following Russian sayings: ‘to spit into a well from which you drink’ and ‘to saw off the branch you are sitting on.’ It appears that with those who don’t understand good will, reason or logic the only way is the way of an ultimatum.

This is all for now. Till any new info appears…

I am trying to complete my Earth Shift Report. Talk soon.

ADDED 1/17/15. Read new article: Confusion Clarification: Is Russia Stopping EU Gas Transit Through Ukraine?



1. Grand Experiment Novorossia and the Birth of the New Revolutionary Monetary System.

2. Ruble Wars as the Beginning of the Death of the Dollar.

These two reports are being written as we speak and I will be posting them as they get completed.

The reports will be posted on my new site Stay tuned!


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  1. Bombshell news is what it is called Lada Ray.Please continue to keep us posted as this unravels before our eyes.Than you .

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  2. Rose-Marie Mukarutabana

    You did “expect it in a year or two”, and you were correct. It’s not for this winter, but for when “Turk Stream” is completed – in a year, perhaps less – I’ve no idea how long pipelines take to build. Unless something drastic happens in Ukraine, making gas transit impossible.
    Greece would probably be the first to get connected since Turk Stream ends at her border.

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  3. Bang-on again, Lada! But you knew that, didn’t you. ;o) As I read your predictions about this when you first published them I felt that familiar “knowingness” I get when something is right on the money. (I am sure that happens with you also.) At the same time, I also received confirmation from my (unseen world) sources that a strong potential existed for your predictions to manifest much more quickly than you were suggesting then. I tucked that thought away and kept watch.
    It seems now that the information I received about a possible acceleration of your predictions is turning out to be correct. My sources confirm that the thoughts you expressed here on the acceleration of your predictive timeline are accurate and that it would be well to adjust accordingly. Because so many are waking up so quickly (and my sources are all in ecstacies about this!) they say Project FREE EARTH is starting to snowball. It’s official now, folks. We are on the fast-track.
    This year’s early indicators are that (as I like to call it with reference to change in my personal life) there will be a LOT more of “surfing the banana peel,” which is totally okay with me. I’m getting pretty good at it by now. I keep saying, “Change is GOOD”, and “I choose to shift with Ease and Grace.” The sooner we get through this part the happier I’m going to be because the next part is us building together the world we all want to live in.
    Whoo Hoo!
    My dear sources say to me, “Not to worry. The chaos is being carefully observed and is under control.” LOL! You’ve gotta love them. That’s such an oxymoron, I know! But then, never having been human, they are profoundly good at those. ;o) Smiles. I am thinking we would also do well to follow the sage advice Bette Davis famously gave in one of her films. ~ “Fasten your seat belts. It’s going to be a bumpy night!”

    AH Ha Hahahahaha…laughing and loving all the way to sweet freedom!

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  4. I thought this gas cut should be in the “bombshell” category alright.
    Well, it looks like it’s “here-we-go” time!
    I’d say things will escalate through the ceiling from this point on.
    Didn’t Russia also say that it won’t do anymore biz with any country that did the torture thingy, or that supported Uncle Sam in its torture thingy?
    And, isn’t there a report circulating that Russia might just dump all connections with any country that remains a member of NATO?
    I’d say the ka-ka is hitting the fan now for real, but I’d say the real tsunami of ka-ka has not quite hit the fan just yet. God help us when the really big stuff strikes that humble ventilator.
    Really gotta hand it to Mr. President Putin… “Beautiful chess moves, sir!”
    I am an EU citizen… and you have my utmost respect, dear sir.
    I look forward to witness your next move.
    Play on!

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  5. Russia has moved heaven and earth to have a peaceful resolution in the Ukraine and has gone the extra mile to have beneficial trade with the EU but the EU just keeps on insulting Russia with the Yats-Merkel stunt and other things. To see France and Germany actually accept into their arms such despicable and disgusting excuses for a human being such as Yats and Poroshenko is truly unbelievable. The EU (I don’t even mention the US anymore, they’re a lost cause) has tried to sabotage the Russian economy by attacking the Ruble. Russia has just had enough. Period. At this point for Russia to have continued business as usual would have been simply treasonous. Expect 2015 to be a year of the escalating western-Russia conflict (to no fault of Russia). Besides you Lada Gerald Celente is also prophetic. He has stated so many times that the currency war becomes a trade war and lastly will become a hot war. So far you’ve had a trade war with Russia and recently a currency war (sabotaging the Ruble) and this year we will see a hot war between the west and Russia. Make no mistake. Ukraine, being a historical part of the Russian sphere, is being invaded by the west so in fact Russia is being invaded by the west. No more mister nice guy from Russia. As Nato sends heavier armaments to their stooges and as the killing intensifies, I believe that Russia will finally and overtly send armed forces into Novorussia. Russia will just have no choice. Russia doesn’t want this but, just like trade and currency, if the west wants war then the west will get it. Russia just can’t let the Donbass continue to be pummelled. For Russia to continue to talk peace and take no military action at the same time huge forces from the west invade Donbass and butcher countless civilians would amount to selling out your fellow human beings. Russia would be condemned for allowing this massacre to take place on a grand scale without doing enough to counter it. 2015 will be the year that Russia finally does what it has to do. To hell with western public opinion. The EU/Nato does not want peace and will go full steam ahead in arming the Ukrainian fascists to inflict terror on the citizens of Novorussia. Sorry Lada but that’s how I see it. Please tell me if I’m wrong and why.

    Thanks for the bombshell news. Wow!

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  6. The trigger for this bombshell may have been the decision to launch a fresh wave of military draft/ mobilization scheduled to be announced on 14th Jan: ( There is talk about the second Ukrainian war: ( Putin just launched a pre-emptive strike!!


  7. While simultaneously the Swiss National Bank drops another bombshell. The Game just heated up drastically! Swiss National Bank Declares All Out Currency War
    “It’s Carnage” – Swiss Franc Soars Most Ever After SNB Abandons EURCHF Floor; Macro Hedge Funds Crushed

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    • Oh, yeah, interesting move.

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    • More on that Swiss currency bomb:
      What Really Happened At The SNB Yesterday
      And be sure to peruse the ever-astute comments section. Savvy and awake readership over at ZH! For example:
      “The powers of financial capitalism had another far-reaching aim, nothing less than to create a world system of financial control in private hands able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole. This system was to be controlled in a feudalist fashion by the central banks of the world acting in concert, by secret agreements arrived at in frequent private meetings and conferences. The apex of the system was to be the Bank for International Settlements in Basle, Switzerland, a private bank owned and controlled by the world’s central banks which were themselves private corporations. Each central bank, in the hands of men like Montagu Norman of the Bank of England, Benjamin Strong of the New York Federal Reserve Bank, Charles Rist of the Bank of France, and Hjalmar Schacht of the Reichsbank, sought to dominate its government by its ability to control Treasury loans, to manipulate foreign exchanges, to influence the level of economic activity in the country, and to influence cooperative politicians by subsequent economic rewards in the business world.”
      Professor Carroll Quigley; Georgetown University Professor and mentor of William Clinton. Book – Tragedy & Hope; Page 324.


    • And I will predict yet another banker “suicide” upcoming very soon im der Schweiz…


  8. At a high level, the US has been using the Ukraine to break the relationship between Russia and most of Europe. If a big war can be created, even better, but at least to poison trade and the image. America has always profited from war and turmoil in Europe.

    So this is probably why Putin and the Kremlin have been trying to be mild about the situation in the Ukraine. Not simply a fear of sanctions, but a desire to maintain as decent of a relationship as possible with the rest of Europe. Unfortunately, it is probably unrealistic to hope for them to fight the US, and, in my opinion, it is also likely they have been told how much they will profit once Russia is tamed.

    For the last five years or so, it has been like watching a Greek tragedy. Everything has been leading up to this. The war in the Ukraine was not very surprising, as the US is holding on to its control of Europe, and Russia is representing a world that doesn’t want to bow down.

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  9. And this is all happening behind our backs! Apart from the article in the Daily Mail (which is in fact a tabloid newspaper, like you said Lada) there is NO news about this in other newspapers in the MSM here in EU! Ohhh but it is full of terrorist threat articles! Belgium and NL are next…….so they keep us looking the other way, literally, at least those that “look no further than their noses are long” as we say in Dutch!

    It does look like “things” are speeding up! We do live in exciting times! See what the next move is!



  10. Found this at PCR:

    Confusing to say the least!

    A great weekend to everyone here!



  11. Lada, I am pretty sure that the statements during the press-conference with Miller and Sefcovic could only be interpreted in one way: that Russia will stop using Ukraine for transit as soon as the Turkish Stream is ready (in other words, not right now).

    The relevant bit from PCR report, linked by Christa above:

    The reports from the UK Daily Mail and from Zero Hedge that Russia has cut off natural gas deliveries to six European countries must be incorrect. These sources are credible and well-informed, but such a cut-off would have instantly produced political and financial turmoil of which there is no sign. Therefore, unless there is a news blackout, Russia’s action has been misunderstood.

    We know something real has happened. Otherwise, EU energy official Maros Sefcovic would not be expressing such consternation. Although I am without any definite information, I believe I know what the real story is. Russia, tired of Ukraine’s theft of the natural gas that passes through the country on its way to delivery to Europe, has made a decision to route the gas to Turkey, thus bypassing Ukraine. The reports from the UK Daily Mail and from Zero Hedge that Russia has cut off natural gas deliveries to six European countries must be incorrect. These sources are credible and well-informed, but such a cut-off would have instantly produced political and financial turmoil of which there is no sign. Therefore, unless there is a news blackout, Russia’s action has been misunderstood.


    And some news, on a different, musical, note: The “New Wave”, and now “Sreamin’ KiViN” are moving out from Jurmala, Latvia – the first to Sochi, and the second possibly to Yalta. You predictions about Russia consolidating are coming true. 🙂

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    • Interesting about Kivin and NW moving. Thought so. Was just wondering when. 🙂
      As to the info in my article. It is straight from the horse’s mouth, not from Daily Mail, which had only partial info. PCR is also just speculating as he only has access to Eng sources.
      I’ll prob add a reference in my article when I get the chance. Part of his announcement Miller left purposefully ambiguous, because it’s a geopolitical warning, as I said. Hence the confusion.

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  12. Besides the many political reasons to reinforce the relations with Ukraine of course American and other foreign multinationals among which Dutch Royal Shell are eager to suck out everything the Ukrainian soil offers. That Russia discontinues the Ukrainian route for Russian gas transit to the EU most probably is exactly what was needed to justify the contract Shell made with Ukraine in Davos in 2013 for the exploitation of shale gas and which is so controversial. One year ago on the Dutch Friends of the Earth website the following was published:

    Pavlo Khazan, campainleader of Friends of the Earth Ukraine stated the following: “The Ukrainian population never agreed with the exploitation of shalegas. Various Ukrainian towns already declared themselves shalegas free. Now that Janoekovitsj has been deposed, a new government must stop this contract with Shell immediately”

    The huge environmental impact the shale gas exploitation has in America, was a reason for several European countries to organize protest manifestations against it and at least up till now it seemed successful But with the Russia’s gas sanction to the EU things might change rapidly. Of course Shell does’nt care a damn if the Ukainian soil will be polluted and its population risks to have serious heath problems. After all they’re doing the same in the Niger Delta for decades. And how can we expect that the Dutch prime minister dares to point to the Ukrainian army as the possible culprit for the MH17 attack if one of its major multinationals will make lots of money in Ukraine? It looks like the Ukrainian government has nothing else left than prostituting itself.

    From now on Shale gas threatens not only Ukraine I suppose.

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  13. Reblogged this on Spirit In Action and commented:
    Thank you Lada! I’m so disgusted with the propaganda instead of reporting in my local newspaper and so grateful that you regularly report and analyze events involving Russia and Ukraine. People think America has “freedom of press” but they don’t realize our presses are controlled by corporations through advertising even when the news sources are ostensibly”independent” like my award winning local newspaper.

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  14. An article for those who are curious about the struggle between Germany and Russia for influence throughout Eastern Europe and the ex-USSR sphere.

    Russians tend to interpret this unity as “Atlantic” discipline, the pressure from Washington that Europe is unable to withstand. This is largely a misconception. Of course, in its attempt to pressure the Kremlin, the United States is interested in the support of its NATO allies and will take all the necessary steps to this end. However, there are also some purely European factors that sustain the sanctions’ policy despite the losses for the European economy.

    Mainly, it is the German position on Russia. This position has materially changed in the past three years, mostly due to the deep disillusionment with the prospects of developing relations with Russia. The hopes that Berlin and personally Chancellor Angela Merkel invested in Dmitri Medvedev were dashed. The course for Russia’s gradual Europeanization has come to an impasse. Vladimir Putin’s return to the Kremlin called for a different approach.

    The harsh campaign to discredit Russia’s and Putin’s apologists among the politicians and analysts which swept the German media in the past two years has laid the ideological foundation for this approach. Berlin has increasingly become a public and unrelenting critic of Russia’s domestic and foreign policy, shedding the image of Moscow’s advocate and conduit into Western institutions that it enjoyed at the time of Gerhard Schröder and Helmut Kohl. The German businesses that have stakes in the Russian market are displeased but unable to resist the new trend. The pragmatic Ostpolitik that the Social Democrats formulated half a century ago has been replaced with the politics of moral principles and geopolitical interests.

    In addition, Berlin keeps its eye on the candidates for the EEU membership—Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, and Tajikistan, which are unduly influenced by Moscow in Brussel’s view. Germany also seeks to limit Russia’s influence in the Balkan sphere of the EU interests—primarily in Serbia, as well as Bosnia. Besides, Berlin is struggling against Moscow’s influence among the EU members—the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, and Hungary. The seemingly long-forgotten traditional geopolitics is being resurrected right in front of our eyes, albeit in a new ideological incarnation and in different spheres—primarily in economy and information. The German-Russian consensus that worried the Eastern European countries is being replaced by new rivalries.

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  15. I guess we all jumped the gun on the “Russia shuts off the gas to Europe” story. Sometimes rumors or interpretations of vague statements can take on a life of their own as though it is hard news. After reading Miller’s statement is does seem vague. Plus I never saw a definitive news story that Russia stopped gas put out by RT or any other Russian news agency which would confirm the story. You know damn well that a story of Russia shutting off the gas would make big headlines all over the world and especially in Russia. Maybe Miller had the intentions of warning western nations that if they continue with their financial and trade war with Russia this shutoff will occur. Or maybe he was just stating as fact that once the infrastructure is in place for Turkey to be a gas hub then the gas that would have gone through Ukraine will instead go through Turkey and if Europe wants the gas from Turkey then they will have to spend the money to build the pipelines. In effect Miller is saying that if you, Europe, want Russian gas then you will have to fork over the money and build the pipelines yourself to connect to Turkey. If not then you won’t get gas. Because the EU contradicted its previous agreement for Gasprom to build the pipeline for the South Stream and instead wanted EU contractors to build them, Russia is saying alright then you build the pipelines to Turkey. Making Turkey the gas hub for southern and central Europe was such an amazing strategic move for Russia to make.

    Please in the future let’s all be careful on important news items. Let’s not shoot first and ask questions later. Unless we hear any earthshaking news from major Russian news outlets, official bank statements or from the Russian ministries then consider them just rumors.

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    • Gary, I see there is a lot of confusion. The news is out – timing is a different story. Re-read my post and comments. Also, read my original response to Christa in comments to previous article to understand better my initial reaction. published this info. RT did – carefully – too. First and foremost this is geopolitical warning, and it’s working. I am observing the effects. More later. Please don’t confuse people further. Just read carefully what I wrote.

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  16. Reblogged this on 1EarthUnited and commented:
    Ukr bit the hand that fed it once too many times. The IMF and US will float Ukr with loans as long as it serves it’s purpose. But i agree ultimately it will be left in ruin as a failed country. Russia is showing measured response and is about time!


  17. Hello again Lada,

    Thanks for your reply. I managed to find a way to get my criticism to Mike Adams at Natural News. Below is my written criticism. Now whether or not Mike actually reads it or whether one of his staff handles it is an entirely different matter. I took your advice to heart and have suggested that in the name of fairness and sound investigative journalism that he needs to get information on subjects which he is clearly not an expert from those who are. I gave him the link to your article and so we’ll see what happens. You should both be allies since you are both facing the same enemy.

    Best to You, Lada.

    Dr. D


    Referencing your recent article:

    Mike, you need to broaden your view and do some independent homework when it comes to understanding affairs in the Ukraine. In this article you have mindlessly parroted the very MSM that you so often and rightfully criticize. You really do embarrass yourself by taking extremely biased positions on matters on which you are not well informed.

    The matter in the Ukraine is a geopolitical football with very high stakes. I make it a point (and I am not a professional investigative reporter) to get as many views and opinions as I can before I run-off my mouth and state my own arrived at opinion. In the process, I kiss a lot of frogs before I get to the princess. Far too many websites do the easy thing and sensationalize as you have done in your article. They just grab a MSM news piece and spin it. That is not good investigative reporting.

    One of my own most valuable sources for understanding what you wrote about comes from Lada Ray, The Futurist. Read her Bio and you have to know she knows what she is talking about when she writes. While I don’t share her mystic views, she is an expert concerning matters involving the Ukraine, Russia, Kiev and those countries that have been targeted by the US & NATO for their own objectives. An excellent source for forming an intelligent viewpoint.

    This matter of Ukraine is a very hot topic around the world. I am US but presently living in Central America where Euro-Asian-Central & South American news and views are a daily matter. Understanding that there is a worldview outside of that presented by CNN, CBS, or MNBC is very hard for Americans to understand, Mike. It has taken me almost 7 years here to shed my view that the US is the center of the universe and that the things we do to make the world ‘safe for democracy’ in fact have a totally different and unstated objective than the view constantly fed to the American Public.

    In short, inform yourself better. I don’t expect my criticism to be a topic for your site, Mike. I’m not looking for that kind of thing. I follow you daily and I just hate to see you shoot yourself in the foot like this. I really do wish you and Natural News the best because you are rendering a valuable and courageous service in those areas where you really are an expert!


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